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  1. stkjock

    Ball 4

    let's twist that up for S&Gs F2 going after ball contacts the ball causing it to go into DB area, then 2 bases TOP? ball and F2 are slow moving and BR hustles right out of the box and is on his way to second when ball goes into DB area - (I suspect still 1B TOP)
  2. gotcha - at least the pitcher was an "adult"
  3. thanks for the update, it's been 3 years since I has a LL aged player so the 15th was what I dealt with when I was a coach/parent. agreed it should not be a surprise.
  4. Good thing I didn't say never... as for ESPN - I think they make way too much money from that contract to cancel it. They got 460ish of hours of programing in 2018 for $7.5MM, that's 20,650 per hour (estimated) that's incredibly cheap
  5. as noumpere pointed out, the order in which the defense acts is paramount on this call
  6. without disengagment of the pitchers plate it would be
  7. WPLL = Williamsport LL? that's LLI, and with the contract for the LLWS they have with ESPN/Disney, I don't see that happening.
  8. @Jimurray yea, LL is odd with the WP tournaments and dates, here in the NE we were never allowed to even announce the WP teams till 6/15, while some southern and western areas (read "hot climates") seem to have been well into their tournament by then.
  9. @Senor Azul LL started a lot of Williamsport tournaments this week, at least in the northeast. Could be the reason for the influx.
  10. stkjock

    Time out

    Happens in LL all the time
  11. I saw it real time as well and was shocked ESPN showed it they way they did. Maybe PU didn’t see it as F1 was walking off?
  12. this if for Fed only correct?
  13. here's the play - you have to watch on YT - looks like CC points to 2nd for Machado and announcers say double https://youtu.be/h56YcdtqQ7Y?t=123
  14. stkjock


  15. the interp IIRC says the foot has to be totally out of the box? so in this instance, no call as his heel is on the line of the box in my view, which would seem proper
  16. stkjock

    Base Running

    without proper appeal from the defense the run scores. he didn't abandon the bases, he ran to home and stepped on the plate, home plate umpire likely would take note of that runner, would he have seen him not go to third, impossible to say without knowing more details, if there were 2 or more umpires, he may have, but he also may have turned to view 1B for the play there, especially if he was solo.
  17. Picked up by Deadspin https://apple.news/AqKh3Vz0ATpmHTIDHtSnCJw
  18. stkjock


    If the is stationary and the ball contacts the bat, play on, no call. If the bat contacts the ball, IIRC, then it’s a interference call, however my recollection on that part is fuzzy
  19. Saw this live and was hoping it would pop up here for comments.
  20. haha, fingers moving faster than my brain. even if closed bases, R3 should be in foul territory with left foot touching the base on foul ground, runner on 3rd should always be in foul territory before the ball is batted.
  21. I saw that and was not familiar with such league and frankly too lazy to google for it.
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