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  1. Used low-cut plate shoes with white “N” size 13 2E. 2 years old. Some minor scuffs on the metatarsal plate that could probably be buffed out. $80. PM me for pics.
  2. codizzle

    NB Plate Shoes & Odds and Ends

    The pads are still available. The last guy didn't pay.
  3. codizzle

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    @kylejt - the tag on mine says Honduras.
  4. codizzle

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    @BT_Blue - I had the poly-wools as well and the poly-spandex have the same placement of the belt loops. Thanks for bringing that up, though. It was one thing I missed in my review.
  5. codizzle

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    Ok gentlemen - here's my honest review of the Fechheimer MLB Pro-Style poly-spandex pants compared to the Smitty. *Disclaimer* I've only owned one set (meaning plate and base) of the Smitty poly-spandex. So my observations are limited to the two pairs I have owned. Maybe I bought some from a different batch than you and that's why I experienced the things I have. Construction: They have a more heavy-duty feel without actually being heavier. The pants just seem higher quality to me than the Smitty's. Fit: @Chris Hickman is right - the cut is a lot better. I only wear base pants on the bases (not combos) and the legs on the Smitty base pants were too wide. On windy nights, the flapping of the pant legs drove me crazy. Appearance & Color: Chris said they're slightly lighter but I can't see any difference at all. Maybe I don't have the right light but they seem the same shade of charcoal grey. Also, and this might not be true for everyone, but they don't have a shiny look about them like the Smitty's do. Mine always looked like they were starched even though I always washed them at home and hung them to dry. And there is no permanent crease. Price: They are more expensive than the Smitty's but I feel it's worth it. They are $79.99 now on gerrydavis.com instead of $89.99. I know that's still $20 more than Smitty but you'd just have to decide if the differences are worth the extra money. For me, I think they are an upgrade to Smitty. I'm happy with mine and will be wearing them this season. So bring on the comments!
  6. codizzle

    NB Plate Shoes & Odds and Ends

    Shoes and pads sold! Throat guard and harness still available.
  7. codizzle

    NB Plate Shoes & Odds and Ends

    @UmpJeff Exactly. So I hope the sarcasm isn't lost.
  8. codizzle

    NB Plate Shoes & Odds and Ends

    @UmpJeff That is the national treasure that is Bob Davidson.
  9. codizzle


    All sold. @Thunderheads - lock it up!
  10. codizzle


    These are the new style MLB Smitty shirts. Size XL. Used off-and-on for one season. Never took any foul balls off them. $20 each or all three for $50. Free shipping. PayPal only. Pics below.
  11. codizzle

    NB Plate Shoes & Odds and Ends

    It's still available.