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  1. tpatience

    LLWS 2018

    Looked like a Rawlings TI. Could be wrong though
  2. tpatience

    Future Plate Shoes

  3. tpatience

    Gerry Davis's mask

    I got my major concussion from one right at the chin. I’m not sure what the science is behind it, but I can tell you that I’ve taken many to the forehead area and never felt the way I did after that chin shot
  4. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    Quite a bit
  5. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    Wow. Very nice
  6. tpatience

    Gerry Davis's mask

  7. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    I’ll give you $25
  8. tpatience

    Mask Porn?

    How much for this one? $20
  9. tpatience

    Looking For A New Equipment Bag

    EBag is the way to go. The eBag mother lode 29” is the one I have
  10. tpatience

    @Grayhawk GoFundMe

  11. There are usually no restrictions on base shoes. Just have to be black or black/white
  12. tpatience

    Suggestions for CP?

    I’d go with the champion over the Wilson.
  13. Sectionals is the 2nd round. You still get the chasers. Not often, but you do
  14. Those 2 shirts you mentioned are defiantly softball shirts. I’d say white and black are the primary undershirts these days but some guys still wear red.
  15. tpatience

    New Balance 450s compared to Mizunos

    I’m not sure about the leather type, but i know of several MILB umpires that wear the mizuno plate shoes and won’t wear anything else. I’d get them if they made a size 13 but they don’t go above a 10