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  1. 1st time going to CDP, need some info

    I suppose you could leave them in the car, but you will do a heck of a lot of walking to get a uniform for each game. When I was there last year I was getting wifi coverage in the bunkhouse 33B. That had not been the case the year prior though. You can normally work as many games as you want. I averaged 3 a day for the first 4 days last year. The fields will schedule a 2 man crew but you can go 3 and 4 man to work on new skills. It gets cold. Granted I have always been up there in week 1, but my first time it was 93 when I left Georgia and 53 when I got there. Add some rain to that and you will want a jacket. Black jackets seem to be in short supply up there. I've been there three times and I have seen 18 year olds and a 93 year old. There is a wide assortment so I have no clue what to tell you about the average.
  2. Asking ump if a pitch would have been a strike

    I'm glad I haven't had the displeasure of working with jackasses such as yourself. You seem to be creating more problems than you solve.
  3. gear needed at park

    It's colder than #%^* right now
  4. Who's where?

    At CDP, @Umpirechick1 and I are on field 1
  5. Who's where?

    Where is everyone this week?
  6. Courtesy Runners

    Yes. In Fed and many like it, this courtesy runner can ONLY be used for the pitcher. A different courtesy runner will have to be used for the catcher.
  7. What happened to the strike zone?

    Getting further "IN" in reference to the slot is a tactic to see the outer corner better.
  8. Big sale at Honigs

    Consider yourself lucky. The last order I made with them, they lost.
  9. Force 3 Defender Mask V1

    Acpar, I will have a proposition for you via pm at asking price.
  10. Force 3 Defender Mask V1

    I'm seriously considering it. I just got a new mask, but a Force 3 is what I am wanting in the end.
  11. Force 3 Defender Mask V1

    is there a second version?
  12. Base Running

    Sounds like someone went to the Pink Floyd umpire clinic "We don't need no education!"
  13. pitched ball

    Dead ball ball or dead ball strike depending on where it was in relation to the strike zone.
  14. This is why this forum is needed!

    I've heard that Tennessee is hurting for umpires from a Tennessee umpire. It would also explain why I was imported to call a state championship game before up there.
  15. The lengths parents go to

    Acknowledge, warn and eject is for the head coach. All others don't get that much rope.