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  1. Cell Phones

    I am not sure if someone has commented on this yet or not but can someone tell me how a cell phone is going to protect you from someone with a gun, knife, or a draino bomb? In my state, police response is good but they have not made it to sub-second response time yet. I think all of you are looking for an excuse to carry a cell phone on the field - period. There is absolutely no reason to carry a phone on the field (if you have a sick mom or an expectant wife then don't do the game - you need to be with your family). And to that matter, you should not allow the coaches to have them on the field. Do your job on the field and let the level headed (yes there are a few of each at EVERY game) 'protect' you with their cell phones. That way, it is theirs that gets the bullet hole and not yours. Stop being stupid - they are not needed on the field (or on your way to and from the field from your car). And those of you using them as time pieces - that's just unprofessional. Spend 5 bucks and get a stop watch that when you pull it out of your pocket, no one will think you are checking your text messages.