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  1. All Star S7 15in $85

    do you still want to sell this
  2. Force3 Shin Fit

    @Stk004 If I leave them out they just stick out like wings. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Force3 Shin Fit

  4. Force3 Shin Fit

    Do any of you wear these with mid top plate shoes? If so what do you do with the ankle flat? I always seem to have a tough time figuring out if I should tuck it in the shoe or leave it out. If I tuck it in they make my shoe loose and if I leave them out they become wings on my ankles.
  5. What size is the Gold you have and how much would you sell it for with shipping to VA (Zip code 22936)

  6. New CP suggestions

    Does anyone have a Gold and Platinum Wilson that they could let me know the different in the plate size?
  7. New CP suggestions

    I will definitely be getting a new harness from Ray no matter what CP I decide on. I just need something wide enough to cover my whole chest. I am also looking at the Wilson Pro Platinum now too...went from narrowing to adding now...lol
  8. New CP suggestions

    I have not found a All-Star System 7 in my price range as of now...The 4 CPs listed i have been able to find for a good price and just trying to continue to narrow down the choices.
  9. New CP suggestions

    ok...i am narrowing it down and have a few that I can afford and choose from...please let me know what you think and I appreciate all your input.
  10. New CP suggestions

    I know this is a question that will get many opinions but i am looking to get a new CP this summer and wanted some advice. I currently am wearing a Champion CP and took a ball on the soft padded part. It didn't knock me over but it also didn't feel too good. I am a about 6' tall and wear a XXL shirt so need something that will cover me well. Suggestions are welcome but my budget is a little tight right now.
  11. Thrown Bat

    Ok...this may be a weird or simple question but was not sure what to call. I was the PU and a batter that had just entered the game comes to bat and hits the ball between F4 and F3. just after contact with the ball he lets go of the bat on his backswing and it helicopters into the catcher. What do you call and what is the rule you are using to back this call (if there is a call to be made. Also would there be a difference if the bat didn't hit the catcher but hit the umpire (Me)?
  12. are these still for sale? I am interested but have not heard anything back
  13. Just want to verify before I make a decision
  14. so these are the poly spandex pants?
  15. Logo removal

    I just don't like the look of a Champro harness on a nice Ti Wilson mask...but i just could not stand the MLB harness that came with it.