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  1. https://www.outwestofficials.com/collections/baseball-jackets/products/performance-plate-coat-by-out-west-officials
  2. tpatience

    Mask and pads

    Brand new Wilson aluminum frame with new black/tan Wilson non wrap around pads. $115 shipped 2 pairs of black/gray Wilson wrap arounds. One brand new pair and one used pair but only used in a handful of games. New pair $40 shipped, used pair $30 shipped 1 pair of black/tan Wilson wrap around pads. Used but in great condition. $30 shipped
  3. tpatience

    Mask and pads

  4. tpatience

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    I haven’t had one but I think @grayhawk has one
  5. Nearly brand new All Star mag with gray pads. $210 OBO. Used in 2 games with no hits. Low profile Wilson titanium. No dents, great condition. Open to offers on this one SOLD In great condition new style diamond CP. Used only about 8 games. Comes with stock harness. $100 plus shipping OBO 15 inch Douglas black. Has riddell stickers on it. Great condition. $115 OBO Pm for pics
  6. Bump. Still have the mag and the 2 CPs
  7. tpatience

    F3 throat guard?

    He gave away too much and then he realized that he needed to delete it
  8. tpatience

    F3 throat guard?

    Looks pretty cool but I’d prefer it in black
  9. tpatience

    Smitty making shoes

    It’s just a NB shoe with a smitty logo. It’s not really another option
  10. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
  11. I don’t believe so
  12. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    I’ve heard of such tales.
  13. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    I wish I could drop that kind of money on that CP.
  14. As do I. Just thought I’d spread the word
  15. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    It is
  16. tpatience

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    and @Stk004
  17. tpatience

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    They’re made by fechheimer
  18. tpatience

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    I grabbed a mask
  19. Chest protector added
  20. tpatience

    Visor in Nike Ti

  21. tpatience

    Visor in Nike Ti

    Any regular visor fits. Just not the F3. I just used spray paint to black out mine
  22. tpatience

    New Diamond CP

    From just trying it on, it wraps a lot more than a platinum
  23. tpatience

    2019 Changes

    It was mentioned but we did not go into detail. They seemed to say that it would be explained more in detail in Phoenix at the NCAA meeting