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  1. Out of Baseline No Call

    Play from the Cinny game last night - MLB OBR says the dirt path is 6' wide with the foul line in the middle - this field doesn't appear to conform to those dimensions from the view shown in the video however, even if the dirt is only 4', seems to me Hamilton's jump back to avoid the tag is well over a 3' move from his path, unless one says since he was stationary, that the jump back then restablished the path once he makes the step to thrid? http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=23776659 seems to me
  2. Out of Baseline No Call

    Hers the play https://www.mlb.com/video/flores-quick-catch-turns-dp/c-2171172883
  3. Out of Baseline No Call

    So Bill Welke just called Trevor Story out on a out of the BL tag by F3 Flores attempt that seemed to see Story move less that the video above will post vid as soon as I see it posted. I’m sure Gil will have something on it as Manger got tossed
  4. Dead ball

  5. Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    /\ I read the same this morning. I've now seen the video on many sites/hosts, they will never get it gone based on my experiences
  6. Injured player

    most youth leagues allow the spot in the order to be skipped for an sick or injured player, not one that leaves early, so sometimes kids suddenly get hurt
  7. Pitching

    For LL, that's Majors level and lower, upper levels it's allowed once per game
  8. thank you for the thoughtful and detailed response. I disagree that F2 did not move further into the baseline once he had the ball, based on your knee comment, it's clear to me that the knee was clearly moved from the time of the catch. not a big gain of ground however there was some. However, after watching it again I see your point about lowering the shoulder/pushing thru with the hands being an issue.
  9. Molina's Foul Tip

    @Richvee gave you the answer, definition of a foul tip. the ball has to go "sharply and direct" to the mitt so it cannot be a caught foul tip. if it was a batted ball in the field of play (or foul) that hit off a body part first then caught it's a different rule.
  10. I have a ton of respect for you, your knowledge and opinion, however how is this play illegal? I guess I'm a bit old school in a lot of my thinking, I see it as a hard nose play, catcher has ball and is blocking the plate. from Gil's write up:
  11. So you want to improve your game management?

    Gil had it and there’s a third thread on it as well.
  12. Out of Baseline No Call

    /\ based on that - IMAO this call could have gone either way
  13. Out of Baseline No Call

    thanks for clearing that up
  14. Out of Baseline No Call

    isn't there a similar term/phrase that pertains to this call?
  15. Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    funny, co-worker I showed the video too said the same thing
  16. Out of Baseline No Call

    yes, step and reach, by that determination, I'd say no call appropriate
  17. runners interference

    OBR Rule 6.01(a)(10) If they had judged intent on R1 to interfere, then the DP call would have been correct, in that case, they should have killed the play. From your description, seems they mixed the rules together to some degree.
  18. Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    Just saw this and was about to post it. Great behind the scenes stuff.
  19. I searched the board first and didn't see this topic covered, though I'm sure it has been covered at some point. Say under OBR Pickoff at first, not caught by F3, no one sees the ball, ball is either: 1) Lodged in R1s jersey 2) Under R1s body What would be the ruling?
  20. Batter interference

    would it proper mechanics would be to point at the batter at time of INT ?
  21. Ball Under or Lodged in Offensive Players Uniform

    so lodged, award one base? if lying on the ball - call time INT, return any runners to base TOT?
  22. Ball Under or Lodged in Offensive Players Uniform

    so what does one do if the ball is under the player? and if lodged, all runners advance one base?
  23. Interference or not

    Yea, sort of my thought, if there's no throw - at least attempted, how does one rule for INT?
  24. Fly out/tag ups

    I gave the 3rd grade answer, you getting all fancy with the HS explanation will confuse the laypersons...
  25. how often does the crew get together to make a call like that?