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  1. jwclubbie

    Nike Ti or Adidas

    I am seeking a brand new, unused mask. Please contact me ASAP if you have one to sell!
  2. jwclubbie

    Marucci Catchers Mask

    Can anyone help me with a lead to purchase, or have one to sell?
  3. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Anyone that is looking to get into Independent Baseball, Summer Collegiate Baseball, or Minor League Baseball should consider the Umpire Placement Course. We are seeking graduates of umpire school, collegiate umpires, and umpires with the necessary experience who want to further their careers. With our inaugural course running February 5-12, 2019, it will be a do not miss opportunity. We have over 30+ positions available for placement for 2019! The staff we have put together includes active umpires from MLB, MiLB, and Independent Baseball League Supervisors, as well as active instructors at both umpire schools. We will also have special guests! You will not want to miss this opportunity for advancement in your umpiring career. With increased pay in the Northwoods League, and a $1,000 bonus towards umpire school tuition for 2020, you do not want to miss this! We want to help you further your career! You do not have to attend professional umpire school to be placed into a league! Our course is only 7 days long, and registration is now open.Tuition is very affordable, and discounted tuition is available for students attending one of the two professional umpire schools in 2019. Our Staff: Marvin Hudson 51 Jansen Visconti 52 Toby Basner 99 Erich Bacchus Chase Eade Mark Stewart Jr. Sam Burch Bryan VanVranken Andy Glenn Head to https://www.umpcourse.com/whatweoffer for more information and to REGISTER TODAY to secure your spot. Registrations are coming in, so do not miss out on this opportunity. Stay tuned for an announcement when our staff will be named! #MakeTheRightCall Website: https://www.umpcourse.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UMPCourse/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/UMPCourse/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/UMPCourse
  4. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Have a few updates for those interested: #93 Will Little has been added to instruct the 3-Umpire System for Days 1 and 2 of the course. The Supervisor for the Alaska Baseball League will be on site with jobs to fill as well. We have over 30 positions available for next season in the Northwoods League, West Coast League, Pecos League and others, so the opportunity is there for the taking. If you are an umpire school student, we offer discounted tuition to attend the Umpire Placement Course. Please feel free to reach out here or via private message with any questions!
  5. Time to find new homes for my wayward gear I cannot get into my bag. Great stuff, I just have too much! PayPal only, no trades, ships USPS Priority w/tracking. Need this stuff gone today! Motivated to sell! 1- Douglas West Vest "Patent Pending" 15" Chest Protector. Pictures show it all. Plates are in great condition. SOLD 2- Nike Teardrop. Excellent condition as the pictures show. SOLD 3- Wilson "Ridell". Just got this back from Mask It. Just cannot part with my Mizuno setup. This is minty new as the pictures show. Best offer takes it! Was going for the Riddell/Larry Vanover look with this. $50 Plus Shipping. 4- Wilson Doeskin Wraparound pads. Pictures show it all. 5- Brand New Black TW Pads. SOLD 6- MLB Fathers Day/Cancer Wristband Set. Brand New. SOLD 7. Wilson West Vest Gold Shin Guards. 16/17". BRAND NEW NEVER USED. Cut off the flaps on each shin guard. $89.99 Plus Shipping. BRAND NEW!!!!!
  6. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Wanted to drop a note here. We’ve had a few staff additions and changes! MLB Umpire 53 Greg Gibson will be attending UPC. A 1991 graduate of the Wendelstedt Umpire School, his 19 years of MLB experience will be a great asset for our students Matt Brown, MiLB Umpire Training Academy Instructor and AA MiLB Umpire, will be replacing Mark Stewart Jr., who will now be teaching at the Advanced Course.
  7. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Their final class was in 2017, so for all intensive purposes no, as that was defunct/out of business when I formulated plans for UPC. However, the only similarity we have is the Northwoods League has an exclusive contract for procurement with us, as our course is the only place for umpires to get into the league. Our core instructors and staff are different, as we have staff who are active instructors at both umpire schools. Our training methods are improved, and what we offer for a total student experience is also different and improved. We offer exceptional value for the umpires attending. With all due respect to the staff and anyone associated with the camp you mention, I felt when the Umpire Placement Course was founded, a fresh start would be needed. The Northwoods League, and the steps the league and I have taken, are committed to having the best umpires work, as well as improving certain areas of concern for the umpires. We aren’t just another option. We’re committed to your goals, reasonably and competitively priced, and seeking umpires that desire advanced training methods and options for placement into leagues. We are here to help graduates of the Wendelstedt Umpire School, MiLB Umpire Training Academy, Collegiate Umpires, and others who want to further there careers.
  8. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Our staff has been released, and is above in the first post!
  9. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Thank you for the feedback @BT_Blue.
  10. jwclubbie

    30 in 30

    Excellent choice to attend. I am a graduate myself, and can say without a doubt it laid the foundation for where I am today and hope to continue to go.
  11. jwclubbie

    2019 Umpire Placement Course

    Can't wait to have you! And congrats on your advancement into college baseball. 2019 is going to be a huge year for you. Enjoy every step.
  12. Carlucci CP and Shinguards. CP is about 13”-13.5”. Shins measure 21.5” total length. Pix upon request. PM Offers. Best offer takes the set.
  13. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

    Nike gone to @wolfe_man. Let's get these shin guards and WIlson custom frame gone!
  14. jwclubbie

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    I’ve personally used the Schutt AiR-U5 for the last 3 years. They are excellent shin guards. I’ve taken numerous shots in college and summer collegiate baseball, and they have done the job quite well. I’m still keeping a pair- but am recently attempting to switch to the Force3, as I feel the outer shin/calf area has better protection with the Force3. You cannot go wrong with both of these options.
  15. jwclubbie

    Flat Black Allstar FM4000MAG

    Any idea how to get the same pricing?
  16. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

  17. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

    Bump. Prices dropped. Let's get these frames and pads gone!
  18. jwclubbie

    Where's UIC been???

    Great to hear from you! Sent you a PM fyi.
  19. jwclubbie

    Cost of Umpire Camps

    If you were looking at a week long camp with live game action, pro instructors, breakfast, lunch, hotel, and possible job/games after the camp, what is a price that is fair in today's economic climate? Looking at a few camps, and curious what pricing is too high or just right.
  20. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

    Bump. Willing to negotiate prices.
  21. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

    Need these frames gone. Make me an offer!
  22. jwclubbie

    Final clearout for a while!

    The Douglas and wristbands are sold! Thanks @Stk004.
  23. jwclubbie

    Lock it up!

    All gone!
  24. jwclubbie

    Lock it up!

    Lock it up @Thunderheads!