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  1. New from Illinois

    Welcome! In response to Cav: 1) I also umpired both softball and baseball my first year out. I would say after this year, figure out which one you like best and drop the other one. Your first year, you won't be that good at either of them, and that's OK, but you'll figure out what you do like. 2) Great advice. I got LOTS of games when I first started by just having all my gear and uniforms with me daily. I might get a late-morning email that somebody had gotten sick and needed a replacement, and having that availability helped me get my foot in the door. 3) Also good advice. Here's some more RE equipment. - Don't skimp on protective gear. In order of importance (in my humble opinion): (a) Get at least a decent cup. I love the Nutty Buddy, but it is a little different and some don't like it. Shock Doctor makes some good ones, too. (b) Shin guards have a LOT of difference between the good ones and the bad ones, without a whole lot of dollars separating the two. I haven't heard anybody regretting buying the Force 3 shin guards. (c) Uniform - some parts of this will be dictated to you. But get professional-looking uniforms as soon as you can. You'll see a lot more success when you look the part. (d) Plate shoes - if you're *really* in a money crunch, you can get by with steel-toed tennis shoes for a bit, but I wouldn't even recommend that unless you have to. Take those early game fees and upgrade to good shoes. (e) Chest protector - I put this lower, because if you're just getting started, you're not going to see the really high-speed pitches, and pretty much anything will do. You'll learn what you do and don't like. You can even get a decent hard-shell (e.g. Champro or Schutt) for <$100. Or scour the buy-sell-trade section here. (f) Mask - I put this last because, again, you won't be seeing any of the really fast stuff yet. You WILL want to upgrade at some point, but you can do that when you start moving to higher levels. I still have my first mask I bought which I use for youth tournaments (it's much lighter than the one I have for high school) or loan it out to newer umpires. - Ask around your area. A lot of umpires have older/loaner equipment and uniforms they will let new guys use (or sometimes even take!) until they start getting some checks in. - And the best advice I have for a new umpire: keep checking this site. Lots of interesting discussions and advice from people who have been where you are and know all the "gotchas"
  2. Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Not with NFHS softball rules. Maybe that's where the confusion comes in? Rule 2-8-2: Attempted Bunt. Any non-swinging movement of the bat intended to tap the ball into play. Holding the bat in the strike zone is considered a bunt attempt. In order to take a pitch, the bat must be withdrawn - pulled backward and away from the ball.
  3. Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Before I get nit-picky: I like the graphics and the intro music/logo combo. Those look sharp! One typo, though. "pate" instead of "plate" at about the 5:12 mark. ...and you missed my favorite myth ("the hands are part of the bat"), but if you put everyone's favorite here, you'd probably have an hour-long video.
  4. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    As we say in the computer world... That's a feature, not a bug.
  5. NFHS Intentional Walk

    NFHS Rule 2-4-3: "An intentional base on balls may be given by the defensive team by having its catcher or coach request the umpire to award the batter first base. This may be done before pitching to the batter or on any ball and strike count. The ball shall be declared dead before making the award." If a pitcher asks for a walk, I'll ask the catcher if he wants it. If the coach or catcher says they want it, no take-backsies. (EDIT: Well, unless he says so before I tell the batter to take first.)
  6. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    Good video - even found something I really need to work on (preparedness in the pre-game meeting). Thanks!
  7. New umpire getting started with his kids

    Welcome! That sounds like a really familiar story (except I only coached rec ball, rather than travel ball) and my oldest was 12 when he started. He's no longer umpiring, but I absolutely love it.
  8. Retirement? Sale

    I'm not saying "don't do business with", I'm saying if it were me, I'd make sure the check clears first.
  9. Retirement? Sale

    I don't know that @Umpire81 is the same as @Hoggie, just noticed the name at the bottom. But if so, look at http://umpire-empire.com/topic/63860-transaction-experience-thread/?page=17&tab=comments#comment-327852 (comments starting 5/4/17).
  10. 2018 POE

    BTDT. "Coach, we're stuck here until you say 'yes'".
  11. Umpire-Empire's Favorite Products of 2017

    Look at it this way, if that's the biggest mistake you make in 2018, you're doing just fine.
  12. Umpire-Empire's Favorite Products of 2017

    Not to pick too much but... (which means I'm going to) You talk about how much you like your equipment bag, but fail to mention what bag you have (I recognize it because I have the same one).
  13. Selling a call

    Just tried again with earbuds - yep, it's only coming out one side. So is his intro to "Good Call Blue".
  14. Site Upgrade

    Mine looks like it always has (using Chrome on Mac).
  15. Selling a call

    Don't know if he changed anything, but it sounds fine to me.