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  1. Using HC First Name

    When I set up my lineup cards for mound visits I put HC for each team on there. I mainly use it as a memory device of writing it down to remember.
  2. Back at it

    That happened over here in Western PA. there is one chapter that straight up told their schools "we can't do all your games." So for JV they are bringing a few teams to one field on a saturday and using one umpire for 3-4 games
  3. Using HC First Name

    That's exactly the same thing I do
  4. Using HC First Name

    I feel the same way. I was a little confused why the person I spoke to felt that way about it. What he told me he does is call everyone Coach (last name) instead of first name. I should ask him if he is comfortable with a coach calling him Umpire (last name)
  5. Using HC First Name

    I had to escort a coach off the field this weekend after an ejection, and the entire time i was telling him to leave I was using his first name telling him he had to go. I was telling the story to an umpire I respect, and he feels that using a coaches first name can lead to a perception of favoritism towards the other coach. IMO, if you use both coaches first name, it is showing mutual respect. On top of that, I want them to use my first name as well. Thoughts?
  6. Greetings from PA

    we just got Banged in Western PA. turf field but fear that it won't melt off this afternoon.
  7. What could it be?

    Ever work for Scoop in the summer?
  8. What could it be?

    Beaver County
  9. What could it be?

    break your hands you jaggoff???
  10. Weight Loss Group

    My second year in college. I can't speak to lots of experience, but what i have noticed in my short time, that for the most part it's game management is the key in the higher levels. And slowing the game down. Had my first games this weekend of the season, was NOT in anywhere near shape to be ready(as I sit here at my desk my legs are on fire and back is barking some fierce). Kudos to you for getting into a manageable spot and continue to work
  11. Opening the Season

    our weather was fine yesterday(just a bit cold in game 2 because we got into nighttime and I kept breathing moisture into my mask and my nose started dripping). The game on the other hand........3:30 11 inning in first one 3-2 that no one could push a run in 8th, 9th, 10th.. second game 3:00 7 inning game 11-6. both coaches came out on my partner twice each.
  12. Weight Loss Group

    you look the part! thoughts on your games?
  13. Opening the Season

    First DH done yesterday. Anyone else have an experience where a snowman was built in the Bullpen and stayed in play the whole game? yes we had to make a ground rule for it.
  14. Weight Loss Group

    What group are you in with no logo on the lid?
  15. NCAA Exam Thread

    correct and you ignore Able and Baker's opportunity to bat.