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  1. 2018 Games

    No one pays less than $62.50 here in central Indiana, all the way up to $75 per.
  2. Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    Just wondering if anyone has used this mask and what their thoughts are on it. Thanks.
  3. I just pay $8 at my alterations place and get the legs of all my base pants tapered. It's a much better look.
  4. Has anyone purchased the combo and plate pants? I'm curious as to the difference in leg width/opening. I'm looking for something that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing such wide leg pants, especially since I invested in the force 3 guards.
  5. U-E Members Working Together

    @chadozee and I worked Prospect League game last night in Danville Illinois. Chad's a great guy. Walk-off grand slam in extras. Was a fun game to umpire with a great partner.
  6. Tony Maskits Silver masks examples?

    Is that the rainbow diamond sun shield?
  7. 6.01 (b) Fielder Right of Way

    In HS because they are not allowed to be on the field during live ball would this then be interference?
  8. This is why I umpire

    Awesome man. My dad was a huge umpiring influence on me also.
  9. Aaaaaannd... we're back.

    I didn't think I could miss a website so bad.
  10. What mask/pad combo is this?

    My Nike Ti is a lot like this one, with the wider look to it. Crazy how different they can be.
  11. Another Courtesy runner question

    Haha me either. And I thought the NCAA DH rule was confusing. At least I have a small laminated card for my line up wallet to help me not screw up that one during games.
  12. Another Courtesy runner question

    So based on the pitcher/catcher of record element aspect of the CR rules the correct answer to the following question would be "C", correct? If not I'm f'in confused. S1 pinch hits for the catcher and singles. The head coach wants to insert a CR (CR1) for S1, who is going to enter the game as the new catcher. The umpire takes the following action: a. Allows CR1 to replace S1. b. Removes the catcher for CR1. c. Does not allow it because S1 is not the catcher of record, but is not eligible because he participated in the game in another capacity. d. Does nothing because it was not indicated prior to the start of the game that courtesy runners were going to be used.
  13. Fall Ball

    They do.
  14. Oakley Prizm Lenses

    I have been to the Walsh 3 man clinic in Indy and the Doane 3 man invite clinic in Grand Rapids this year and wore my Prizms at both clinics. No one ever said anything negative about them. Some of the best instructors in the country, so I think someone would have said something if that was something they thought was inappropriate.