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  1. New CP suggestions

    I have a lot of barrel chested friends who use the Platinum, because of the wide coverage. It's solid protection, for sure. Coupled with a new harness, and you've got a pro rig, ready for anything, that will last may years.
  2. New CP suggestions

    I'd save up another game fee, and go with the best protection you can get. Long after the money is spent, you never regret buying the best.
  3. Remove logo from visor?

    Not really, as I think we all wear gear from different makers. I was just doing an inventory, from head to toe, for an average day game behind the plate. I think I forget my Mizuno indicator.
  4. F3 helmet failure

    I like the design of the helmet, simply because they extend the cage to the forehead.
  5. Remove logo from visor?

    My gear, on a typical plate, from the top: +POS, WIlson, Champro, New Era, Oakley, Adidas, Riddell, Team Wendy, Majestic, All Star, Boston, Smitty, Honig's, Champion, Nutty Buddy, New Balance. The horror!
  6. F3 helmet failure

    My son just texted me that the Padres catcher took an off center shot to his F3 helmet, and the springs broke. I always wondered would would happen on a blow that wasn't head on. Anyone else see that?
  7. Super shiny Wilson, Nike, or All-Star

    I still like my hollow tube Schutt comfort lite. I had a cast aluminum Diamond, that had zero flex in it, and that was no good.
  8. What is Your Primary Mask?

    Schutt Comfort Lite magnesium frame, TW pads, +POS sunshade, Wilson harness, Mizuno composite throat protector.
  9. Weird Comparisons request: Plate Shoes

    I've got both, but use the Zigs sparingly. I don't care for the soles, as they clog with dirt and mud. Both are fairly comfortable, and protect as well as any plastic toes shoes can. I don't think latest NB are that good looking. Neither are as classy as a well polished +POS low top. But one +POS weighs as much as a pair of either, so.........
  10. Nutty Buddy v Shock Doctor

    My choice is the Nutty Buddy, ONLY if you find the perfect fit solution for your body. I like the jock strap, as it provides a perfect, comfortable fit for ME. That may not be the case for everyone, though.
  11. https://www.target.com/p/jky-153-by-jockey-174-men-s-sport-boxer-briefs/-/A-14647082#lnk=sametab This is my first layer. Then the Nutty Buddy cup, then the jock, then Champion leggings. Oh, and you're welcome in advance.
  12. $10 per. Well worth it, IMO, as they're so easy to iron now.
  13. Now, the base pants are a bit too wide for my liking, and I might have them tailored at some point. But I did forget my plate pants one night, and did slip my Wilson platinums under the base pants.They looked like 10 pounds of potatoes in an 8 pound bag. (not good). Most of us who have been doing this a while when through the combo pants phase. Then graduated to plate/base.
  14. Nike steel value?

    Like most anything that's not available, they're worth whatever two guys on eBay say it's worth. (i.e. search the Sold listing on eBay).
  15. Odd colored shirts

    Well, we now (finally) have golf pants, so why not golf shirts? I have some odd ball colors, but I always buy two, in case my partner is not as odd as I am. Color of the day, like Corvair states, factors in team colors. I don't typically have any overlords to bow down to, so it's usually my choice of colors. Observation: I'm not sure why this is, but most amateur umpires need a shirt that's "slimming". Garish colors and patterns aren't doing you fellas any favors, sorry to say. Oh, and that repellant (IMO) camo shirt isn't hiding you on the field. Quite the opposite, I'm afraid. I'm hoping for two things in the coming years. Under Armour provides new MLB shirts, with a classic look and advanced technology. And, Gerry Davis creates a new, unique uniform for Little League umpires. And this, guys, bowlers wouldn't wear this one...