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    Shuttup. DH Friday got cancelled (and I was happy about this, on my drive home it was 18 and 20+ mph winds). Saturday youth DH got cancelled, but got another call to work a small tourney about an hour further away. It was cold (high was 42) and there was a little snow in the shadows (but none between the foul lines). We had about 2 hours of "this really isn't too bad" when the wind had calmed down and the sun was out. The last game, my partner gave me crap about keeping my hands in my pockets when on the bases - yes, I know it's not "professional" but I quite frankly didn't care.
  2. kylehutson

    UmpCast Partners with Umpire-Empire

    Good stuff there. Your first few episodes were so quiet I could hardly hear them (and one I had to skip because I had the volume at max and still couldn't understand without serious concentration), but it sounds like you've corrected that. Always nice to get another good podcast in my rotation.
  3. kylehutson

    New product to me - Scenturion.

    One thing that works for my personal gear (I can't vouch for an entire team's worth)... Take the silica gel packs you get with your electronic devices and throw them in the bottom of the bag. They suck up the moisture, so the microbes don't grow.
  4. kylehutson

    fair or foul

    As opposed to coaching, which usually involves a bunch of BS (more from parents than from kids, IME), and usually pays nothing?
  5. kylehutson

    Improving tracking and timing

    I have a couple that have really helped me. 1) As the pitcher starts to deliver the pitch, blow your breath out and keep it held out until the pitch is received by the catcher. This does a couple of things for you: - It helps you keep steady - It slows your brain down, helping you to concentrate - Since you need to take a breath to call a ball or strike, it gives you one last chance to do the "mental replay" of the pitch 2) As the pitcher is starting to deliver his pitch (and again, I do this as I'm blowing my breath out), look at the ground a few feet in front of the pitcher's mound (this is where I adjust my head), and then look up (using eyes only) to track the ball in. This allows me to see the whole pitch moving only my eyes and not moving my head. That point on the ground lets me see both the release of the pitch and the entire strike zone all within the boundaries of the opening in the front of the mask, so I'm not moving my head, just my eyes. 3) Make sure you're forward enough to see the entire strike zone. If the catcher is in the way of the low-outside corner of the back of the strike zone, you're not forward enough. (And with 12U, sometimes this is a complete non-issue and the hard part is figuring out where exactly in the 8 feet between the catcher and the plate the strike zone is - that's a whole other discussion. )
  6. kylehutson


    The weather here has been nice the last couple of weeks, so I've really been getting "the bug". I'm scheduled for my first game tomorrow and my second one Thursday. I woke up to this on my phone. Suddenly, I'm not so excited.
  7. I'm pretty sure it hit his hand first. Dead ball. Strike.
  8. kylehutson


    If you can get my wife to agree to that, I'm all in. (and not just because of baseball either - I hate the cold)
  9. kylehutson


    So the field I was on is drained really well. Just about game time the wind settled down and it ended up being a cool-ish, but not entirely unpleasant doubleheader. Game 1 of the year in the books!
  10. kylehutson

    New Base Shoes Suggestions

    As opposed to the dry water?
  11. kylehutson

    No-Call Zone

    Before the BR gets to the 35' line, he can't be guilty of RLI. It would have to be an intentional act for him to be guilty of interference. If he's anywhere near a normal basepath, I'd call it the same as if there was no entanglement near the plate - the catcher should have made a better throw. Play on.
  12. kylehutson

    What is Your Primary Mask?

    Force3 v2. Black with tan pads. Bought from somebody here on U-E.
  13. kylehutson

    F3 shins sizing for a short guy (5'11")

    Can confirm. I've lost about 40 lbs in the last year (from 250 down to 210). I haven't felt this well in YEARS. Last week I had to carry a 40 lb box a couple of blocks. When I got done, I was thinking "man, my lower back hurts". And my next thought was "no wonder your back used to hurt all the time, you moron". I'm still losing weight but much slower now (on the order of a pound every 2-3 weeks, rather than several pounds per week when I first started). The only regret I have is that I didn't start sooner.
  14. kylehutson

    MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    Once I get a few game fees this year, I might do the same. Keep one drying and while wearing the other.
  15. kylehutson

    Nutty Buddy v Shock Doctor

    Having used both... The NB is far more comfortable, in my opinion. The SD (and most conventional cups for that matter) had to be positioned just perfectly to be comfortable. That being said, the NB is different, and there are some discussions here from people who didn't find the NB as comfortable. To me, when I'm in the crouch, there's no real comfort difference. It's when I have to get up and run that I really like the floating style of the NB. Either will protect your "boys" just fine. On the down side, apparently they are becoming difficult to obtain. https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/Product-Alert-Regarding-Nutty-Buddy
  16. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel *idea*

    I thought about this last week, actually. I've got a friend with a 3-D printer that would happily print one up for me. But I would need good photos (preferably with a ruler) to make the drawing file. I'll also say that I'm not going to be the one to test this, at least not without extensive testing. Getting a piece of broken ABS jammed into my neck because I wanted to try something out doesn't sound like a fun time.
  17. kylehutson

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    I haven't, and I don't know of anyone personally who has. Yet our state is making it a POE. I think more than anything else, it's a matter of "this is something we've heard is happening (whether in our state or elsewhere), and we want to get out in front of it".
  18. kylehutson

    Shin Guards

    It's a good choice. Love my F3's.
  19. kylehutson

    Shin Guards

    I had them. Went up to high school varsity with them and never got hurt despite many shots off them. That being said, they did have a tendency to twist near the ankles, so I had to fiddle with them way too much. and as @Richvee said, the ankle protection isn't stellar. They're now my "loaners" to new guys.
  20. kylehutson

    Odd colored shirts

    So you do rec ball, too, huh? Or are we still talking about shirts?
  21. kylehutson

    New from Illinois

    Welcome! In response to Cav: 1) I also umpired both softball and baseball my first year out. I would say after this year, figure out which one you like best and drop the other one. Your first year, you won't be that good at either of them, and that's OK, but you'll figure out what you do like. 2) Great advice. I got LOTS of games when I first started by just having all my gear and uniforms with me daily. I might get a late-morning email that somebody had gotten sick and needed a replacement, and having that availability helped me get my foot in the door. 3) Also good advice. Here's some more RE equipment. - Don't skimp on protective gear. In order of importance (in my humble opinion): (a) Get at least a decent cup. I love the Nutty Buddy, but it is a little different and some don't like it. Shock Doctor makes some good ones, too. (b) Shin guards have a LOT of difference between the good ones and the bad ones, without a whole lot of dollars separating the two. I haven't heard anybody regretting buying the Force 3 shin guards. (c) Uniform - some parts of this will be dictated to you. But get professional-looking uniforms as soon as you can. You'll see a lot more success when you look the part. (d) Plate shoes - if you're *really* in a money crunch, you can get by with steel-toed tennis shoes for a bit, but I wouldn't even recommend that unless you have to. Take those early game fees and upgrade to good shoes. (e) Chest protector - I put this lower, because if you're just getting started, you're not going to see the really high-speed pitches, and pretty much anything will do. You'll learn what you do and don't like. You can even get a decent hard-shell (e.g. Champro or Schutt) for <$100. Or scour the buy-sell-trade section here. (f) Mask - I put this last because, again, you won't be seeing any of the really fast stuff yet. You WILL want to upgrade at some point, but you can do that when you start moving to higher levels. I still have my first mask I bought which I use for youth tournaments (it's much lighter than the one I have for high school) or loan it out to newer umpires. - Ask around your area. A lot of umpires have older/loaner equipment and uniforms they will let new guys use (or sometimes even take!) until they start getting some checks in. - And the best advice I have for a new umpire: keep checking this site. Lots of interesting discussions and advice from people who have been where you are and know all the "gotchas"
  22. kylehutson

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Not with NFHS softball rules. Maybe that's where the confusion comes in? Rule 2-8-2: Attempted Bunt. Any non-swinging movement of the bat intended to tap the ball into play. Holding the bat in the strike zone is considered a bunt attempt. In order to take a pitch, the bat must be withdrawn - pulled backward and away from the ball.
  23. kylehutson

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Before I get nit-picky: I like the graphics and the intro music/logo combo. Those look sharp! One typo, though. "pate" instead of "plate" at about the 5:12 mark. ...and you missed my favorite myth ("the hands are part of the bat"), but if you put everyone's favorite here, you'd probably have an hour-long video.
  24. kylehutson

    Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    As we say in the computer world... That's a feature, not a bug.
  25. kylehutson

    NFHS Intentional Walk

    NFHS Rule 2-4-3: "An intentional base on balls may be given by the defensive team by having its catcher or coach request the umpire to award the batter first base. This may be done before pitching to the batter or on any ball and strike count. The ball shall be declared dead before making the award." If a pitcher asks for a walk, I'll ask the catcher if he wants it. If the coach or catcher says they want it, no take-backsies. (EDIT: Well, unless he says so before I tell the batter to take first.)