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  1. FPSR Training Video

    Here's the play (mp4 file at bottom of this post.) I think George's comment that "In this case, interference shall not be called" (at the 1:12 mark) is part of the exception he is citing, not in relation to the play. However, it seems to me that R3 made a move to his left to avoid contact with F2, and that this move might make the exception apply to him. But the point of the NCAA posting this video seems to be that this should have been called interference.... I'm confused now. They need a clarification on this one. FPSR at home.mp4
  2. New NAIA Brainshark Video

    Full answer from NCAA: "Rule 7-11-f states “A batter is out when the batter intentionally or unintentionally interferes with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box or making any other movement that hinders a defensive player’s action at home plate.” Even though the interference was unintentional, the batter is out for interfering with the catcher’s fielding or throwing. There is no exception listed for trying to avoid a pitch and it was not the catcher’s fault that the batter chose to jump forward and step out of the batter’s box to try to avoid being hit. Unfortunate and unintentional, but the batter is out unless the runner is retired."
  3. Follow Through Interference

    So my conclusion for the OP is that it's nothing. In my "what if" addition, I can't find anything that supports calling interference on the BR. Interference is hindering a fielder in the act of making a play and F2 is not "in the act of making a play" at the moment contact occurs. I guess it's just "play on." Sucks for F2, I guess, but there does not seem to be anything in the book to justify making a call.
  4. I'm painting our 3rd floor bonus room / bedroom, when I step on a small cat toy. I lean over, pick it up, and go to toss it away from where I am standing, when I lose my grip on it and it falls to my feet. I immediately thought, "Well, that's not intentional release. No catch."
  5. Follow Through Interference

    I agree, though I thought of one complicating factor..... Suppose the defense was playing in, and the contact from the bat injures the catcher. F4 fields the ball, wants to throw home to get R3 coming to score, but F2 is down because of getting hit with the bat, so F4 instead turns and throw to F3 to retire the BR. Does that change anything?
  6. Follow Through Interference

    R3, less than two outs. Ground ball to F4, but the batter's follow through hits the catcher. We have a 4-3 put out at first and run comes in to score. A) call batter out for interference, return R3 B) this is nothing - play stands C) call interference, return batter to plate and return R3 D) let the defense choose from B or C above? E) something else?
  7. New NAIA Brainshark Video

    I have BI. It reminds me of the obstruction call in the World Series between Boston and St Louis. Someone asked Jim Joyce after the game what the third baseman could have done in that situation to NOT obstruct the runner. Joyce shrugged and said, "I don't know... disappear?"
  8. 3-man, R2 vs R2-R3 -- slide or no?

    What I hoped, and figured, and had been establishing in pregame, but good to get confirmation. Thanks!
  9. 3-man, R2 vs R2-R3 -- slide or no?

    OK - so which situation is the correct one... slide or no slide?
  10. Transaction Experience Thread

    Add @bluejersey to the list of guys who are awesome to deal with. I just got his 18.5" Wilson Platinum shin guards. They came very well-packed, they came fast, and he made a me a great deal. Thanks, man!
  11. Hey, @bluejersey - still got these?
  12. Transaction Experience Thread

    Well, geez... it seems that everyone is already coming on here and saying how awesome the UmpLife CP harness from @Razzer is.... Should I bother adding to the litany of praise? Yeah, I'm gonna..... The harness came personalized exactly as I asked, the straps are plenty long (and I'm a pretty large dude) for my WestVest Platinum (as reportedly the DeltaFlex is not) and comfortable (as is the center triangle), and it seems quite well-made. I paid him via PayPal last Wednesday, and it arrived one week later (yesterday). I am GREATLY looking forward to getting some work in while wearing this. Fan-freaking-tastic. THANKS, RAZZER!
  13. jms1425

  14. Keeping shoes white

    Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. Spray it on, let the foam sit for a minute or so, then wipe it off with a towel. Easy-peasy.