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  1. kylehutson

    Car storage

    Yes, thus the reason I rented a car with a daily rate and no mileage limit.
  2. kylehutson

    Car storage

    I rented an Accent last summer. I was ... underwhelmed. Maybe the biggest sticking point was that I didn't even know you could rent cars without cruise control these days, and I put over 3k miles on in a week. My new one is a Honda CR-Z. https://photos.app.goo.gl/iHgLHhk47K6sC3iS7
  3. kylehutson

    Car storage

    Also, I looked at a Pontiac Solstice - it *didn't* have room for my umpire bag (without taking the entire passenger seat), so that one was right out.
  4. kylehutson

    Car storage

    I wouldn't even mind driving something this ugly (yeah, I said it) if it actually got fantastic gas mileage. I looked at those, and do you know what they get? 32. My daughter's Civic gets better than that, and it has a (small) back seat and a trunk.
  5. kylehutson

    Car storage

    I just did! While the minivan did have more room for storage, it was dying, and I'm *really* liking the 40mpg from my new (to me) hybrid a lot better than the 17mpg the minivan got. And considering I'm starting some college ball this spring, I'm anticipating putting on a lot more miles than I have the past few years. True story: when I went to look at the new car, I brought my umpire bag with me, because if *that* didn't fit, it would be a non-starter.
  6. kylehutson

    Car storage

    I now have a LOT of shirts. Let's just say the chances of me not being able to match my partner is pretty negligible, unless they're going out of their way to do something really oddball (camo or burnt orange or ... really strange). I'm up around 20 - too many to fit in my equipment bag and still leave room for everything else that needs to be there. So how do you keep all those in your cars? My car is a 2-seater hatchback, so putting up a rod and hangers can't happen, even if I wanted it to. I've thought of getting one of those under-bed storage containers? Or maybe just two large sheets of cardboard, which I could put on the "floor" of the hatchback, one for the bottom of the shirts and one for the top. Opinions?
  7. kylehutson

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    Same here - It's a fun ride, though, and I plan to keep doing it long after they're all on their own. Great, now I have to pull out my old, mostly-unused engineering degree.. This part makes perfect sense, and I doubt anybody can argue with this (well, maybe to the degree "many" vs "some") The goal of any mask is to dissipate energy to reduce the impact to your face. There are different ways this can happen, in order from the best to the worst. 1) Don't get hit. This sounds silly, but the truly best mask would be so close to your face it wouldn't get hit unless the ball was going to hit you. The bigger the mask, the more it gets hit. TM's are better than HSM's on this principle, with the low-profile ones being best. 2) Ball gets deflected, going at a slightly different angle than it started with - the smaller the angle of deflection, the less is absorbed by the mask, and subsequently, by your face. When it works, this method is best, because the ball dissipates its own kinetic energy. The best design for this would be a long, narrow angle wedge, except that would violate #1. Straight-on shorts really can't do this well, and we have to plan for that. HSM's tend to have less straight-on spots than TM's, so they would be better for this. 3) The energy gets transferred to the mask as the mask is knocked off. If your mask goes straight off the back of your head, the energy was not transferred to your face, and that's what we want. *Some* of that energy can go into spinning, but merely spinning a mask doesn't keep that energy from going back to your face. We can look at it in terms of XYZ coordinates, but faces aren't perfectly flat, and neither are masks, so that makes the math quite complicated, but any energy that is transferred toward "something besides your face" is a good thing. TM's can do this, HSM's can't. 4) The one we all dread - the one that's straight to the face, and the energy *will* go to your face in some way or another. Then it becomes a matter of pads (and in the case of F3, springs along with the pads), which will dissipate the energy over a greater surface area and a greater amount of time. In exactly the opposite as #1, we want more space and more padding when this happens. Create a mask that will instantly materialize 6" of a sofa cushion in front of your face, and you're perfect for this one. I've never used a HSM, but my understanding is that most of them are fairly bad in this area. TM's vary a LOT, and can even change with time as pads get worn out, and perform differently in heat or cold or wet. 5) The X-factor - balls coming from other fields, bouncing off backstops, bats breaking, or anything else coming from not-in-front-of-you. They're rare, but do happen on occasion. HSM's with the obvious advantage on these. -
  8. kylehutson

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Weird. I had a flawless transaction with him last year. I hope he's all right. (and I hope you get what you need, too).
  9. kylehutson

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Unfortunately, the laser system that will instantly disintegrate any baseball illegally hit is prohibitively expensive.
  10. kylehutson

    New ump in Austin

    Welcome aboard!
  11. When he "peeled off", did he run past 2nd base? That could make a difference.
  12. kylehutson

    Volleyball State Finals

    Nice job. I was a line judge for a state championship this year. Give me a couple more years, and I'll be on the stand.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001O20V8E/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. ...and just as in the area of protective gear, @MadMax hits the nail on the head again.