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  1. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    If I buy the Nike Ti or Wilson Doeskin pads w/frame, will they arrive?
  2. ISO Wilson Memory Foam Pads

    Pm sent
  3. ISO Force3 CP shoulder caps

    So you’re saying having full rib coverage is not necessarily needed?
  4. Mask for season. Need a vote!

    If you’d like, we can arrange a selfie session or FaceTime with you and the Shovel.
  5. They’re back!

    Must. Resist.
  6. Need to decide which mask to bring for the season. 1- Wilson Aluminum w/Black TW Pads and 4’ Wilson TG. Umplife Harness. 2. Mizuno w/Tan TW Pads, Mizuno Shovel &/or ZETT. Mizuno Harness. Only bringing one due to having to travel every few days and no room in bag.
  7. Sitting in the parking lot outside with my son waiting on my wife at Target. My awesome son just told me “you’re a weird daddy because you have a suitcase and you go out and in and go Umpire. You’re not weird, just when you go Umpire”. Ouch. Mind you my son and I love each other dearly. And he’s 3 and a half. Getting ready to leave for a 2 1/2 month season next week. I’m blessed they will be able to visit a few times.
  8. What CP is this?

    Would anyone know what CP Tim McClelland is wearing in this photo?
  9. Nike Steel "Teardrop"

    Payment sent.
  10. Nike Steel "Teardrop"

    PM sent.
  11. West Vest length

    Was a longer length than 13” available at one time? I’m going to purchase an older WV Gold from someone and it’s coming in at 14”. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, but it’s pads and harness only as it states. @BT_Blue is the man and he knows I’ll hook him up if I have a full rig.
  13. Bump. Need this stuff gone asap!
  14. Nike Frame, Mizuno pads & more

    Lock it up @Thunderheads. Thanks.