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  2. Out, return runner or other

    I don't know about this. I can be pretty offensive all by myself.
  3. Out, return runner or other

    Words to live by. I take it as a personal failure if any game I'm in goes longer than an hour twenty-five. So far, I've failed twice. Three times. Maybe four.
  4. Out, return runner or other

    Well... whoever. I'm banging an out is all I know.
  5. NFHS Part 2 Exam

  6. Out, return runner or other

    True. But he still interfered.
  7. Out, return runner or other

    Wouldn't the logic apply to any other batter interference call, where intent doesn't matter but if the batter did something to interfere, you'd call it?
  8. NFHS Part 2 Exam

    The learning never ends, folks. grok ɡräk/ verb USinformal past tense: grokked; past participle: grokked understand (something) intuitively or by empathy. "because of all the commercials, children grok things immediately" empathize or communicate sympathetically; establish a rapport.
  9. Out, return runner or other

    This is a good one. I'll take a shot at it, then get Mavened. This may already be addressed as a case study for all I know. By rule, when interference occurs, the interferer is called out unless -- as would be the case in batter interference on strike 3 -- he can't both be out for the strikeout and the INT. However, in this case, I don't think you can get an out on someone who has yet to be at bat officially, so that means the on-deck batter must still come to bat. The B/R is awarded 1B on the walk, and anything he tries to get after that is at his own peril. I'd call the B/R out since you can't get the out on the on-deck hitter.
  10. Jon

    If the pitcher was in contact with the rubber, any runner would be awarded one base. If he was off the rubber, it's a two base award.
  11. How to keep the Nutty Buddy in place

    I also wear the Nutty Buddy and found that it, too, would ride up. Nothing worked. I tried others' suggestions of underpants/jock/compression pant combinations. I even tried losing and gaining weight. I talked to it, even plead with it... but nothing. Out of desperation, I liberally applied about a half a roll of duct tape, but found that the darn thing would somehow find a way to wriggle itself loose and slide either down into my taint or up onto my belly. This cursed thing. Contact cement? Nothing. Stitching it directly to my skin? Nope. Honey? It didn't do a thing for the cup, but it brought me back to my younger experimentation days. Ah, youth. Finally, a friend said to me, "Hey, Elk..." Yeah, that's what my friends call me... "Why don't you use some of these?" and he handed me a box of decking screws. The ones with the square drive. Three-and-a-half inchers. Course thread. Whoa. The thought seemed extreme... even absurd. But then I remembered reading an article years ago about Boileryard Clarke. You know, THE Boileryard Clarke -- National League umpire in 1893, 1894 and 1896. Yeah, THAT Boileryard Clarke. Well, as it turns out, he revolutionized the male genitalia protection industry by being the first umpire to ever drive screws through his lambskull cup, anchoring them directly to his pubis bones (They used lamb skulls back then. Google it.) Welp, if it was good enough for ol' Boileryard, it certainly would be good enough for me. So out to the garage I went with Nutty Buddy in hand and a 20 volt DeWalt hammer drill with a square drive bit. Impact grade. My wife asked if she could come and watch. Not only did I say yes, I told her to rustle up some of the neighborhood kids, too. Once a small but manageable crowd gathered, I went to work. Underpants first, then a jock, then compression pants. I donned my garb while in the privacy of my home, so don't get any ideas that I did anything untoward with the children present. I gently inserted the cup and picked up my drill. "Alright, kids," I addressed the crowd, "make sure you go back home and try this." Then I confidently and firmly drove in two screws. Yeah, I missed the bone the first time. And the second. I missed the third, fourth and fifth times, too. But on the sixth try, I sent that baby home and in a glorious exclamation of victory akin to Braveheart yelling "Freedom!" or at least Effie Trinket exclaiming, "That is mahogany!" I strutted up to my wife, dipped her in my arms and planted the most macho kiss on her tender rose pedal-like lips. Then I strode confidently past the wide-eyed children, jumped in my truck and drove to my games. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
  12. I dunno...

    If that's all it will take, this is as good as done. My mom and my wife are both Jersey girls and we've been living the good life here feeling relieved that we never have to deal with winter again. They'll invite your wife down for a cup of cawfee and that'll be that.
  13. I dunno...

    We need umpires here in Texas, Rich.
  14. The importance of mechanics

    I agree with you on all counts. What needs to be done is never a debate. But what hinders progress is time, money and resources and all our associations and ourselves included face a lot of competition for our time. My association tries every year to implement a mentor/evaluation program. So far, though, finding people to commit to it has proven too difficult to make it work. So what we're left with is -- to your point -- the culture within the organization and positive examples from our peers. And it leaves guys frustrated who lack perhaps the same drive to self-teach and learn from resources outside of the games they umpire. They're left wondering what they have to do to improve and move up.
  15. My Place To EJ?

    What? No. The point to the OP was that -- as hoped -- things would settle down once someone was bounced and our friend learned and shared a good lesson about game management. Ditto.