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  1. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Sean barber does the black Nike and tan TWs
  2. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    I bought a power from him and he never sent it and i never heard from him. I don’t recomend buying from him.
  3. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    What happened with the riddell I bought from you? Never heard back from you
  4. WTB black plate coat

    It’s mexico
  5. I SO various black 2XL shirts

    I have a XXL 2010 shirt. Smitty with tags still on it. I also have a blue, same size with tags. PM me
  6. Mask Porn?

    Looks like he removed it. You just have to pull out the strings that hold it down
  7. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    About damn time. Where’s my finders fee?
  8. Plate Coat

    $299 before shipping
  9. Plate Coat

    Mine was $315
  10. Force3 Defender Mask V1 or V2?

    In my opinion, the V1 felt a little bit heavier than the V2. I never took a shot with either model so I can’t say anything about the spring design, but the weight did feel different.
  11. They’re back!

    Damn. That looks really good
  12. Mask Porn?

    Reviving this thread after no posts since December. 1: Nike titanium, Black and Tan belgard pads, Adam Hamari inspired 2: diamond with chopped chin guard, tan belgard pads, mizuno shovel 3. Nike titanium with black and gray belgard pads
  13. Ebay finds

    Nike titanium mask for 275 Buy it now on ebay
  14. Mask for season. Need a vote!

    Good luck
  15. Douglas Tee Hooks w/Force 3 Harness

    You can put t hooks on any harness