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  1. are these still for sale? I am interested but have not heard anything back
  2. Just want to verify before I make a decision
  3. so these are the poly spandex pants?
  4. Logo removal

    I just don't like the look of a Champro harness on a nice Ti Wilson mask...but i just could not stand the MLB harness that came with it.
  5. Logo removal

    I am trying to remove a printed logo on a mask harness I am wanting to use. Any suggestions?
  6. Would this be legal for a pitcher?

    Ok...would this web be legal on a pitchers glove if the rest of the glove was blue or red? I was having a discussion with a fellow umpire and wanted more opinions.
  7. Majestic S/S Jacket

    I am looking at getting a Majestic s/s jacket for next season and wanted to see if anyone used this one. If so what are your thoughts? http://www.baseballexpress.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=86211
  8. I am looking to buy a Majestic short sleeve jacket size 2xl
  9. Richmond VA Camp 9/14-17

    The best person to contact id Greg Wells...pm me and i will give you his email address and you can talk to him. He is the supervisor of the ODAC and ODUA.
  10. Richmond VA Camp 9/14-17

    This is an email that i got from one of my associations that are doing a camp in the Richmond area...I wanted everyone to have this info incase you are interested. Donald Benson The Old Dominion Athletic Conference, inconjunction with Old Dominion Umpires Association, will be holding a 2-man camp in the Richmond, VA area 9/14/17 (Thursday evening 6pm) through 9/17/17. This camp will be designed for all levels of 2-man umpiring. If there's enough demand, we will even have a session on "small-field mechanics". (This will be done as a breakout only for those requesting.) The camp will have games on Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with Perfect Game tournaments in the RVA area. Additionally, the games will be used to evaluate umpires for possible additions to the ODAC staff of NCAA Divison III umpires. Historically, many students of prior camps have been added to the staff. Cost of the camp: $225. (If you are a high school student, your rate would be $75) Maximum # of students - 30'ish At this point, there are 5 slots remaining. To register, go to https://goo.gl/forms/VXgIqyLa5POVgZmf2 and let me know if you have any questions. Please let me know if you, or a potential camper, has an questions. Best regards, Greg Walls, Supervisor Old Dominion Athletic Conference
  11. The Officials Choice

    I found the shirt on the site but there is no sizes or way to order
  12. The Officials Choice

    Thank you all for your feedback...with this all said I was hoping to get a Burnt Orange shirt and the USA Shirt but doesn't seem to have the dropdown for them so i guess they are not available. Kind of bummed but thanks for all the help.
  13. The Officials Choice

    i am looking into getting some new shirts from these guys and wanted to see what others experience has been in the past with them. i emailed them over the past weekend with a question and still no reply. Any feedback would be great.
  14. ISO XXL Shirts for travel ball

    I am looking for most any thing that is different than the ordinary black or blue (but could use a powder blue with black collar). Message me and we can talk
  15. ISO XXL Shirts for travel ball

    I am still looking for used shirts for this summers state tournament. Let me know.