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  1. kylejt

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I live in San Diego, and have had three plate coats over the years. I just couldn't get the annual use out of them to justify the closet space. A game or two in March, and maybe on in November, and that was it. Anything above 60, and I was sweating too much to be cool. Yeah, they're cool, no doubt. And there's no doubt in my mind that I'll end up with another down the road, gear junky that I am.
  2. kylejt

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    I'm not sure why they want to hang their hat on the three belt loops in the back as their "signature", as that might be some sort of good thing.
  3. kylejt

    New CP

    Lots of great features, but no removable pads for washing, and will still need to update the harness. Close though.
  4. kylejt

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    Great review. Thanks! It's good to hear the cut on the base pants are better, and concur with the flapping in the breeze with the Smitty's. The Smitty material was ground breaking, and a game changer. It was just a matter of time until someone built on that with better quality. It will be interesting to see what happens when Nike steps in, when they assume the uniform contract at the MLB level. They've never been shy about logo placement, and know the value of it. One would think they'd look at shoes, pants, shirts and hats. Do we know where the GD pants are made? Most modern golf shirts/pants I have are made in Vietnam, as they seem to have market cornered in this market.
  5. kylejt

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    I was working under an old clam shell type back stop, that went completely over the plate. I had a foul ball go straight up, hit a bar, fire straight back down and smash that little metal button on my hat. *E#Y@W# did that hurt. So even though I still don't wear a bucket (although I have one just in case I encounter one of those style backstops again), I respectfully disagree about getting hurt.
  6. kylejt

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    Anyone else think that MadMax had a high school girlfriend, with the last name of Wilson, that left him for the varsity quarterback?
  7. kylejt

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    I've got the mid cut version of the latest New Balance plate shoes, and I'm not sure if there's a big difference in terms of mating up with your shin guards. I'm currently wearing WIlson Platinums. But every combination is different, as is every person. If you can't try them in advance, order both low and mid from ump-attire, and then send one back. Hell, they even encourage that. To me, the Achilles heal of every HSM is the lack of forehead protection. F3 has finally addressed this, with a cage that extends over it. If I went that route, that would be on the only one I'd consider.
  8. kylejt

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    Now you just need to find TW pads for it. That would be the Holy Grail. That is awful pretty, though. Well done.
  9. kylejt

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    Ha! They couldn't afford me.
  10. kylejt

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    If they do, they're falling short on the potential earning power of being on television, and marketing logos. And I'm not talking about those walking billboards, like in other countries. But for gosh sake, someone needs to get them a square deal. Was Joe West in charge of the union AND getting a gear deal? Just askin'.
  11. kylejt

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    The size of the logo will be directly proportional the amount of $upport directed to the MLB. The trouble is that it doesn't trickle down directly to the umpires. They just get free stuff, and don't get a piece of the promotional pie for being the billboard for a full 9 innings. And, I wonder what Nike will think about the New Balance shoes being worn with their Nike gear. One would think they'd have shoes in the works, too. It's true that players can negotiate their own shoe and equipment gear, but the umpires get told what to wear. That'll be interesting to see how that plays out. When I was bike racing, and doing triathlons (years ago), I had small support from Nike, Power Bar, etc. I got some free stuff up front, and then every time I could get my mugg and the logo in print or TV, I got cases of stuff. Umpires can show the logo for 2-3 hours on national television. That should equate the dollars in the collective pockets, one would think.
  12. kylejt

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    I hate those short sleeved dentist smocks. No practical reason for them. Just wear a long sleeved jersey on the bases. (oh, I know that's heresy for some "purist", as they don't do that in the MLB, Get over it.). It would be good to get some new, modern ideas in our uniforms. I mean, how long did we have to endure wool pants, for gosh sakes? Majestic never really logoed their umpire gear that much, which made zero sense, being a marketing major. Expect whoever is next up to correct that, and put a bold logo on every piece of visible gear. That just makes $en$e.
  13. kylejt

    Metal throat guard straps

    Why metal?
  14. kylejt

    Smitty making shoes

    I'm sure they found the Chinese building that built them, and cut a deal to fire up the line. Yeah, the 450 was real leather, a steel toe, and the best sole for releasing mud IMO. Probably not cost effective to bring back.
  15. kylejt

    Champro Magnesium

    I've got both versions, and they're equally as good once loaded with TW's. But, with the older model you get a decent harness. The one on the latest version is just stupid, and couldn't hit the trash barrel any quicker.