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  1. My first three years of umpiring, I did the same. I thought they looked good. If anybody thought otherwise, they didn't say anything to me about it. Carry on, sir.
  2. kylehutson

    Throwing the bat

    Your case: the kid no longer *wants* to play (his choice) My case: the kid *can no longer* play (not his choice). But in either case, the kid isn't playing that game, and tomorrow is a new day - they're all the same.
  3. kylehutson

    Throwing the bat

    In the same rec league I'm talking about, if they remove the player, that is effectively an ejection. Batting the entire lineup is mandatory. There's a difference between a rec-level skills development league and competitive teams. You have your opinion, I have mine. ...and I'm OK with them being different.
  4. Yes. Well, except for the case where the ball bags are made of the exact same material as the pants.
  5. Actually, I don't. I think black looks good with everything because it matches the belt and shoes. The real reason I don't like navy (shirts or hats) is because when you're working with the old geezer (or even a guy that's had it as his only shirt for 5 years), his shirt and hat have faded so much that they don't match anymore. I don't disagree with your larger points. But good luck getting TPTB to change anything. I'm on your side, but I've grown cynical in my old age.
  6. Because that's all it is - an excuse. They'll find another. And besides, it doesn't eliminate the excuse. They'll have to work someday with the geezer who's had his navy shirt since 1986 and refuses to get another, so you end up getting the navy anyway.
  7. So dri-fit t-shirts? When I'm recruiting kids (typically high schoolers) for rec-league (and I've moved a couple up from there to more competitive leagues), it really seems to be the money that gets them interested, not the fashion choices. When I tell them they can make more than they do flipping burgers (on a per-hour basis), and that I won't schedule them for nights they ask off, that seems to be the hook. Probably half of those don't continue past the first year.
  8. No it doesn't. [insert long pause while I go look it up] Umpires shall wear gray slacks and either a navy blue or black pull over shirt. All umpires on a crew should be dressed alike. For postseason contests umpires will wear gray slacks and a navy blue pullover. When needed a navy blue or black jacket or coat shall be worn. The hat is to be navy blue and a sized hat is recommended. Umpires may wear a navy blue hat with a white KSHSAA logo embroidered on the front. If an undershirt is worn it may be red, black or navy and all umpires must wear the same color. The trouser belt should be black leather. Socks should be black. The plate umpire should wear shoes designed for safety that include hard toes. Primarily black shoes designed for umpiring should be worn and shined before each game. The plate umpire needs to have a ball and strike indicator, a small plate brush, a protective supporter and cup, ball bag, lineup cards and a pen or pencil for line-up changes. A chest protector, sturdy mask with throat protector and shin guards are standard equipment of the plate umpire. It's not on their website, but they did add black as an option last year (per the paper copy of the regulations, section 2J): 2.J Umpire's Uniform Since umpires may often be working with umpires that they normally do not work with, it is important that each umpire in the state have a uniform that is similar. All umpires should be attired in the same style shirt. The umpire's uniform consists of cap, gray slacks, NFHS approved navy blue or black pullover shirt and black shoes. Postseason umpires may wear navy blue or black pullowvers. Umpires working the game shall wear the same color uniform That's all it says.
  9. kylehutson

    Throwing the bat

    1) I think most of the lower-level umpires do think that's the rule. 2) It *is* codified in the rec league I assign for, and it's precisely for the reason you state - tossing a rec-league player (who is just learning the rules and mechanics of the game) doesn't seem to be fair. Just calling him or her out seems to get across the point ("you can't do that") without the OMG-factor of an ejection. Note that unsportsmanlike conduct, such as doing so on purpose, can still earn an ejection.
  10. kylehutson

    Breakaway bases in FED

    You could, as @Senor Azul shows, argue that they *should*. However, not only are they not required, but to the best of my knowledge, I've never been on a field that uses them.
  11. kylehutson

    Balk ? Pre- set, step off, fake to first

    I read that as being a full move with the pivot foot landing behind the rubber *and* the non-pivot foot making distance-and-direction toward first. No, it doesn't say that, but that's how I pictured it. If it was just a step behind with the pivot foot, I think you're right.
  12. kylehutson

    Angel having a tough night. BOS @ NYY

    Also in the interest of being fair... The first two of his three overturned calls I also got wrong in real-time. Those were real whackers. I don't feel too bad if you need to have cameras going frame-by-frame to be able to tell.
  13. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel - SOLD!

    We're saying the same thing. He needs to get permission from SWMBO, not me. I don't get asked for my permission to do anything.
  14. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel - SOLD!

    Good idea, yes. Permission? Pffft. I ain't your SWMBO.
  15. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel - SOLD!

    What I want is the height of the bow, both at the front and back. ^ __________________ | _____/ \_____ | _/ \_ | / \ | / \ V / \
  16. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel - SOLD!

    Can you get an end-on look with the ruler? Like picture #4 with the ruler vertical, one each with the ruler behind and in front?
  17. kylehutson

    Mizuno Shovel - SOLD!

    Relating this to the discussion on 3-D printing one, before you ship it off, would you be willing to take more photos with a ruler and from several angles? I'd like to put together a 3-D model (even if materials are currently lacking) so we could at least have it for the future.
  18. kylehutson

    Ebay finds

    I have access to one. As @CJK notes, I would certainly want to test it out on something-not-my-throat before putting into production. Anybody have a baseball cannon?
  19. kylehutson

    Transaction Experience Thread

    I also had a great transaction with @codizzle. And another one with @42outs. Bought things from both of them last week. Both were exactly as described and arrived when they said they would.
  20. kylehutson

    Bases Loaded Walk and Umpire Calling Time

    I get what you're saying, but if you're paying attention, you can see that coming, too (going straight to the base, as opposed to walking toward the outside, watching the fielders, and getting ready to make a break when he gets close).
  21. kylehutson

    Bases Loaded Walk and Umpire Calling Time

    If he's busting his rear to first, yes. If he's lollygagging, he can stay there.
  22. kylehutson

    2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    One of my partners on Sunday and I were talking about attendees who stood out above the others, and he brought up "the guy who lost all the weight" who impressed him (and me, too). Good meeting you face-to-face!
  23. kylehutson

    Roll Call- Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I will be there. I'm pretty pumped, because I've never attended any clinic over 2 hours long and I'm looking forward to putting faces with names of guys I see here.
  24. kylehutson

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    Maybe never. https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-an-ex-cop-rigged-mcdonalds-monopoly-game-and-stole-millions