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  1. stkjock

    Catcher kicks base runner diving for the plate

    https://www.mlb.com/video/schwarber-baez-cut-down-run/c-2405469183?tid=63817564 https://www.mlb.com/video/cubs-throw-out-newman-at-plate/c-2406501283?tid=70467870
  2. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    The PU in the Panama game today had it rough. Took a bunch of hits to the mask.
  3. stkjock


    It was a great pitchers duel
  4. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    He did Troy, @maineump was better on Thursday, he Had to contend with an international game and language issues as well. So far, from my perspective, the only issue I’ve seen is the zone is called very wide with some guys.
  5. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    Jessica Mendoza “ I thought the hands were part of the bat” insert facepalm
  6. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    even with the TV schedule?
  7. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    weather on the east coast today and tomorrow has a lot of rain forecast
  8. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    Thanks - will be watching!
  9. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    looking forward to the "nitty gritty" commentary in the future what game are you working today?
  10. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    I hope Troy can comment on all the nonsense that went on with the coaches and the appeal and replay in the 6th (iirc) FWIW I watched 7 innings and it was time to go home I thought Troy did a awesome job
  11. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    First pitch called strike! and inning ends with a called punch out! Sounds like @maineump is mike'd up
  12. stkjock


    Thx - let us know, 4pm I'm starting my commute home, maybe catch the end of the game when I get there. side note - how's the quality of the baseball been?
  13. stkjock


    @lawump when is your next games?
  14. stkjock

    LLWS 2018

    Thanks AA for the info, I'll be watching
  15. stkjock

    What happens to the batter?

    Batter is up first next inning, new at bat, new count. The runner was retired. Not the batter