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  1. ChrisUrbz

    Out West Black Plate Coat 48 L Brand New

    SOLD @Thunderheads Please lock it up!
  2. Brand New Out West Black Plate Coat 48 L $225 Shipped
  3. No, I have a brand new Plate Coat from Out West posted on FB
  4. Brand new Wilson Titanium mask low profile $175 shipped
  5. Is this still available?
  6. ChrisUrbz

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

    Thanks brotha!
  7. ChrisUrbz

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

    SOLD Lock it up please @Thunderheads
  8. ChrisUrbz

    Majestic MLB Umpire Jacket Size M (New)

    SOLD Lock it up @Thunderheads
  9. ChrisUrbz

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Excellent transaction with BT_Blue pants are exactly as described!
  10. ChrisUrbz

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

  11. ChrisUrbz

    NEW Major L plate and base pants

    What brand are the Poly Wool?
  12. ChrisUrbz

    Adams Chest Protector

  13. ChrisUrbz

    Brand New XL Pro Black Majestic Shirt

    Still available?
  14. ChrisUrbz

    Honigs Polywool base pants Waist 40

    Still Available?