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  1. Play continued after third out

    Would the extra pitches that were thrown go against the pitchers pitch count?
  2. JoeC

  3. Orioles Triple Play vs. Red Sox

    wouldn't it be kind of hard to call the IFF with the fielders back to the infield. to me that's not ordinary effort
  4. I'm thinking tomorrow's...

    I feel everyone's pain. I'm just glad you getting the joys of the snow besides us Northern folks. at least we are not supposed to start until a month from now
  5. How ?

    I use the HSM as well. During a game last summer I had to switch to the conventional mask and felt naked.
  6. wishing for summer

    @Stk004: trade your low 30's for -10. @BT_Blue; in Northern Maine we call that a dusting
  7. Can you please keep up there?
  8. A new low in player behavior

    What a DB. He got what he deserves.
  9. Volunteer LL umpires

    I to umpire because I enjoy the game. Even though I don't get paid with money in LL I do get paid by seeing the enjoyment that the players have for the game. Seeing each player grow, especially a 9 year old who couldn't catch a cold a the beginning of the year catch the final out of a playoff game to put their team in the league final. Most of all just seeing the kids grow.
  10. A First

    A first for me tonight. A runner on third 2out. The pitcher throws a wild pitch and the runner is coming in and I was 3rd base line extended. As I was getting to call the runner out my right foot decided to go for a little walk in the mud with out the rest of me going. A course I went down for the count did the only thing I could. I sat up and completed the out call. The only thing I was upset about the coaches only gave me a 9.0 and 9.5 on the landing. Should have gotten the 10.
  11. Fall Weather

    Second weekend in July and wearing a jacket umping this morning. Only 55F this morning. What the heck is up with this.
  12. right call?

    LL Majors 2 out runner on second. The runner leaves to soon and the batter hits the ball to right field. The runner that left to soon scores. the batter runner tries to stretch a double into a triple but is thrown out for the third out. After informing the plate ump, we checked the rule book and it was judged that the batter had a clean double, but where it was the third out on the play at third we disallowed the run. We could not send the runner back as the third out was made on the batter runner. Was this right call? Of course we had an upset coach after we ruled on this.
  13. LL majors 2 out R3 3-2 on batter. The next pitch is in the dirt and is blocked by the catcher and lands in front of the plate. Before going to first the batter reaches down and picks up the ball and gives it to the catcher. R3 did not make any attempt to score. I did not call interference due to R3 not making any attempt to score.
  14. Poll on calling balls

    I don't call location. I just let the catcher know, until he misses the pitch and I get hit. Then he has to redeem himself before I let him know again.
  15. it does feel good when a parent comes up to you and tell you that other parents have to chill out and that the game is for the kids.