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  1. Foul tip?

    definitely hit the bat and definitely hit the glove prior to being recovered in the cradle of Contreras elbow. I have a Foul Ball
  2. ESPN MLB Rules Quiz from 2013

    6 but I applied FED rules to one at least ugh!!!
  3. confusion at 2b-

    i wonder why IFF was not called?
  4. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    The "TRUE" Patriots wont ask for that discount or that benefit... They served their country as part of their duty as an American.. The Honor that comes with that is immeasurable. To fraudulently portray yourself as a Veteran is absolutely the utmost disrespect to the TRUE Patriots of our great country. General Nuttall, Thank You for your service and your time spent "investigating" this. God Bless America
  5. Between Innings

    I don't time them I count pitches new pitcher gets 8 returning gets 5 ... After a couple of innings they typically take three and they are ready
  6. Trick question?

    as much as I would want to say the out stands ... Its False
  7. ISO Wilson shin guard foot plates

    I may have the ones I took off mine I will look.. I drilled out the rivets so all the material would be on there
  8. Pitching Glove

    I would leave it alone
  9. Aloha from Kona!

  10. Force out

    Negative Ghost Rider
  11. New Mask Choices

  12. New Mask Choices

    I use the Diamond Big League with TW pads no issues at all but im in the south....
  13. Fan in stands

    at that point 1st base would not be occupied therefore legal for the batter to attempt to advance on D3K