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  1. Douglas Custom Gear

    Wonder what the price point on this is. And if they are doing SG. Wouldn’t this hurt Douglas custom and regular orders if cheaper? ......
  2. Nike Titanium Mask Pads

    I’ve got a brand new set of Black with a black harness. PM me with an offer.
  3. NCAA/NAIA tests

    Are the rules tests mandatory pass to work NCAA baseball? Or only utilized for post season eligibility?
  4. Wilson Shin Guard Comparison

    Jim thanks a lot for the input. I will take your recommendation and give it a shot. I appreciate the detailed information!
  5. Wilson Shin Guard Comparison

    I am looking at purchasing a pair of Wilson Shin Guards. Can anyone tell me if the Gold vs Platinum Measurements are the same, or does one run "longer" than the other. My measurement is 17-17.5, so I am trying to buy the appropriate size.
  6. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Scrub n bubbles and a hot rag. Apply bubbles, use a nail soft bristle cleaning brush to get dirt out from sides- hot rag. Good as new.
  7. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    On All-American, can anyone verify if they made shin guards? If so- PIX!!!! Would love a pair.
  8. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    The fabric on the CP is not loose. It is stretched, and stitched very tight. It is almost how the spandex cover was originally. The should cap is impossible (at least on thsi run) to be completely tight. Getting the should padding out was not an option, as I was unsure if it would be damaged by attempting. She did a phenomenal job securing material to it. It rests normal when put on the shoulders.
  9. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    If I could only find a pair of all American 17” or 18” shin guards.
  10. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    It will be getting a lot of work this summer and many years to come.
  11. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Finally received my All-American 15" CP that @catsbackr graciously gifted to me. Attached are the pictures of the results from a local upholstery shop that agreed to repair the foam cover. I am beyond floored. The only thing changed was she added new Velcro, and used 3/4" wide instead of the original "1 wide Velcro strips. I will be taking @catsbackr AA CP to them next to redo his padding cover.
  12. If anyone has one available that they are willing to sell LMK!
  13. What is this mask?

    Nike Steel
  14. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Jim thank you for your input. Sorry for the dumb question, but what is a "sizing plate". Enjoy being down at the UTA- it was great meeting you and hearing you speak last year at school- and the equipment presentations you did were helpful. Especially checking everyone's CP during our time in the cages.