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  1. tpatience

    Cleaning Smitty Poly Spandex Pants

    I have the permanent crease and I turn them inside out and haven’t noticed any issues with the crease
  2. tpatience

    What Levels Use 3-Umpire Mechanics?

    I have a few 3 man HS games and 15 D3 games that are 3 man. And then off to the NWL which is 3 man for the summer
  3. tpatience

    All American CP

    And it’s gone
  4. tpatience

    All American CP

    13 inch all American chest protector. This is one of the best conditions I have seen this chest protector in. Comes with stock harness. PM for pics $120 OBO
  5. tpatience

    All-Star FM4000 Bars Out of Shape?

    Nice idea
  6. tpatience

    Cleaning Smitty Poly Spandex Pants

    I usually don’t wash my pants until after a few games but when I do, I put them in the washer inside out so the outside doesn’t fade as quickly. Got that trick from a MILB guy
  7. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    You didn’t see it bc I got it as soon as I saw it. Didn’t even wait. Thought about the adidas got a minute but decided not to get it
  8. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    I guess @MadMax was too slow. I was going to get it but I don’t need another mask. I did get the brand new all American on there though
  9. tpatience

    Ebay finds

    I don’t know how a crack like that could happen. The cut looks to clean to be a weld break
  10. There is one in the Facebook group extra innings by out west officials
  11. tpatience

    Wilson Special Masks (Flag, Camo, Pink, Blue)

    I thought for playoffs they just do that, but I could be wrong
  12. tpatience

    Wilson Special Masks (Flag, Camo, Pink, Blue)

    Shirts, jackets, (plate coats )
  13. I think it’s because he posted it before honigs started selling theirs again and he hasn’t updated the post
  14. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    Looks like a dented Wilson titanium
  15. tpatience

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I’m in OC and I can break out mine a few times a year. Love it when I do