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  1. Iowa Ump

    wishing for summer

    its currently 20 degrees in Iowa craving a baseball game
  2. Iowa Ump

    umping practices

    so i woke up in the middle night thinking about this. we have a local JUCO college 10 miles from my house. i was thinking about charging them $20 bucks an hour for my services. Benefits for me: get to see live pitching until HS season starts. live game action (although practice) would allow me to work on mechanics timing etc. very laid back enviroment having some extra spending cash. benfits for them: having an umpire calling there game scenarios at a discounted rate. pitcher and hitters would have a better feel for the strike zone going into there regular season. what do you guys think? does this sound to game whoreish or is it a decent idea? i was thinking about emailing the coach. let me know.
  3. Iowa Ump

    Getting Dressed at the field

    my solution to getting dressed at the field is to wear a pair of really light and really short running shorts, over my compresions and under my slacks. plus having another waistband (running short) keeps my shirt tucked in. it works great. when i show up to the field i have my undershirt on compression's, and running shorts on. seamless
  4. Iowa Ump

    question about west vest platinum.

    no doubt. im dedicating my basketball games this weekend towards my gear. cant wait for it to get here.
  5. Iowa Ump

    question about west vest platinum.

    I went with the wilson platinum got a little carried away today also base & pant poly wools Wilson platinum 6 new shirts (two are for my partner) Majestic convertible jacket expensive day...
  6. Iowa Ump

    question about west vest platinum.

    the thing i like about the WV Is that it does not cover the belly area. i have no idea what i am going to do.
  7. Iowa Ump

    question about west vest platinum.

    I agree with Dave and will add that I'm concerned the Platinum also will not be long enough based on your height and weight. I'd give the Champion hard shell a try just based on price compared to the others he suggested and go for the 15" to err on safe side. That Champion is the lowest profile, lowest priced hard shell that I'm aware of. If that isn't comfortable, send or take it back then spend extra money on something else such as one of the ones Dave suggested. Champro has a new hard shell on market I like as well. thanks jim, very helpful.
  8. so i am looking to buy a new CP for the upcoming season. i am about 6 feet tall 220lbs. i am in good shape, im just thick, not saying that i dont have a little bit of a belly. i currently have a soft shell champion CP it does the job, but i am looking to upgrade. i want to upgrade because i feel the Champion soft shell has a lot more protection than i need, the extra thick padding makes me look a lot wider than i really am. so here is my question will the WV look better? are there any other CP that have a lower profile to help making me look less wide? other than the WV?
  9. Iowa Ump

    Finally signed up!

    are you from the area?
  10. Iowa Ump

    Finally signed up!

    Hey guys finally signed up next year i am hoping to attend TUPS and start working small d3 and JUCO baseball. ive really enjoyed reading the site especially the equipment forums! you guys are crazy! thanks for having me!