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  1. Pickoff Attempt Not Thrown to Base

    Neither the ump nor F6 was right. F1 has no obligation to throw to second at all, so a throw to F6 should have been treated the same as if he had simply feinted a throw and held onto the ball. As to how "new" the rule is, it, of course has only been relevant to third base under OBR since they removed the ability to feint to third.
  2. Ms

    Reminds me of an old 1&3 play where I'd have my R1 lead off about 30 feet or more into right field.
  3. Now if the ump admits he didn't see it or was not in a position to see it, I might feel obliged to say, "yeah, it was off his foot."
  4. I'm certainly not going out of my way to show up an umpire - "your call was so bad even I have to tell you."
  5. Base Coach Harassing Pitcher ?

    I'm pretty loud and, if the covering MIF'er I'm watching breaks at the same time the pitcher starts his motion, I'm quite likely to be yelling "break" to my R2 loudly as the pitcher is in motion. I'm certainly not doing it to distract the pitcher and I don't know that I've ever felt like it did.
  6. Wrong turn

    I also assume the play wasn't so much "overturned" as it was a situation where, after conferring with the PU, he changed his call?
  7. Procedure?

    May have been a glitch. Just a few minutes ago, when trying to get to that forum, I got a message saying I didn't have permission to view that thread. It works now, though.
  8. Procedure?

    I had started a thread in this forum concerning the Georgia incident. It was locked down because it was being discussed elsewhere and a link to that thread included. I participated a couple of times, but since am told I don't have permission to enter that thread and the link is likewise gone. So, does this mean since I don't have permission to enter the "Umpire News" thread, this an't be discussed on this forum by non-umpire participants?
  9. So, waiting on some actual grounds for ruling on the appeal. It appears they either ruled that they are convinced the umps made the wrong call and are willing to make an unprecedented decision (which would have to be made on an inappropriate use of an unclear video) or decided that, in this case the rule was just too unfair and they would ignore it. Either way this opens up a Pandora's box of BS.
  10. Wow! Game overturned

    So the GHSA overturned the game on the walk-off walk. There will now be a game #3. While the original call may have been BS, it was a judgment call and by the book. GHSA appears to have completely lost their minds and ignored process. If I were an ump, I'd bee a little upset.
  11. defending th esqueeze

    Interesting this video is here. We had this in a game Saturday and I was going to bring it up here. Ours was very much like this. Runner on third and the pitcher did the same thing only the catcher caught the ball. The umpires decided it was nothing and just called "no-pitch." My argument was that any motion made by the pitcher while not in contact with the rubber that mimics his pitching motion is an illegal pitch and subject to penalty. They did not agree. Since our batter put the next pitch over the left field fence, there was no lingering argument.
  12. Balk on Forward Disengagement

    I'm going to guess that it was a jab-step. webspinnre, if you're around, was it?
  13. But ump I have proof!

    Hah! For years I ran a professional sports photography company. In 2003, I was working the American Legion Florida State Championship game. I was standing behind first base. With a tie game in the top of the ninth, two out and a runner on third, there was a throw that pulled the first baseman off the bag. He made a swipe tag. The ump called him safe, ruling he missed the tag. This was my very first time out with a new Nikon D1 digital camera - my first experience with being able to review photos instantly. I had a beautiful shot of an obvious tag by F3. After the arguing dies down, I proudly showed the shot one of the coaches who was outside the first base dugout. He snatched the camera out of my hands, rushed to the PU and started arguing and shoving my camera in his face. The umpire then ejected ME off the field. I learned my lesson early on and never again showed a coach any shot during a game.
  14. Balk

    I only mentioned it because "disengage" is how the OP described it. If he's asking if you can "disengage" from the front, then, no, you can't. As to the post I was quoting, I just wanted to clarify that his use of the term "disengage" shouldn't be confused with the wording "disengage" as used in the rule books.
  15. Balk

    I think the confusion comes in that this (step in front and spin to second) isn't considered "disengaging" anymore than the jab step pick to first.