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  1. 2018 School Roll Call

    I will be at Harry's in Daytona Beach. Good luck!
  2. American Legion Rule Changes

    Now college (NAIA) needs to get rid of the first game being 9 innings of a doubleheader and just have both games be 7 innings. Would be so much better.
  3. Pro School

    Good advice. I would add that appearance matters. Keep uniform looking good. Control what you can control and let everything else play out. Know the rules inside and out.
  4. Adidas Base Shoes

    What are people's thoughts on the new Adidas Speed Trainer shoes from Ump Attire? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Base-Plate-Shoes/AD-SPEED3SL_Adidas-Speed-Trainer-30-SL-Black-Silver-Field-Shoes
  5. Anyone have RLI here?

    From the video it looks like the BR runs the entire way in fair territory, so he was never in the lane to begin with. The rule states that the BR can leave the lane for the sole purpose of touching first base, but in this play the BR never was in the lane. This is a tough call, though. I think his foot is on or close to the line. I can't tell if the PU did this or not, but this is a good time to say, "That's nothing!"
  6. Scratching my head-Touching Bases

    Yes this is what they taught us this year.
  7. Getting into Shape Quickly

    I just graduated from the Wendelsdent school this January. I would tell you that I thought I was in shape for school but turned out I was not. You need a combination of strength exercises and endurance exercises. I usually pick three different exercises 3x12 reps and do three or four sets of exercises. For example, I might do leg presses on the machine, but then do squat jumps or mountain climbers for agility.
  8. Just bought a pair of base and plate pants. I bet they'll go fast.
  9. Who has the tag, and where does he go to see it?

    In this situation If R3 tags and is close to the bag after the Fair/Foul Catch/No Catch decision down the RF line I have to make as the PU, then he tagged up legally. In the two man system there are some holes. Just know your priorities as several mentioned above.
  10. My Cage Work

    Slow down timing. What I try to do is say in my head if it was a ball or strike, then call it. In the video it looks like you make your decision pretty fast. Work on squaring up your shoulders. You have good voice with your strike call.
  11. Need new plate shoes

    Thanks MadMax. Money isn't the biggest issue for me. I'd be willing to pay a few extra for the NB's if they were worth it, but I've had several pair of NB plate shoes and they've always been too big for me. The biggest issue is I can't run very well in them. Maybe I need to go to some type of sporting goods store that has umpire stuff and try a few on to get the right size. If the 3N2's can give me protection I'd be willing to try them out especially if I can run well in them. I just returned from umpire school and one thing I realized - I have to move a lot in the 2 man system as the plate guy!
  12. Need new plate shoes

    I currently own last year's New Balance (MU 460's) shoes for the plate and I don't like how they fit. I also can't run very well in them. I'm just getting into college ball and I'm wondering if the 3N2 low cut plate shoes will work? I like the fact that they are lightweight and look like they are easier to get around in then the New Balance shoes. Do any college guys use the 3N2 shoes and if so, do they provide quality protection?
  13. Pro School

    Yes... we just had a 3 day clinic in my area and got to meet the owner of the school (Hunter) and two of the main instructors at the pro school. I am going to Wendlestedt because that's where all of my contacts are. They said to us all weekend, "You can't hide a good umpire and you can't hide a bad one."
  14. Pro School

    I am going to the Wendelstedt umpire school in January. My aim is to make it to the advanced course and get a job but like Steven said the learning/experience will be worth it regardless. There are 3 of us going for sure in my area/association - maybe 4.
  15. Is anybody questioning whether it was obstruction or not? Obviously I know the umpires called obstruction after they got together, but what did F3 do to warrant the obstruction? He was in the act of fielding the ball.