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  1. West Vest Revamp

    First, an updated harness makes all the difference in the world. Any of you out there still with the original Wilson harness please do yourself a favor, and upgrade. I've never seen a reason for keeping that dopey throat pad. I wash my full pad in my utility sink. Soap it up with Dawn, scrub it with a gentle brush, rinse the hell out of it, squeeze the water out, and hang to dry (indoors). I did that about once a month, when it was my primary rig. Painting plastic is tricky, and don't know a good method for doing so. I've a crappy painted Platinum in my garage now, looking for Plan B.
  2. New Wilson helmet

    A kid from my local Little League is the Rockies backup catcher, Tony Wolters. He got cracked in the skull cap last season, and switched to an All Star bucket when returned a few weeks later. He's a Nike guy, but maybe he can sneak in an unmarked Wilson bucket. I'll probably see him next week, and recommend he takes a look at it Jim.
  3. New Wilson helmet

    I'm looking at the lastest Wilson helmet, and wondering why they didn't extend the cage to the forehead. That's always been the Achilles heal of any bucket, and Wilson actually made a custom cage for MLB guy who was cracked on the noggin. It's a great looking lid, with lots of good ideas (low profile, removable pads, flat black cage, openings at the ears). I find it odd they didn't take the opportunity to protect the forehead. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/A5800BL_Wilson-Pro-Stock-Titanium-Umpire-Helmet
  4. So far, so good with the golf pants. And good grief don't use the HIGH setting on your iron. You'll melt them. I'm at 2/3 heat. Go to a tailor, and the get travelers crease put in them. Men's Warehouse did mine. I'm so done wearing wool pants on an athletic field. All my Honig's/Hardwicks are gone.
  5. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    I''m 6'1", and the 15" All Star System 7 just covers my last rib. Plus, it has the best collarbone protection. The down side is that it's a bit bulky.
  6. Force3 Defender doesn't help here....

    I think they're getting closer with the v2. I like the concept, but, like the v1, I think there's still room from improvement.
  7. All New equipment NEEDED!

    Get the new Smitty "golf" pants, in plate and base. They're revolutionary.
  8. I just went through my gear (fall cleaning), and I have a pair of 12 D's. Do understand that the 450's ran 1/2 a size small. They're in terrific shape, with 80% tread, and no big issues on the real leather.
  9. LL Championship Plate

    I've worked with Chris since 2000. Yeah, he's a really good umpire, a superior instructor, a super LL representative, and a great guy, too. Oh, and the pre-game, "don't suck" punch to the c/p can be devastating.
  10. Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    He may not be endorsing that model after that. It'll be interesting to see what rig he comes back with. We should learn from that incident. When you take a shot like that, it's really important for our partners to watch out for us, and get us off the field. Not to listen to us say, "I'm fine" as our judgment has just been quite clouded, and another shot could prove quite dangerous. We need to trust our partner's judgement on this, and not try to man-up for an inning or two, and risk serious injury. Those of us who've been concussed know it creeps up on you, and 5-10 minutes later you really start feeling it.
  11. HA! The heathers sold, and no one bid on the polywools. Go figure. Oh well, they'll be donated to a program to develop umpires overseas. I'm cleaning out the garage of old stuff, and getting a big box to send.
  12. Out with the old, and in with another set of "golf" pants. http://www.ebay.com/itm/202020423744?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/202020415743
  13. Football reconditioners or repair places?

    One of the reasons I like, and trust Team Wendy gear is the science and testing that went along with the Zorbium® padding. Not sure if going down the local fabric store, or auto upholstery supplier is going to give anyone the same level of trust. I do understand the wanting to do this, but do think this through (along with any liability issues that may arise down the road if you wish to market safety gear).
  14. Cheering or Jeering?

    As to referring to spectators, when my partner puts three fingers on his left shoulder (check out the Mom in third row, left side), do I eject him?
  15. Cheering or Jeering?

    "He might be bunting, here" "He's really fast, let's watch for the steal" "Back up, he hit it over your head last time" all refer to the opposing players. Where shall we draw the line?