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  1. Smitty Poly Spandex Combo Pants

    Payment sent. Thanks.
  2. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    At what point does the pitcher become an infielder when he steps towards third? I was talking with another umpire in our local HS group who had a play the other day where a team had an R1 only who faked like he was going to steal second the pitcher stepped towards third and threw the ball to F5 after his non pivot foot landed. F5 then threw to second and R1 was safe. The umpires did not call a balk. My understanding of this has always been since the a feint to third base is legal in HS that once a pitcher steps towards third and his pivot foot raises up off the rubber he has made himself a fielder and can now throw to any base legally. Just want some clarification on this. Thanks guys.
  3. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    This might be precisely what I got confused with years ago. Thanks.
  4. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    I think I misinterpreted it.
  5. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    You guys are life savers I can’t believe with all the complex rules I have a great handle on that I was so confused on this one. I’ll be happy to tell my umpire buddy that I was wrong and why.
  6. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    I think it was a situation where I may have misunderstood and just seen other guys not call it. I know for a fact I have been watching a HS game and seen a guy step towards third and wheel to first with an R1 only. And no balk was called. Now I know for sure that is a balk.
  7. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    Fair enough guys maybe I was just reading too much into it and I also got confused. Thanks for setting me straight on this one. So just to clarify the feint to third move is only legal when there is an R3 or an R2 that is advancing or at least makes it appear he is trying to advance to third?
  8. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    6.1.5 SITUATION: With R1 on third base and R2 on first base, F1 steps and feints to third and then steps and throws to first attempting to pick off R2. The throw goes into dead-ball territory. The offensive team’s coach wants a balk to be called because the pitcher never threw the ball toward third. RULING: When the pitcher stepped off the pitching plate in his feint to third, he became an infielder. Hence, when his throw goes into dead-ball territory, all runners are awarded two bases. R1 gets home and R2 gets third. Had F1 stayed on the pitching plate dur- ing his feint to third and his throw to first, all runners would be awarded one base. R1 would get home and R2 would get second. This would not be a balk as F1 made a legal feint and a legal pickoff attempt with no prior motion to pitch. This case play seems to be in direct contradiction of that and it says the step towards is a legal disengage. Its just a confusing deal on this one.
  9. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    In pro ball it’s not legal to feint to third in HS and college it is. Your second addition about the question you asked is how I always looked at it. In rule sets where the step to third is legal.
  10. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    Wait you can only do the 3-1 move when there is a R2 advancing or an R3? That is not what we are taught in Indianapolis. Plenty of players step toward third and then throw to 1st with R1 only here and it’s never been a balk. That’s at the college level also.
  11. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    So F1 can step towards third fake a throw then throw to F5 and that would be legal?
  12. F1 step towards 3rd from sent position

    I understand what you’re saying about disengaging but at some point the step towards third has to disengage F1 or he would not be able to wheel around and throw to first. I am trying to figure out at what point that is. Or is that thinking misplaced?
  13. Shipping would be to 46064. Let me know thanks.
  14. Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    Just wondering if anyone has used this mask and what their thoughts are on it. Thanks.
  15. 2018 Games

    No one pays less than $62.50 here in central Indiana, all the way up to $75 per.
  16. I just pay $8 at my alterations place and get the legs of all my base pants tapered. It's a much better look.
  17. Has anyone purchased the combo and plate pants? I'm curious as to the difference in leg width/opening. I'm looking for something that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing such wide leg pants, especially since I invested in the force 3 guards.
  18. U-E Members Working Together

    @chadozee and I worked Prospect League game last night in Danville Illinois. Chad's a great guy. Walk-off grand slam in extras. Was a fun game to umpire with a great partner.
  19. Tony Maskits Silver masks examples?

    Is that the rainbow diamond sun shield?
  20. 6.01 (b) Fielder Right of Way

    In HS because they are not allowed to be on the field during live ball would this then be interference?
  21. This is why I umpire

    Awesome man. My dad was a huge umpiring influence on me also.
  22. Aaaaaannd... we're back.

    I didn't think I could miss a website so bad.
  23. What mask/pad combo is this?

    My Nike Ti is a lot like this one, with the wider look to it. Crazy how different they can be.
  24. Another Courtesy runner question

    Haha me either. And I thought the NCAA DH rule was confusing. At least I have a small laminated card for my line up wallet to help me not screw up that one during games.