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  1. Courtesy Runner

    Also with the courtesy runner.....besides that it can be used anytime.......The courtesy runner must be someone that's not in the game at that time. I know in local rules, they can use the last batted out as their courtesy runner....In tournaments it's always someone that's not in the game.
  2. Fast pitch softball protector

    Gentlemen........I umpire all ages of FASTPITCH SOFTBALL.......been doing it for 18yrs.......been going to Nationals for the last 14yrs and you better believe that I wear the best equipment out there. I have a Platinum CP, Platinum Shin Guards, All-Star System 7 CP and Shin Guards, Unequal CP and Shin Guards and my masks that I use are the Diamond MLB mask, All-Star System 7 plus the Defender Mask. I really protect myself.
  3. Silver Mask Purchase

    I have a FM4000 mask and I love it........I've taken many shots off my mask and had no problems at all.........Maybe they should make a Matte finish for this mask or just do it in all Black.
  4. Wearing glasses

    I wear presciption sunglasses all the time during the season, even games at nite, when you get the glare from the lights at nite when they turn them on to do a 8pm game here in PA.
  5. Strike or Not

    hello everyone....just wanted to chime in on this thread about the strike call.............it now is considered a strike if the batter holds the bat out and keeps it out there in softball..........she has to make an attempt at bringing the bat back for it not to be a strike.
  6. safety (double) base

    Most runners on a base on balls will touch the outside portion of the double 1st base. As long as the runner doesn't hesitate she can go to 2nd base, but only normally that happens when there's a runner on 3rd base, will the runner go to 2nd base. Sometimes, I've seen the runner just go through 1st base on a base on balls without any runners on base and then come back and touch the base.
  7. All-Star Catalog

    cool.............thanks for the info
  8. All Star System 7 Helmets

    Thanks slo and NuBlue.........I'm trying to get my hands on 1 to use for this year's Fall Ball season. I have an MVP3000TI helmet, that I got a few years ago from All-Star. That mask is light as can be, but the straps can be a pain in the but, they come undone when I take my mask off and is time consuming to put them back on. Slo and NuBlue, what was the color of the SL bars on the cage of the MVP4000.
  9. All-Star Catalog

    Can anyone tell me........Does All-Star Sports send catalogs to individuals or is it just dealers that they send them too.
  10. Finally...fall ball started

    Thank God........Fall Ball is here............I have 3 doubleheaders this weekend (6 Games in all). All the money I'm making goes to new equipment for next year.
  11. All Star System 7 Helmets

    slo.....how did you like your helmet when it had the SL cage in it.
  12. Douglas CP

    I would like to know the web site to go to to see this Douglas Chest Protector. I'm interested in getting one.
  13. All Star System 7 Helmets

    Brad, I actually have 2 All-Star masks that I use: my MVP2200, I use for girls softball(10&U - 14&U) and 9-10yr baseball. My other All-Star mask is the MVP3000 TI, I use this mask for everything from High School Softball (Varsity) to Division 3 Level College Softball and also I do some Women's Recreational Softball Tournaments. I've also used the MVP3000 TI to do some 15-17yr old Baseball games. I was just curious about if the cages of both the 3000 TI and 4000 TI are the same thickness. I like the padding in my 3000 TI alot, I would also like to know if you guys are going to be making any chest protectors and leg guards for umpires in the system 7. I would be interested in testing them out here in PA and giving you my thoughts and opinions on your gear.
  14. R1 & R3 ....B or C?

    hello fellow umpires, i'm a softball umpire and have been for 14yrs and now i'm going to be doing a baseball tournament in August as my softball season has come to an end until fall ball begins again. I'm going to be working with a fellow softball umpire who is also a baseball umpire.I think i'm over my head here doing baseball, I need help, don't want to look like a fool, so I can use all the help I can get from you veteran baseball umpires. Can someone tell me where I can get Baseball Mechanics in a quik hurry. If possible, is there a site that I can just print out the basic mechanics systems that baseball umpires use. The tournament that i'm going to be doing, the ages are 17-19yr olds. I really appreciate all the help you guys can give me.
  15. Softball Colors

    hello fellow umpires........depending on the organization that you umpire softball in, there are so many different shirts......ASA is powder blue or navy........USSSA is red mostly on Saturday's and on Sunday's it cream(now at the World Series Nationals, there's 3 colors of shirts that are being used and each day it's a different color......In Florida and Maryland its Red, Cream and Black. NSA is White (which is good for very hot days), they used to wear Black(many years ago). PONY is light blue. FASST is Black and White. I belong to everyone of these Softball Organizations except for FASST, so my truck is filled with shirts galore.