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  1. Catch/no catch in regional

    Had this one in our area this year in D3. Fly ball to center field. CF running to the wall makes the catch and his momentum takes him into the wall and he tries to show boat and do a "BO Jackson run up the wall". when he comes back down field umpire looks for the ball and CF doesn't have it.....he dropped it over the wall.....
  2. Rules Survey

    I agree with keeping DH to 2 7's. Especially in the D2-3 Levels. We have a conference playing 2 9's in D3
  3. High School Playoffs

    I had a check swing appeal on the first batter of the game, and after that I just ran around and rotated. I appreciated the workout.
  4. Little League leaving early

    Thank you.. From what my coworker said, The umpire saw the basehit, killed it and put runner back on second and replayed the down.....kicked it!
  5. High School Playoffs

    First HS playoff game in the books. 1-0 9 inning game. 4A I was U3 and had NOTHING!
  6. Little League leaving early

    Thank you. What would the mechanic and placement of runners in a base hit situation?
  7. Little League leaving early

    I do not do LL rules and have a LL coach that I work with that had a situation last night where a runner on second base left early on a base hit. Is a runner leaving early a delayed dead ball or immediate?
  8. Balls/Strikes: How much do you tolerate

    I know they are two different sports, but I do know a lot of guys who do both baseball and basketball. Do refs in basketball have the same conversations about T'ing up coaches?
  9. High School Playoffs

    and you will end up in the meadow lands with cement shoes?
  10. NCAA Postseason

    Make sure you have fun with Joe Volpe in Cary. He's a good umpire and gentleman
  11. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    You would if you had to change at the one school in our area. There is a lady that lives JUST off the campus that will call the police as soon as she sees guys changing at their cars. One of the reasons, along with others why the HS officals sued PIAA for rights.
  12. NCAA Postseason

    Any reason the CBCBUA didn't email announcements for post season like they have in the past?
  13. Using HC First Name

    When I set up my lineup cards for mound visits I put HC for each team on there. I mainly use it as a memory device of writing it down to remember.
  14. Back at it

    That happened over here in Western PA. there is one chapter that straight up told their schools "we can't do all your games." So for JV they are bringing a few teams to one field on a saturday and using one umpire for 3-4 games
  15. Using HC First Name

    That's exactly the same thing I do