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  1. Squeeze play

    Squeeze play, R3 is coming hard, batter misses bunt. Catcher decides to go around batter and misses tag. Safe. DHC is mad wants obstruction (wrong, coach). The batter did not move after missing the bunt. He squared to bunt and missed it then pulled the bat back and got small. I don't think the batter did anything wrong. I told the coach that if the batter moved then he might have ran into the catcher. The coach said that then you have obstruction too (yeah, yeah - I'm not going to correct his verbiage, there is a bigger issue here). The way I see it was if the catcher would have dove out at the front corner of the plate then He's probably got an out but by going around......that was his choice and it didn't work out for him. Thoughts? I'll be over there in the rule book so I can site on my game report because I'm going to need one after that game.
  2. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    btw - Fed took calling "time" first out of their mechanics two years ago, so just call "balk" then you can say "time" if you need to. (Added benefit - This may save you from killing a play when you are working OBR)
  3. Also If he beat the ball and missed the bag he's safe until they appeal the missed based which wasn't done. But again, that dude is working 8 yo ball and is prolly in his first year and it's early in the season. You'll get the safe call eventually as the umps (and players) get more experienced
  4. Foul Tip

    What's the point of the foul tip signal?
  5. Pre-game Rituals

    Cause your looking in a mirror
  6. Pitcher hands

    I don't see the problem with starting in the set in OBR - the rule reads that he "may elect" to use "the stretch" - the pitcher in the OP simply did not elect to do so - he is set immediately- if he is at a couple stop and doesn't do anything illegal then I have no problem.
  7. Balk before set

    Thanks, I called the balk to send in the winning run in a 0-0 game and I was kinda second guessing myself the next day - thanks for the help
  8. Balk before set

    is it a balk when the pitcher hesitates before coming set? Hands at side, pitcher starts to come set, hands almost touch then resets to start again. Looks very weird, a hesitation always looks odd but is that a balk? He never came set, he discontinued the movement before
  9. Going to Mouth

    OBR 6.02c - within the 18 ft circle if pitcher goes to mouth without wiping It off it is a warning first then a ball. Not a balk, just add a ball if it happens again after the warning
  10. Balk or walk?

    No because the way it reads is that all other runner advance because of the walk - so you would have to note at the time of the balk that the situation was ball 3 and the runners are are in forcible position. So if it wa just R3, he would get home and the pitch wouldn't count (unless the pitch was a ball and got past the catcher and R3 advanced home, then the batter would be awarded the base on balls) But again - never considered this until lat night.
  11. Balk or walk?

    Doing some reading tonight and I came across something I've never considered, awarding a base on balls instead of enforcing a balk. OBR 6.02a (copied directly) PENALTY: The ball is dead, and each runner shall advance one base without liability to be put out, unless the batter reaches first on a hit, an error, a base on balls, a hit batter, or otherwise, and all other runners advance at least one base, in which case the play proceeds without reference to the balk. I'm usually not concerned with the location of the pitch after a balk is called but I guess I should be if there are 3 balls on the batter. Have you you ever done that?, seen that?
  12. 2nd visit bnb

    So I was flipping through the channels on a rainy night and there was the original Bad News Bears. So when the coach came out and slapped his kid, that was his second visit so shouldn't he have had to remove the pitcher?
  13. Unintentional Interference by Batter

    The pitch hit the batter - send the runner back to third unless he was forced home by the award of first for the batter.
  14. Balk/ illegal pitch?

    Even if he acknowledged the signs it's not a balk. Illegal, but not a balk.
  15. Gentlemen’s agreements

    When I'm doing a game with one warning before calling the balk I understand that it's about the pitcher learning but why penalize the offence? I let the hit stand or let the kid who stole a base stay there and then call time, go talk to the pitcher, tell him what he did wrong, signal to his coach what the infraction was and that he just used his warning. Then play on calling the balk the next time. You can usually find the warning even before a play if you look for it. I don't like to make a big deal about, I walk out, quietly discuss while going through the motions (no stop, shoulder turn, whatever) the coach gets that I'm explaining what was wrong and as I head back I make eye contact with the coach and signal one, that's the warning , play ball.