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  1. tpatience

    Can someone tell me about this Adidas mask?

    There’s crimping in the corner
  2. tpatience

    Can someone tell me about this Adidas mask?

    All of the adidas I have had have been hollow steel
  3. tpatience

    Majestic convertible jacket

  4. tpatience

    Majestic convertible Navy

    I have a size M majestic convertible in navy. In excellent condition. Looking for $60 OBO
  5. 2 Bermuda blue TOC: 1 L with #18, XXL with #55. Great condition SOLD 2 pink smitty: XL no#, XXL #55. Great condition; $15 each, $25 for both bright pink TOC: XL no#. Great condition, used 1 time. $18 Creme: 1 TOC L #47, 1 smitty XL #9. TOC in good shape, smitty in excellent shape. $15 each, $25 for both PM for pictures. Prices include shipping. All prices are OBO
  6. tpatience

    Majestic convertible jacket

    Bump, now willing to sell
  7. tpatience

    ISO New balance 450 plate shoes

    Thanks to @ChrisUrbz
  8. tpatience

    ISO New balance 450 plate shoes

    PMd you
  9. tpatience

    Basketball Gear

    I’d go a size smaller bc you don’t wear a belt
  10. tpatience

    Basketball Gear

    My first year doing basketball was last year and I went with the smitty nba style pants
  11. Im looking for a pair of size 13 or 14 NB 450 plate shoes. If someone has a pair that is in good condition, please let me know
  12. tpatience

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    Wow. Someone still uses the V1 F3
  13. tpatience

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    Where do you find them?
  14. tpatience

    Adams convertible jacket

    That one on Schutt is the Adams, I think
  15. tpatience

    Adams convertible jacket

    The material is like a trash bag. If you had the majestic and then got the Smitty, then it is night and day.