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  1. johnpatrick

    LL Umpire calls B&S from behind Pitcher?

    No big deal. Pretty good view of the zone. You only lose fair/foul down the lines. Just go with it.
  2. johnpatrick

    1st and 3rd

    Initial rundown responsibility belongs to the BU. You have to move towards the rundown, but can't over commit. The PU should move up the line, and when in position should say "I'VE GOT IT ALL", at which time you should release towards your R1 responsibility. As with all situations where you have multiple responsibilities on the bases, the BU must not over commit towards one leaving him vulnerable to be grossly out of position for the other. Limitation of a two man system.
  3. johnpatrick

    What's The Call?

    Official Baseball Rules = Major League Baseball
  4. johnpatrick

    What's The Call?

    @SavoyBG, how would you rule in this OBR play: " Play 5: Runners on first and second, both runners stealing. Batter shows bunt, the first and third basemen move in, and the shortstop moves to cover third. The batter swings at the last minute and hits a ground ball in the direction of the shortstop position. However, the shortstop has moved to cover third base, and no one is in position to field the ball. The ground ball strikes the runner advancing from second base. Ruling 5: Runner from second is declared out for being struck by a batted ball. The batter-runner is placed at first base. The ball is not considered to have gone through or by an infielder in this play."
  5. johnpatrick

    What's The Call?

    @Jimurray Can you tell me what that change was? Thanks.
  6. The umpire should not "ask" if the defense wants to appeal.
  7. johnpatrick

    LL Pitcher become fielder

    A runner is almost ALWAYS out when hit by a fair non-deflected batted ball in OBR/LL rule sets. The exception is if the ball went through the fielders legs or within a reasonable dive (in other words, the runner might reasonably have expected the fielder to field the ball) and hits the runner it would be a live ball. There is an exception to this exception, if another fielder has a play on the ball, the runner would still be out for interference. When in doubt, refer to the first sentence. A runner is protected from being hit with a deflected batted ball, but even then must give the fielder the opportunity to field it if he can.
  8. johnpatrick

    Interference Padres-Diamondbacks

    I think Welke had a problem with MM standing in the box watching his beautiful popup as opposed to running too first as a BR should.
  9. johnpatrick

    Dead Ball Strike

  10. johnpatrick

    runner missed bag, appeal, scoring

    Now if R1 was the one that missed the bag, the coach would be right. Are you sure it was the BR that was being appealed?
  11. johnpatrick

    Umpire back to field

    "Congratulations on stealing home...now go back and steal third!" PU should have called time.
  12. johnpatrick


    The first principle you have to understand is that it is the pitcher's JOB to deceive the runner. However, he must do it legally. He can change his wind-up style with every pitch, as long as it's legal. You're situation is a HTBT play. If the pitcher gained any distance, which is sounds as if he did, towards 2B I'd have nothing.
  13. johnpatrick

    Bush League Play

    This should be called a very aggressive lead-off by R2.
  14. johnpatrick

    Pitcher goes to his mouth and into the glove

    OBR. First offense, remove the ball and issue a warning. Subsequent violations, remove the ball, add a ball to the count...never a balk.
  15. Well, I asked that question to the head rules instructor Jorge Bauza point blank at umpire school. I was taught on Evans mechanics so the Evans Annotated was my bible. I asked him if the Evans Annotated and or J/R were considered official interpretations of Professional Baseball. I was told, rather rudely, that they were not. I did not ask about Wendelstedt. This is a quote from a AAA umpire who was my instructor who worked relief in MLB on another board concerning this exact issue with Wendelstedt. "...I wouldn't back any rule or decision from a third party manual. They may be good reference points, but in the end, when it comes down to it, a league or conference will only back you by a rule book or official manual. That is why u steer clear of those third party manuals."