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  1. BCBrad

    Mask Sun Visors

    As someone who wears glasses, I cannot express enough how the visor improves my ability to track a ball. I will never buy another mask without one.
  2. BCBrad

    New Balance 450s compared to Mizunos

    I have wide 8 1/2 feet. Bought an 8 1/2. Had them for two weeks. Fit great. There is a online store for Walters shoe care. They have a leather cleaner that works on both real and synthetic leather. Works great on cleaning the upper.
  3. BCBrad

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Best of wishes of a speedy and full recovery. Hoping you are back doing a plate meeting soon.
  4. BCBrad

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    Thanks @Majordave for the review of the plate shoes. Finally broke down and bought a pair of 8 1/2 plate shoes. As I have wide feet, I did not go down a size. So has first class customer service. Between the shoes and my bulky Samurai G3 shins, I feel impenetrable. Need to save for the shins that So sells. Living in the Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest, did not have to wait long for the shipment. I think I am becoming a Mizuno junky. Both shoes, socks, shins, shorts, belts, indicator, back up lineup card holder, back up mask with tg have the roadrunner on it. (well that is what it looks like). Might have to do another order for some undershirts, but that is another day.
  5. Well after many orders from the States and no problems with orders going through customs, my order from UA just got dinged for $34 by Canada Customs. Pain is that the order is with Majestic shirts you cannot get anywhere else. Another casualty of Trump’s trade war. Interested to see if other Canadian brotheren encounter similar changes too.
  6. BCBrad

    Steve Palermo

    Class act by your hometown. Remembering the era he came up in, Steve was one of the umpires of a new generation of umpires (well at least new umpires that didn’t have cool nicknames like Satch, Augie, Shag and Dutch). Just remembering as a new umpire in my early 20s (stay away from doing the math), his professional practice on the field was something to model. You just wished you could be as good as him.
  7. BCBrad

    Modified Force3 Tights

    @grayhawk, that’s a great idea. I have been wondering what to do when my hexpad umpire shorts wear out. That gives me options if the pads are still in good shape.
  8. BCBrad

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    This came in a couple of weeks ago. Second order of the year, both took about 2-3 weeks to arrive and shipping to the west coast of Canada. Really light mask and I think I would never buy a mask again without a visor. Cant recommend it enough.
  9. BCBrad

    Is this BOO ?

    You said it yourself. Once there was a pitch to B2, B9 became a proper batter. Since B1 is on base, B2 is now the proper batter. No Boo. When you have such knowledgeable minds who on this thread have given you the right interpretation of this play (minds a lot more gifted than mine) and you doubt rather than inquire, you seem not wanting to learn, but wanting to be justified for something you may have gotten wrong. All I know is if I screw up a rule, I would want to learn to get it right next time. The people here have a wealth of knowledge to learn from, I treasure it as an umpire, hopefully you can too.
  10. I call them “Captain Obvious” calls.
  11. BCBrad

    Field Condition Adjustments

    We have had some wet weather in BC too. I keep a pair of black cleats and will use them over my turf shoes when the monsoons hit. Snuck in a game on Saturday where hp circle turned into a mud pit. Had mud on my freakin’ throat guard.
  12. BCBrad

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    I have ordered twice from +pos this year. First time, no notification of it being shipped just processed and it just showed up about 2-3 weeks later (to BC in Canada). This time got notice of shipment with USPS tracking number. It has left Chicago and on its way to the West Coast (or Manitoba). Dan even emailed me to confirm what mask pads I wanted from my order.
  13. BCBrad

    New Student-Ump

    Hi John ( @Heave-Ho) My advice is the following: 1. Search for senior umpires that: A) model the desire to learn B) want to mentor younger umpires C) are role models on the field 2. Constantly read the equipment thread — you will find great feedback on affordable and quality gear. Or, read any academic dissertation from Prof. @MadMax . 3. Always work on your rule interpretation, positioning, mechanics and game management. Be both a sponge and a thief in taking what is demonstrated and modeled to you by high level umpires. 4. Take every opportunity to go to quality clinics and camps that you can get your hands on. 5. Always work on building trusting, professional relationships with your brothers and sisters in the umpire fraternity. 6. Finally, remember to wipe the slate after every play. Don’t dwell on the last call - it’s done, look forward to joy of correctly getting the next call.
  14. BCBrad

    Baseball: As unique as America

    That was cool, Rick. Even though we have been playing baseball north of the 49th for almost as long as all of you below, I wonder what the Canadian version would look like with either hockey, curling or lacrosse. Two of those sports are based on whacking each other with sticks, then shaking hands after it’s over. Humboldt strong.
  15. BCBrad

    +pos chest protector

    Ordered from +pos earlier this year. Same thing. Then one day the order appeared. Considering it was going to Canada and the West Coast, the time was not bad. However, it would have been nice to know at least it was shipped.