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  1. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    Looks like a dented Wilson titanium
  2. tpatience

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I’m in OC and I can break out mine a few times a year. Love it when I do
  3. tpatience

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    Who wants to take one for the team and try it out? I have no need as I have a few majestics left
  4. tpatience

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    I’d be interested to see a review on the OD jacket bc the smitty jacket is nothing close to the same quality as the majestic
  5. tpatience

    Nike air max

  6. tpatience

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

    Simply a logo change
  7. tpatience

    New CP

    It’s the same exact thing. Just with his name on it
  8. tpatience

    New CP

    I think everyone knows the answer to that
  9. tpatience

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I might get one for this summer so I can put a number on it
  10. tpatience

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    May as well just get one of the new ones
  11. tpatience

    Nike air max

    Gabe morales said I looked bigger than baker
  12. tpatience

    Nike air max

    That’s begun too
  13. tpatience

    Nike air max

    Apparently, I am still growing and it’s pissing me off. I’m already 6’6 at 19. They’re 2017s
  14. tpatience

    Nike air max

    Size 13 2017 Nike air max. Worn for 1 day, which was a clinic. They are just too small. $110 shipped pm for pics
  15. tpatience

    Another step

    Come to BBUC and fix that