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  1. Baseball

    Schrödinger's Foul.
  2. Obstruction with cutoff man

    If the ball, F3 and BR are all at the same place at the same time as per the OP, how do you decide whether or not there is a play being made on the BR?
  3. The OP was about a judgement call. What about a rule misapplication? Son's team had bases loaded with less than 2 outs when R2 was hit by a fair batted ball. Umps called R2 out, but allowed R3 to score. I am just the scorekeeper, but I thought that R3 should return to 3B. I told our coaches I what I thought, but did not say anything to the umps. Opponent coaches said nothing. Our coaches said nothing. Run counted. Game ended in a tie. We get a first round bye and end up winning the tournament. Do umpires want outside info in this situation?
  4. Stalling

    Son's team has faced 2 teams that wasted time like a pro soccer team. At least in soccer you can give a yellow card for time wasting. When they did a pitching change, the new pitcher had to go to the dugout to get a different glove, but it took so long to get that glove that he could been waiting on Amazon Prime to deliver it to him. And then catcher had to go get some water or they did a catcher change at the last moment. These 2 teams were 2 of the best we have faced and really did not need to waste time (at least to win these games, the could have been worried about their next games). These team also only batted 9 whereas most 13U teams near us still roster bat.
  5. This might take a while to get ready...

    That's why we traveled from Ohio to Gulf Shores this week. And have had 2 rain delays in 2 days, plus it is raining as I write this as we wait for the first game of the day. But I am on the beach and it could be dry at the park a few miles away.
  6. Chant

    My son's team is playing in a big USSSA tournament in Gulf Shores this week and we faced a team yesterday that did this, except it was mostly led by the coaches. I think utrip is OBR based. Does that mean that it there is no specific rules against this for this tournament? It might have annoyed the parents more than the players or coaches. I don't think that our coaches ever made a complaint about it. This was also a team that had 5 coaches outside of the dugout for the entire game.
  7. Batters box

    What are these batter's boxes that you speak of? Haven't seen one at a tournament yet this year.
  8. metal cleats

    We recently played at a 13U tournament at a park with mostly turf fields (Berliner in Columbus, OH). I assume there was a rule that said no spikes on turf or at least no spikes on the artificial mounds. We were playing on one of the non-turf fields with an artificial mound and the umps made a pitcher change shoes in the middle of an inning because of the rule. This team was from out of town and the pitcher did not bring another pair of shoes (or left them at the hotel) so the kid swapped shoes with a bench player. The umps were less concerned with the pitcher's white long sleeve undershirt under his blue jersey.
  9. Awkward Foul Tip

    That happened in the Auburn-Alabama game a couple nights ago. 1 out, pitch in the dirt, check swing pops it up to F3 who catches it and throws to F5 as R3 was running on the play to end the inning. Except none of the crew saw it that way and ruled that it was a ground ball that bounced to F3. This allowed the run to score and the BR to remain on 1B.
  10. We had a similar situation in a 13U game last week. The PU was friendly/chatty and since I am the scorekeeper he had asked me the inning and score during the game and he generally like to chat between innings. BR avoided contact with F3 and was called out on a close play. I commented to another spectator that BR had to go around F3 and it slowed him down. PU overheard me and said no, he chose to go around F3, but he did not have to. I don't know what he was implying , but don't really think he implied that he should have plowed the F3. Maybe he thought BR should have gone inside instead of outside (ball not thrown by F1 or F2). I am still not sure what to tell the BR to do in this situation to increase chances of being safe and uninjured.
  11. Another strange play, score discrepency, catfight.

    This year I was promoted from coach to scorekeeper. Thanks to UE, I have better learned the rules about when runs count, the mechanics umps use to signal which runs count, and I always ask the ump if I miss his signals and then verify with opposing scorekeeper each inning. I don't know what I would do if the opposing scorekeeper disagreed vehemently (and was the home team). I guess the debate would be had immediately instead of 2 innings later.
  12. fair or foul

    The only questionable umpire we had this year was adamant that the fielder's feet determined the fair/foul status of the ball.
  13. It is hard to imagine this happening to a lefty.
  14. Collision at 2nd Base

    Is there a difference between the runner running into the fielder and the fielder running into the runner? Since the runner beat the fielder to the bag, it sounds like the fielder ran into the runner.
  15. HBP/ Dead Ball Strike

    There were a few odd HBP situations in this weekend's 12U USSSA tournament. The pitcher had already hit the first 2 batters of the game with curve balls. A couple batters later, the batter leaned into a curve ball and let it hit him in the upper arm close to the shoulder. PU correctly did not give the batter first base, but instead called a strike. Doesn't the pitch have to be in the strike zone for it to be called a strike in this situation? Or is it an automatic strike if the batter permits the pitch to hit him? The batter did not duck into the pitch. He was essentially standing upright and turned his shoulder in and raised his arm to let the ball hit him. Even if it was over the plate, the pitch was too high to be a strike in my mind. With 2 strikes in the count, the same batter in a different game swung and missed a high and inside pitch that hit him in the helmet. I understand this to be a dead ball. Strike 3 and batter is out. Is that correct? PU said it was an uncaught 3rd strike and allowed the batter to attempt to reach first base. My last question is only coincidentally related to a HBP. Team only had 9 players at the start of the game (2 kids with broken arms). Batter swings at a pitch that hits him in the wrist. He was not able to continue in the game, so the team had to finish the game with only 8 players. Umps decided the batter was out on that PA, but that his next PA would be skipped without an out since he was missing due to an injury instead of an ejection. The only other time I have seen a player unable to continue was on a team with more than 9 players that was roster batting and his spot was also skipped without an out. Does it make any difference when a team is batting 9 vs roster batting a larger roster?