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  1. Umpire bag recommendations?

    Been usin this bag for over a year now, and absolutely love it. I use the 125L bag. They are a Canadian company so I am not sure about US availability, but for the Canadian guys lurking it is a great find. https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5030-441/Convoy-Split-Roller
  2. Hockey style explosion

    It is an older model Easton Stealth they are made of ABS plastic, not the strongest of pastics used in the equipment industry. I highly doubt that it has been altered in any way. The equipment managers at the major colleges are all certified through AEMA, and would risk an athlete's safety like that.
  3. Why, oh why oh...

    Try traffic in Toronto. The 401 is 8 lanes of parking lot. Other freeways in the area aren't much better.
  4. World Baseball Classic Qualifier

    Serafin played for Les Ailes du Quebec an elite youth program in Quebec while attending CEGEP (kinda like a advanced HS). Leveret is a permanent resident of Canada living in Quebec, and holds French/Dutch citizenship. Duforest is from Quebec, played for Weatherford CC in Texas and is now at Concordia University in Montreal. Gregory Cros is from British Columbia and played HS and college summer baseball with the Okotoks Dawgs program in Alberta.
  5. World Baseball Classic Qualifier

    Team France consisted of mostly North American college players who have dual citizenship. Many were from Quebec, Canada.
  6. pitcher wearing batters glove

    2015 Rule 6.02(c)(7) Comment (2014 Rule 8.02(b) Comment ): The pitcher may not attach anything to either hand, any finger or either wrist (e.g., Band-Aid, tape, Super Glue, bracelet, etc.). The umpire shall determine if such attachment is indeed a foreign substance for the purpose of Rule 6.02(c)(7) (Rule 8.02(b)), but in no case may the pitcher be allowed to pitch with such attachment to his hand, finger or wrist.
  7. Obstruction in Rays-Dbacks game

    ​http://www.dryshine.ca/se_en.html works for hats as well.
  8. The Player was protecting against a WP/PB. They were going to IBB the batter. Winning run was on 3B.
  9. Can't Believe this Call!

    Two words that every coach needs to learn when Dumb and Dumber are working... "I protest".
  10. Ebay finds

    You should be able to buy extra clips at any sports store that sells football equipment. You can probably pick them up for less than $5.
  11. Reebok no longer going to offer umpire shoes

    Adidas is getting Reebok out of team sports footware and clothing. They are going to have Reebok focus on the lifestyle and fitness markets. I wouldn't be surprised to see Adidas replace the Reeboks with an Adidas version. Adidas currently makes a pretty good trainer that can be used as a base shoe.
  12. KC vs LAA R3 only where does U2 go

    That's where he was. Why would U3 go out in six man? F9 coming in hard and towards line, as well as F5 towards stands.
  13. KC vs LAA R3 only where does U2 go

    U2 should be on the 3rd base side about 6ft behind SS. He has R3 back into 3rd if U3 goes out.
  14. Out of Order Compromise

    Anybody thinking of dumping or at very minimum talking to the Scorekeeper about keeping their mouth shut?
  15. Pause the game for "the runs"?

    When the coach gets paid by a school or professional team and the wins and losses count towards a real championship (Varsity and above). How would you get an out? When the coach gets paid by a school or professional team and the wins and losses count towards a real championship (Varsity and above). How would you get an out? 6.02 c) X3.... But that would be grabbing the "Hershey Highway" end of the stick.