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  1. kylejt

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

  2. It's good to start 'em early.....
  3. kylejt

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I've never understood the thinking of a metal throat protector. They're heavier, and I'd much rather have a rounded piece of plastic hitting my Adam's apple, rather than steel tubing. Now I do get the "cool factor", but that only goes so far for me. And yeah, in theory it should nail your chest protector, and not your neck. But in the real world, with my properly placed device (upper rung), and have had it come up and bite me in the lower throat.
  4. kylejt

    Future Plate Shoes

    I get that. But if the umpire's are wearing Nike gear, and NB shoes, that just doesn't look good, from a marketing standpoint.
  5. kylejt

    Future Plate Shoes

    I wonder if/when the new MLB supplier comes on line, if they'll want their shirts and shoes to match?
  6. kylejt

    Gerry Davis's mask

    Oh, and when you get a shot that spins your mask off, it's because it didn't catch you square. It's those square shots, the ones where the ball just drops at your feet, that ring your bell, and cause the most damage.
  7. kylejt

    Gerry Davis's mask

    I see zero science on that thing per the website. None. As opposed to the Team Wendy gear. BTW, I owned a Davishield for one day, and they wouldn't take it back. But I did warn you all about it (you're welcome) Just sayin'.
  8. kylejt

    Gerry Davis's mask

    It's be interested to see how this fits in a mask.
  9. kylejt

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

  10. kylejt

    Gerry Davis's mask

    It's definitely not heat related, as it's not hot in Oakland.
  11. kylejt

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    Gerry should be pimping the fact that they're made in the states. But then again, most of the rest of his line-up is not, so....................
  12. kylejt

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    I'd be interested to know if the new Davis pants were made in the US of A. That would be a selling point to many.
  13. kylejt

    Time to go soccer style

  14. kylejt

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    Someone in selling the Smitty's for $42. That's quite a price gap.
  15. kylejt

    Mask Porn?

    My latest.........It's the Campro Magnesium. Not sure why someone would get an All Star, at over twice the price. Had to ditch the pads and harness, of course.