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  1. @Stan W. Are the Nike gel pads leather? If so, where can you buy them? @MadMax I wear leather, 4 or more year old Wilson Doeskin traditional on a Wilson Ti NewView (Flat profile) mask and the Wilson black calf leather traditional pads on a Wilson New View Ti mask. Get hit in the mask all the time. No ill effects whatsoever. The key is the looseness of the mask harness. Mine hangs off my cap bill and barely touches my chin until a baseball comes into contact with it or I stand up or I speak which moves my jaw/chin into the mask. Again, NO ILL EFFECTS whatsoever. They key to all of this is the looseness of the mask harness. All of the energy moves through the mask as it spins off your cap bill and head. Sometimes the mask hits the ground. Most of the time I just grab it off the side of my head and re-adjust. Sometimes I look at it first for dents. None so far and I have worn my primary Ti Mask since July of 2008 for the overwhelming majority of my games worked. High school, college from JUCO to NAIA to NCAA D II and MSBL Men's leagues including the 18 and over, 25 and over MSBL World Series out there in Phoenix. I own a pair of +POS black doeskin(?) traditional pads still in the package. Have not tried them yet but they seem very nice. As for Team Wendy's pads, The ONLY three times I had a headache or any ill effects from being hit in the mask were three consecutive NAIA games over three days wearing the Team Wendy's pads in 45-55 degree weather. Where I am certain I suffered at least one concussion. F*#K Team Wendy's mask pads. F*#K ' em I say. Now the Team Wendy chest protector retrofit padding is not so bad. I have that installed on a M-L WV Gold and I like the thin status with the hard shell but I still feel it when I am hit in the CP. It just doesn't hurt but sometimes I have a red mark. When I wear my F3 Unequal V1A I know I was hit but don't feel it. With my Tiny S-M WV Gold with the original thick air foam "sofa cushion" pads I feel nothing IF the ball actually hits the CP. It is so small I sometimes get nicked in the belly or the side of my ribcage on a hit batsman deflection but that is a rare event. I know the risks. I pays my buck and I takes my chances. My two cents.......Everyone should wear what makes them most comfortable. My two cents.
  2. PolySpandex size questions

    @MadMax said: "Have your Gold shinguards flattened out and become like cricket or hockey goalie leg guards?" Hahaha. They do that? I have a pair as a backup. I don't think they have not done that yet but now I plan to go check. But I bet you have a solution or a fix to re-curve them. Please tell us Max. Enquiring minds want to know. @clasonater You should try F3 shinguards. They really are far superior to the Wilson WV Gold. I promise. No comparison. None. I am also thinking about buying some golf pants in combos to see if they fit a bit more snugly as I really don't like the flapping in the breeze effect of these pants in the incessant Kansas winds. Anyone tried both and have a report or opinion. Anyone had their base pants taken in on the sides any? They really aren't working for me anymore either.
  3. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    @umpstuI’m not Caligula Stu. I don’t like to mix my dalliances. I keep umpiring here where it belongs. And my foodie/wannabe chef activities on Facebook and Instagram where they belong.
  4. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    @gnhbua93 Great share of your dealings with them. Congrats for getting it worked out @MadMax Excellent advice
  5. Officials Locker Room

    try our member @Chris Hickman, he is the inventor of the Officials Locker Room. He also has a profile on here named The Officials Locker Room. Maybe a website named that too.
  6. $30 plus shipping. Frame is in great shape, no bends or cracks. Pads show some wear but still have a season or two of wear. Harness is an original West Vest with the WV logo instead of the Wilson Gold W or the MLB full color logo that I love but so many umpires dislike. In fact, I cut the MLB logo off the lower pad Velcro strap because I like it so much. The MLB logo was supposedly modeled after Harmon Killebrew (Kill-A-Brew? Haha), one of my favorites as a kid.
  7. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    @wolfe_man Great reply explaining adidas. I have those new Adidas shoes but not for umpiring although I would like to jazz up the field at times wearing mine. See pic below. Also, I am thinking about going old school with the other pic for my "mudders". Hahaha
  8. Opinions on All Star CPU30 Cp

    I’ve got a Honig’s K1 that is very light but protective. Has a Velcro attached sternum area “lift” pad that keeps most of the protector’s padding off of your chest about ¾ of an inch for airflow so It’s very cool. Uses Velcro straps in the front to keep it very secure. Does not move or bounce around. I’ve worn it for D1 but it’s more suited for high school and below in my opinion. I took a direct hit to the center chest foul ball in it during a D1 game and felt the hit but had no bruising or I’ll effects. I started flinching after that so I got a hard shell. It’s available for sale if interested.
  9. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    I ordered the new New Balance 4040v4 back in December. The stock ones had white in the sole. I didn’t like that. These are SO comfortable. I’m using them for cardiac rehab right now. Very light. Like moccasins on my feet. The color accents are silver gray. The soles are clear. The stock ones are just as nice. One model comes in a synthetic leather for poor weather. I’ve got game partners who have other models with mesh and have no problem cleaning them with plain water and a rag or a brush.
  10. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    @The1yankee i deleted your double post trying to post pics of your new CP and your rant. Its an operator head space and timing problem. (Army way of saying it’s you not the site that has the problem) If you wish to post pictures go into your phone or software photo editor and edit the size of the photos. It’s not hard we all do it. So, simmer down now, and work on your patience a little. Kind of like on the field. You will be tested. You cannot eject every person who chirps and tests your patience. If you try to you will not be assigned many, if any, games with that kind of reputation and you won’t move up to better levels of baseball.
  11. and Navy it shall be. With some red accents?
  12. No! Just no! Adds weight, doesn't really work. Wear a 6 stitch or an 8 stitch hat. Wear your mask harness loose. So loose that your mask should hang off the hat and your head and spin off your melon when you get hit. (notice I said when, not IF?) My .02...........
  13. Weird Comparisons request: Plate Shoes

    What's the first rule of Fight Club? NEVER talk about fight club! What's the first rule of Crossfit? NEVER shut the F*#K up about Crossfit! Hahahaha. You're welcome.
  14. It does. At least until I can get some traction for my Stormtrooper style Umpire and Catcher full body armor suit. I think it would attract more young, Star Wars fans umpires into the game. (Hell, I am old, don't really even like Star Wars movies but I love the Stormtrooper characters) Especially if I could get it manufactured and sell it for a cost of around $400 or less. My plate gear and uniform total cost is between $800 (no jacket/no plate coat) and $1250 (with platecoat) ballpark total when I work a game. (top of the line gear). A polycarbonate, ventilated, full-body, armored suit would negate the need for much of what we wear AND it would look so cool. Even cooler if it had a helmet with a full coverage face mask that had a ventilation system in it and some voice amplification when needed. A degree of anonymity and authority in a cool package. Gray? Black? With maybe some silver accents? Just a dream at this point......
  15. @The1yankee said: "Only stings for a minute, lol." Good luck with that. When/if you start calling college baseball I want you to hit me up after you take one off the bicep or wrist or elbow or gut or inner thigh and tell me it only stings for a minute. I took a foul ball off my left knee two days in a row in the same spot. My old Wilson DaviShins didn't do their job. I literally cried, couldn't stop the involuntary pain tears that second day, second hit. Limp-Walked all the way to the right field foul pole and back trying to walk that one off. Bought my Force 3 Shins that evening from my phone in the parking lot before I left the game site here in KC. Hahahaha!