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  1. Tony_scibs

    How to hold the announcers accountable

    "That's not fair, he just caught it with his neck"
  2. Tony_scibs

    Umpire-Empire 10th anniversary!

    I'm all for a commemorative hat.
  3. Tony_scibs


    I couldn't agree more. I have done football, basketball, and volleyball, and I feel that all three have made me a better softball umpire.
  4. Tony_scibs

    Volleyball TOC

    Congrats, Kevin K. We have paid line judges in high school volleyball here in Northeast Ohio. Line judged for the first time this fall (about 25 JV/varsity games). I absolutely love it. Great sport to officiate. Looking to get my PAVO certification and hope to get into NCAA line judging in the future. Also getting my OHSAA R1 and R2 certifications next summer. How did it go at the tournament?
  5. Tony_scibs

    What do you do for a living?

    Freelance web developer and real estate agent. Very flexible hours.
  6. Tony_scibs

    Well this sucks!

    Sorry to hear, BT. Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck to you
  7. Tony_scibs

    Why I Love Time Limits

    @Kevin_K Exactly! Volleyball is a great break after a long summer of softball. I get back into umpiring fastpitch softball indoors starting in December. Strict hour and 15 minute drop dead time limits. Love it.
  8. Tony_scibs

    Aloha from Kona!

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Tony_scibs

    Making the jump

    Made the jump myself this year. Still finishing out my high school coaching responsibilities for this season, but am starting my travel softball umpiring adventure tomorrow. Six games tomorrow. Twelve next weekend. By the way, I am in the Cleveland area (Lake County). There is plenty of work available around here between high school, travel tournaments and rec leagues. Good luck to you if you do make the choice!
  10. Mother Nature 3 My High School Assignments 0

  11. Tony_scibs

    How many organizations to you pay membership to?

    So far, I have paid three dues for the year: OHSAA (state high school association) NEUA (local high school association) ASA (travel softball) Going to join the Ohio USSSA later in the year so I can do some fall league games in my area.
  12. Tony_scibs

    First Official college games

    Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome experience.
  13. Tony_scibs

    Passed my FED exam.

    Both the softball and baseball FED tests here in Ohio are open book and online. You must get an 80% or higher on two parts: Mechanics (50 questions) and rules (50 questions). There is an additional 30 question general OHSAA rules test as well. I just passed my FED this past weekend! First assignment coming up this Saturday. I am pumped!
  14. Read the book about a week ago. Thought it was an interesting read. Agree that it wasn't GREAT, but definitely worth the read. I put Harvey's book in the same class as "Planet of the Umps (Ken Kaiser), "Working the Plate" (Eric Gregg), and "Three and Out" (Tom Gorman). For my money the best all around book on umpiring is "As They See It". NOTE: I am a major book nerd.
  15. Tony_scibs

    Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome. I am in Willoughby, Ohio. Not too far from you. Hope downtown Garretsville is getting back on track after the fire last year. Ever do ump work at the G-Plex there in town? I know they do a lot of indoor softball there. Not sure if they do any baseball.