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  1. GPblue

    Preseason excersizes

    Don't do what I did! First two games this weekend and was no where near prepared. Sitting at my desk with what feels like 2 knives shoved into my hamstrings.
  2. GPblue

    Ejecting Fans

    IMO that is what a game manager are for. I officiate dugout to dugout, pole to pole. If the fans have become so unruly that it has caused the game to not continue to play, I let the home team coach work with the game manager to take care of who and what needs to be taken care of. Was the level of the crowd causing the game to be interrupted? To me that sounds like an umpire that did not use his proper channels to handle the situation.
  3. GPblue

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    First weekend of the season......was bound to happen with someone.
  4. GPblue

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    Check out Tom's Video on the Central Hub. They define it clearly and use this video as an example
  5. GPblue

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    no ...read the rule jimurray posted: I think the "or" phrase applied here: "a) If the ball is in the strike zone when it touches the batter, or if thebatter moves to intentionally get hit or freezes to allow a pitch that isnot within the batter's box to hit him, the ball is dead, it shall be calleda strike and the batter is not awarded first base." ?????
  6. GPblue

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    The HBP was in the strike zone?
  7. GPblue

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    Apendex E. 2.i. This means in video review the ENTIRETY of a HBP can be reviewed, including moving into pitch? Anyone else have anything different?
  8. I agree with you on this. Hard to do a 6 man in such small dimensions and not run into a situation like this. I just was referring to multiple media outlets that can visibly see a multi million dollar contract on a national network and those that are put under the most radar on this program are unpaid for their services.
  9. Wow Even USA Today can beat the dead horse of Volunteer umpires at LLWS. You would think ESPN would try and do something to make their program more watchable in this sense, instead of hearing Karl Ravich bite his tongue year after year while he makes his company "these are volunteer umpires who paid there way to be here" speech.
  10. GPblue

    YOU make the call.

    Was the manager on the dugout step or on the bench?
  11. GPblue

    Attempt to go to 2nd

    1. Never read in any rule book that a runner is safe in foul territory...except on a batted ball hitting him
  12. GPblue

    NFHS changes 2019

    Isn't this just a reverse rotation?
  13. GPblue

    Hello from PA

    It's an Adult wood bat league. fairly competitive. It's a mix of college guys, guys recently out of college, and guys that still think they are in college(beer muscles).
  14. GPblue

    Hello from PA

    If you ever hang up coaching, there are TONS of tournaments/leagues in your area that will keep you busy. If you feel like you are getting in a good groove at some point, I know they are always looking for umpires in the Daily News League, 26 and older league, and NABA, and a lot of them play in south hills and Washington.
  15. GPblue

    Catch/no catch in regional

    Had this one in our area this year in D3. Fly ball to center field. CF running to the wall makes the catch and his momentum takes him into the wall and he tries to show boat and do a "BO Jackson run up the wall". when he comes back down field umpire looks for the ball and CF doesn't have it.....he dropped it over the wall.....