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    Plastic dip removal

    After it’s burned clean and steel wool down to bare metal send it to Tony at Mask-It Sports to have it powder coated. You won’t regret it. I did the plastic torch off around three years ago and painted, repainted, touched up then finally sent it to Tony last year. He put a gunmetal gray finish on it and it looks Fantastic! I had him do a titanium one in flat black too. Both are remarkably professional looking.
  2. Is anyone else having problems with Plus POS orders. I recommended the Zero G mask to a friend of mine and he ordered three weeks or so ago. His card was charged but no order ship yet and whomever is in charge there won't respond to his emails and the telephone is busy constantly. He doesn't know what to do and asked me. I distinctly remember many, many members here having trouble with Plus POS over the years and Dan Dada (sp?) responding to us about the quality of his products and his past troubles. Maybe this post will bring him out of hiding or someone who knows him can shed some light on the situation. Ridiculous that this company has such great products and such terrible ordering processes and shipping problems compounded with what appears to be terrible communication with their ordering and paying customers. It bothers me in that I recommended Plus POS and this trouble ensues. Business as usual Dan? WTF!
  3. So, I am definitely in a new umpire shoe buying mood lately. My buddy Mike told me about the new(ish) Samurai Gears website and I took a look. The site owner, So (that’s his first name) is very helpful, will answer any question and has very good English. (Way better than my Japanese). He worked extended spring training here in the US with a young local pro school graduate I work college games and high school games with here in KC area. Even sent me a photo of himself and Josh together I bought the Mizuno Pro plate shoes. I placed my order on 12/21/17. They were shipped on 12/26/17 and they arrived on 12/29/17. I think that was pretty quickly so the shipping charge ($54) was pricy but it was worth it in my opinion. The shoes are incredibly light. Synthetic leather with a shiny finish so I don’t think they will need any Leather Lustering in year one. Well padded inside. Large metatarsal plate. Grippy looking sole. AND.....the toe feels like it’s steel. I have the old NB 450’s made out of real leather with a steel toe so I know how steel toes are supposed to feel. I asked him by email and So confirmed that they are steel toes. The list price was $185 and So sent me a coupon code that saved me $27.75. Yep. $200+ for a pair of shoes. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never cheat my feet. The weight, comfort, and the steel toes make it worth the price as far as I’m concerned. So also sent me a pair of new SSK brand “toe socks” to try. They are comfortable but feel really weird on my feet. Will take some getting used to I think. So told me in an email that MLB umpire Dan Bellino loves them. Anyway, for me this site and its owner are a winner. I would love to try one of the Belgard and one of the Mizuno chest protectors one day. Maybe, if I win the lottery?
  4. As the topic states. I have one. Medium-Large size. Still in great shape. Pec pads removed but will sell them with the CP along with original Velcro WV padding. Also comes With a modified Razzer harness- made the connnection snap-click like on the Force 3 to replace the T-hooks. Will ship T-hooks with it if you’d like to convert back but I bet you won’t . Make me offers. Via PM please. Pics to follow. Also comes with original WV pillow padding.
  5. Majordave

    Team Wendy Retrofitted WV Gold M-L For Sale

    With some good old fashioned ingenuity, some web belting (2) with the male/female buckles attached, sharp knife/scissors to cut the web belts, a lighter to burn the end of the webbing I cut, an awl to poke holes in the web belts, four ¼” black Chicago screws to fasten the strap through the T-Hook connector holes already on the front of the protector. A friend to help adjust, some trial and error and about two hours total of fooling with it. I did two CP’s. This one and my Baby sized WV. Cost about $10-12 bucks total for four belts from amazon and a small bag of 24 or so Chicago screws.
  6. Majordave

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    So, I’ve worn the plate shoes three times so far. All on turf with high quality catchers and have avoided being stepped on and scuffs. They are great. Only complaint is that the skin along my left outer metatarsal bone gets a bit pinched after a few innings. I think it’s because my left foot is a small bit wider now due to the plate and screws and pins implanted in the ankle and fibula bone of my leg from my epic mountain biking fail in 2016. Other shoes fit a little tighter on my left foot too. They just don’t cause as much pinching. It’s okay. They are light, responsive, very sprIngy/padded in the sole and ankle and tongue and look fantastic while worn. Just the right amount of shine with zero effort. Well worth the extra bucks in my opinion. Hopefully, if I ever need anymore plate shoes in the future and nothing better comes along these style Mizuno shoes will still be available.
  7. Be careful what you wish for. I dumped a HS head coach last week at the end of Inning #2 for arguing balls and strikes from the dugout. His team was down 8-0. Unfortunately, I had no choice, when I warned him he told me I didn't have the balls to eject him. I did. His team and their fans awoke from the dead and my 1:30 sure thing run rule game turned into a 3.5 hour ordeal after losing team caught fire scored 4 in the third and several more in the 4th and 5th including a monster 400 foot plus bomb over left center fence to almost tie the game at 10-9. Then home team lit it up (or losing team lost it's mojo-either way) and home team scores 9 in bottom sixth to win 19-9. No good deed goes unpunished. I wish I could take it back. In retrospect I should have let his arguing go and used it as an opportunity to give him some SH*# for poor coaching. Somehow I think that wouldn't have worked out too well either. I hate doing ejection reports. Sigh!
  8. Majordave

    Does run count

    I just deleted some posts by beerguy55 and Maven for some off-topic conversation. Gentlemen, keep comments relevant to the subject of the original post, closely related conversation divergences or take it to private message land please. No smarmy, smart-assed personal comments or replies desired. No warnings issued at this time.
  9. I only wear Wilsonlow-profile masks. I have three. Two Ti- One black that I had powder coated by Tony at Mask-It! And the original silver I bought from Gerry Davis Sports in 2008 and one Cro-Moly. I have always worn an 8 stitch hat with these masks. I wear my harnesses very loose and my hats very snug. No issues whatsoever with either. Masks spin left or right when hit. Hat stays put. No ill effects like headaches (except for the two games I wore Team Wendy’s pads and had monster headaches from being hit three times total in the two days I wore them). I like the standoff distance that the 8 stitch hat gives me. I also only wear traditional leather mask pads and I wear them for years until they wear out. I don’t change them every year. My pads are tan doeskin Wilson and black leather Wilson. I have one black +POS set of mask pads on my Wilson Cro-moly low-profile that I had Tony powder coat a gun metal gray. All 3 masks set up the same with 6” Wilson MLB logo throat guards, which I highly recommend as well I love the low-profile masks. I’ve tried full profile and think I get a better view with the low. As for the deflection properties of low versus standard profile I found no differences in impacts. The key to avoid injury from baseballs hitting you in the mask is the extra loose harness. Wear it so loose that it just sets on your head and the forehead pad rests on the bill. The chin pad should barely touch your chin or set half inch or so off your chin when in your plate stance depending how far forward you lean in your stance. You cannot run with the loose mask harness on. It will bounce off. We are supposed to pull the mask off for most plays anyway so it’s not an issue for me. However, I notice more and more of my umpire partners wear their masks in more situations than I do. To each his own I guess. Good thing I’m not their evaluator. My .02...... good luck with your decision
  10. @blue23ll Thanks. I have used a similar line in the past. Years ago a college coach in Indiana came out on me in the field after his team was down 19-0 in the middle of the 5th inning of a 9 inning game. He came out, threw his hat, kicked it and told me I was cheating his "kids" after I signaled and called out "YES, he did!" on a check swing appeal from my partner for the third out of his team's at bat that inning. (I'm sure the collegiate players didn't like being called "kids") I walked all the way out to the scoreboard in right center with him following me and complaining all they way. I turned and told him; "Jim, I don't care what you say to me or do, I am not dumping you this game." I also added "We have four more innings of this left to go. You have to find another way to fire up your team. You gave birth to this ugly baby of a game, you'll have to stay here and watch it die just like I do." He just walked away. Never said another word. Final score 26-0. Gotta love NCAA baseball with no run rules.
  11. Flyer also posted in Collegiate forum. I have been so feel free to contact me for info if you do not wish to contact the Camp Director, Jon Browar, for information. If you wish to attend you should register early as it will fill up. 2018 Flyer.pptx.pdf
  12. Flyer attached. Contact Jon Browar, name and number on the flyer, for more info and to sign up. It will fill up. Register early. I have been so you may ask me anything you like. 2018 Flyer.pptx.pdf
  13. @Stan W. Are the Nike gel pads leather? If so, where can you buy them? @MadMax I wear leather, 4 or more year old Wilson Doeskin traditional on a Wilson Ti NewView (Flat profile) mask and the Wilson black calf leather traditional pads on a Wilson New View Ti mask. Get hit in the mask all the time. No ill effects whatsoever. The key is the looseness of the mask harness. Mine hangs off my cap bill and barely touches my chin until a baseball comes into contact with it or I stand up or I speak which moves my jaw/chin into the mask. Again, NO ILL EFFECTS whatsoever. They key to all of this is the looseness of the mask harness. All of the energy moves through the mask as it spins off your cap bill and head. Sometimes the mask hits the ground. Most of the time I just grab it off the side of my head and re-adjust. Sometimes I look at it first for dents. None so far and I have worn my primary Ti Mask since July of 2008 for the overwhelming majority of my games worked. High school, college from JUCO to NAIA to NCAA D II and MSBL Men's leagues including the 18 and over, 25 and over MSBL World Series out there in Phoenix. I own a pair of +POS black doeskin(?) traditional pads still in the package. Have not tried them yet but they seem very nice. As for Team Wendy's pads, The ONLY three times I had a headache or any ill effects from being hit in the mask were three consecutive NAIA games over three days wearing the Team Wendy's pads in 45-55 degree weather. Where I am certain I suffered at least one concussion. F*#K Team Wendy's mask pads. F*#K ' em I say. Now the Team Wendy chest protector retrofit padding is not so bad. I have that installed on a M-L WV Gold and I like the thin status with the hard shell but I still feel it when I am hit in the CP. It just doesn't hurt but sometimes I have a red mark. When I wear my F3 Unequal V1A I know I was hit but don't feel it. With my Tiny S-M WV Gold with the original thick air foam "sofa cushion" pads I feel nothing IF the ball actually hits the CP. It is so small I sometimes get nicked in the belly or the side of my ribcage on a hit batsman deflection but that is a rare event. I know the risks. I pays my buck and I takes my chances. My two cents.......Everyone should wear what makes them most comfortable. My two cents.
  14. Majordave

    PolySpandex size questions

    @MadMax said: "Have your Gold shinguards flattened out and become like cricket or hockey goalie leg guards?" Hahaha. They do that? I have a pair as a backup. I don't think they have not done that yet but now I plan to go check. But I bet you have a solution or a fix to re-curve them. Please tell us Max. Enquiring minds want to know. @clasonater You should try F3 shinguards. They really are far superior to the Wilson WV Gold. I promise. No comparison. None. I am also thinking about buying some golf pants in combos to see if they fit a bit more snugly as I really don't like the flapping in the breeze effect of these pants in the incessant Kansas winds. Anyone tried both and have a report or opinion. Anyone had their base pants taken in on the sides any? They really aren't working for me anymore either.
  15. Majordave

    Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    @umpstuI’m not Caligula Stu. I don’t like to mix my dalliances. I keep umpiring here where it belongs. And my foodie/wannabe chef activities on Facebook and Instagram where they belong.
  16. Majordave

    Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    @gnhbua93 Great share of your dealings with them. Congrats for getting it worked out @MadMax Excellent advice
  17. Majordave

    Officials Locker Room

    try our member @Chris Hickman, he is the inventor of the Officials Locker Room. He also has a profile on here named The Officials Locker Room. Maybe a website named that too.
  18. $30 plus shipping. Frame is in great shape, no bends or cracks. Pads show some wear but still have a season or two of wear. Harness is an original West Vest with the WV logo instead of the Wilson Gold W or the MLB full color logo that I love but so many umpires dislike. In fact, I cut the MLB logo off the lower pad Velcro strap because I like it so much. The MLB logo was supposedly modeled after Harmon Killebrew (Kill-A-Brew? Haha), one of my favorites as a kid.
  19. Majordave

    New Base Shoes Suggestions

    @wolfe_man Great reply explaining adidas. I have those new Adidas shoes but not for umpiring although I would like to jazz up the field at times wearing mine. See pic below. Also, I am thinking about going old school with the other pic for my "mudders". Hahaha
  20. Majordave

    Opinions on All Star CPU30 Cp

    I’ve got a Honig’s K1 that is very light but protective. Has a Velcro attached sternum area “lift” pad that keeps most of the protector’s padding off of your chest about ¾ of an inch for airflow so It’s very cool. Uses Velcro straps in the front to keep it very secure. Does not move or bounce around. I’ve worn it for D1 but it’s more suited for high school and below in my opinion. I took a direct hit to the center chest foul ball in it during a D1 game and felt the hit but had no bruising or I’ll effects. I started flinching after that so I got a hard shell. It’s available for sale if interested.
  21. Majordave

    New Base Shoes Suggestions

    I ordered the new New Balance 4040v4 back in December. The stock ones had white in the sole. I didn’t like that. These are SO comfortable. I’m using them for cardiac rehab right now. Very light. Like moccasins on my feet. The color accents are silver gray. The soles are clear. The stock ones are just as nice. One model comes in a synthetic leather for poor weather. I’ve got game partners who have other models with mesh and have no problem cleaning them with plain water and a rag or a brush.
  22. Majordave

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    @The1yankee i deleted your double post trying to post pics of your new CP and your rant. Its an operator head space and timing problem. (Army way of saying it’s you not the site that has the problem) If you wish to post pictures go into your phone or software photo editor and edit the size of the photos. It’s not hard we all do it. So, simmer down now, and work on your patience a little. Kind of like on the field. You will be tested. You cannot eject every person who chirps and tests your patience. If you try to you will not be assigned many, if any, games with that kind of reputation and you won’t move up to better levels of baseball.