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  1. Jordxn

    It's this high

    The way he was leaning in to the plate made the pitch about his shoulders. If he stood up I'd guess it would be right around the top of the letters. The catcher didn't catch the first one... so I don't think I was calling the glove. Edit; Also the pitch wasn't shoulder @ the front of the plate. It was shoulder leaving the pitchers hand
  2. Jordxn

    It's this high

    The curves were about shoulder high coming in then dropped to the top of the zone. On both pitches the batter would duck down and when he ducked, the ball would go by his face so I have no idea if that's what he was referencing or the initial curve
  3. Jordxn

    It's this high

    I should've included this in my first post; where I am High School ball is OBR modified with Canadian Content + 1ball 1strike starting count, not FED. Once there's less than 9 players game's over
  4. Jordxn

    It's this high

    Hi all I had an ejection occur last night I'm wondering what you think I could've done to get the batter to stop talking & making gestures and just get him to go back into the dugout to keep him in the game 2 curve balls that start high then drop in the zone. The first one batter says something about it but I just ignore him. Second one is strike 3 he puts his hand near his forehead standing in the box and says "they're up here" I told him to end it and he kept going with comments about it so I said that's enough and he still kept arguing the call so I ejected him at that point. Normally I would've made the ejection for making the hand motion at his forehead but they only had 9 players and it was high school ball so I wanted to try and keep him in as much as I could
  5. There was a small discussion in the documentary "The Third Team" where the player asked that question to an umpire and he said basically, It becomes a judgement call of if you think it was voluntary release or not
  6. Jordxn

    Figured I'd say Hi

    Hi all, Not exactly a new member, but definitely new to posting. I've been reading and learning from threads here since 2013. 2015 marks my sixth year of umpiring and I'm starting to `move up` to higher levels of baseball (currently at 18U). I'm a 19 year old web-developer from Canada outside of umpiring. I have one other post aside from this one and hoping to be more active here as I've learned a lot from questions asked and there accompanying answers and hopefully will continue to! Jordan
  7. Jordxn

    Proper Balk call mechanic

    Hi all, Having a debate with a fellow umpire on proper verbal mechanic for calling a balk - I call a balk as 'That's a balk. TIME!' he calls it as 'TIME! That's a balk.' Wondering what you think is correct, thanks, Jx Edit: OBR Rules w/ Canadian Content