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  1. Is this a visit? (by rule)

    Yeah, I'm probably charging a visit.
  2. Legal windup?

    I'm not sure he broke any windup rule, it may be one of those things that just because it's odd doesn't make it illegal. Both coaches asked about it, opposing coach wasn't asking for a balk but was curious and the other wanted to teach his pitcher correctly. I'll see both coaches on friday and wanted to give them a definitive answer. As I told them during the game, its a weird motion but hes delivering the pitch so i went with a no call during the game until I know for sure otherwise.
  3. Legal windup?

    Obr, had a kid who has never pitched before doing a windup I've never seen and I'm not sure if it's legal. My instinct is that it's not. On the rubber, moves his free foot first forward like he's in the stretch. The pivot foot plants along the rubber, then his pitching motion begins. It's like he's moving from the windup to the stretch. Is this legal?
  4. Coach asked to be ejected

    The scorekeeping parent sat on the coaches bucket but really, the kids coaches themselves.
  5. Slider

    While I was on my fourth game in 100+, pu, while sitting on bucket in the shade while a new pitcher warmed up, vthc asked me to watch a kid pitch, he threw two pitches, a fast ball and a slider. Vthc asked me who he can call to try to protect the pitcher from this, he wasn't concerned about it offensively (his kids smoked those sliders) but he was legitimately concerned about the players safety. The two teams gave played another many times and there wasn't any animosity. I don't get why this is a concern, but then again I didn't play baseball outside a very young youth rec league. Can someone explain? I don't believe this was a situation I should commented on and I didn't but was that correct?
  6. Passed ball caught by umpire

    Ok, now that's impressive.
  7. Coach asked to be ejected

    Yup, a few times. Usually in a similar situation, coaches looking to fire up a team or take a break before a championship game. I had a 13u elite coach who i knew pretty well on an elimination into the championship game start flashing me 3 fingers for two innings. One of his kids went down looking at a close third strike call in the third inning, coach comes out yelling nonsense at me. I toss him, he winked and said thanks blue. Watched him walk out to the end of the left field line were he had his umbrella chair and cooler all set up and waiting for him. Almost backfired on him, he should have actually talked to me, what he didn't know was I was moving over to the championship game. Had I stayed on the game, he, the team's only coach, would have had to sit it out. He's a good coach, teaches his player to respect the umpires and the game all while maintaining good sportsmanship. I went to the state td and volunteered to move to a different age bracket so he could stay with his team. In the parking lot after the championships, he came up to us very humbly and thanked us for changing fields.
  8. SWMBO

    I took a 90+ straight in, dont remember the rest of the game, and DH didn't blink an eye when I said I was buying an expensive helmet. When i said i wanted a 300 cp, his only question was "will you be safer?" Yeah, he's ok, I think I'll keep him around for a while.
  9. Rules differences from obr

    You guys are amazing! I really appreciate your help.
  10. Balls/Strikes: How much do you tolerate

    I was working with a second year a few weeks ago, the strike zone chirping from one side started in the first inning. I was U2 so I let it go to see if he would handle it. He didn't. Second inning, it started again. First whine out of the coaches mouth, in my firmest mom of 3 boys voice "Dan, that's enough! We're not discussing balls and strikes today. That's your warning." Coach apologized after the half inning. Several partners have been similar, they ignore too much, too long, so I've stepped in and shut it down hard and fast. That mom voice seems get their attention, they get the point that I'm serious and done with their crap.
  11. Rules differences from obr

    Oh, that makes a difference. Thank.
  12. Rules differences from obr

    Yeah, not willing to put out the cash for for the book for a few games this year. Maybe next year.
  13. Rules differences from obr

    I'll be working some collegiate summer training ball this year and I know there was a thread on here a long while ago about the ncaa rules differences vs. Obr, can someone help me find it or point me to a good reference site. I wont be doing any plates so I don't need all the substitution stuff and I'll have good partners for that. Also any three man mechanic references that you all may know about would be helpful, if like to start learning that as we have next to none here but it's more prevalent back home.
  14. Corrected mound

    Leave it until the inning is over. If you allow one team to pitch closer to the plate, you are giving that team an advantage. Our job is to enforce the rules and conditions of the game fairly.
  15. Ump-Cast Podcast

    I've listened to a few of these now in between games, very good. I've also suggested them to our rookies.