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  1. @Grayhawk GoFundMe

    The link is buried in this thread (http://umpire-empire.com/topic/70989-horrible-news-grayhawk/?page=2), but I thought I start a different thread for more visability. Any help would be appreciated. https://www.gofundme.com/stephen-wanamaker?member=452774
  2. Balk-batter hits ball everyone freezes

    You are correct...NEVER an option on a balk. Since the B/R and R1 advanced a base, the balk is ignored.
  3. Attempt to go to 2nd

  4. 2018 LLWS

    Congratulations. Look forward to reading about your experiences. Be careful with your blog! 2015 LLWS
  5. Infield Fly with Tagup

    Your job to see tag ups of R1 and R2. Quick glance over your shoulder on the catch. Sounds like you, as well as the defense, encountered the umpire's worst enemy... surprise. Don't allow yourself to be surprised.
  6. Base award clarification

    My mnomic: TAR...what constitutes a play for TOP/TOT rulings. T - throw to another defensive player in an attempt to retire a runner, A - attempt to tag the runner, R - run towards a bag with the ball to force or tag a runner
  7. Baserunner passes another

    This would not be passing the runner. The runner would be subject to be called out on appeal. He could not fix his mistake after the following runner touches the plate.
  8. Protest

    I was asked a question that I didn't know the answer. 4-man crew. U1 made a call that the manager disagreed with. He asked if U1 could get the umpires together and discus it. He agreed and the other three umpires tried to convince him that he was mis-interpreting the rule, but he was sure of his call and refused to change it. The manager told the PU that he'd like to protest. The umpires got together again and the umpire still refused to budge. The protest was elevated and ultimately correctly ruled upon. The three other umpires were correct on the rule interpretation. The question is how does a protest among multiple umpires work. Is it up to the UIC? Is it majority rules? Does it have to be unanimous? Is it still up to the umpire who made the call to change it?
  9. frank novara

    OBR... Runner is out, batter runner to 1B, other runners return.
  10. Diagram Program

    Does anyone know of a program that will draw diagrams similar to those found in the Manual for the Two Umpire System or MLBUM?
  11. Missed call?

    First play by an infielder is a time of pitch (TOP) award.
  12. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    I think the umpire was looking for a unicorn and found a way to find one!
  13. Dead ball

    Correct if it was strike three. I'm guessing it was.
  14. I'm guessing other umpires will disagree, but I agree with what you did. I wouldn't question a balk call, but once your heard the explanation I think it's appropriate to meet and give him your knowledge. Sticking with or changing the call is up to him. MLB umpire Dan Bellino told our class at TUS to NEVER let a rules misinterpretation stand...whether the manager knew he was getting screwed or not. It makes the whole crew look bad when you screw up a rules interpretation.
  15. Coach asked to be ejected

    "If I have to stick around and watch your team play like crap... So do you". :>)