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  1. Transaction Experience Thread

    Glad you got it so quick and I appreciate you paying a fair price and being so easy to work with.
  2. New Wilson Platinum CP (12 inch)

    Sold...please close
  3. New Wilson Platinum CP (12 inch)

    This CP is still available if anyone would like it...I am just trying to make back part of what I paid and it is brand new...never worn (Except to put on and learn it was too short for me). PM me for info or to make an offer
  4. For some reason all my black shirts have decided to hide from me and I don't want to pay retail price to get some. I need a 2XL and would like to get a few different styles (MLB, 3 stripe, etc) Please message me if you can help.
  5. New Wilson Platinum CP (12 inch)

    sorry forgot to put on replies
  6. I got a deal on a Wilson Platinum 12 inch but after trying it on it does not fit me very well so i am looking to sell it. If you are interested please let me know and we can make a deal.
  7. Force 3 CP advice

    I recently ordered a Force 3 V3 Chest Protector and started to look around for information about who guys liked the stock harness. I may have missed it on here but wanted to get the thoughts of guys that have it and what they have done to make it even better for them.
  8. Douglas Padding

    Is that an extension or the original way the CP was made?
  9. CP Extension

    I was wanting the Schutt HDX but can not find one...I just don;t like the foam extensions because they do not protect as well.
  10. CP Extension

    I recently got a Wilson Platinum CP and like the coverage of it width wise but think even with the largest size that it is a little short...I have my bottom couple ribs exposed. Does anyone know where to get or how to make an extension that is hard plastic.
  11. Thanks but that is well outside my price range...I like the Adams/Schutt because of the price.
  12. I have a Champion Hard Shell that I am currently using...however I took a shot to the chest area last week and it hit foam padding not the shell. I am looking for a wider hard shell protector. I got the WV Platinum and it seems to be wider but it is also shorter...so I am looking for something that is wider and about the same length as the Champion.
  13. I just saw in the description of the post it said pic and that he had got the CP. I am looking to order one when I can find it
  14. Maybe it is just me but I don;t see a pic...do you have one. I am looking to find a new CP
  15. All Star S7 15in $85

    do you still want to sell this