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  1. Sut'n Blue

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Cal Ripken added a rule against fake/slash bunt in 2016. Batter is out. I think it is a good rule for most of the reasons Beerguy points out.
  2. Sut'n Blue

    Cost of Umpire Camps

    Bear in mind you may be able to write off some of the cost on your taxes. Find a friendly accountant if you don't have one and ask to bend his/her ear for a few minutes.
  3. Sut'n Blue

    Let the Children Play

    Drove by a ball field the other day and saw about ten kids of various younger ages (7 to 12 at a guess) playing baseball. Awesome! Thinketh I. As we got closer it looked like the kids weren’t too into the game. Got closer, there was an adult pitching to the kids. Saw this today: https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/doctor-s-orders-let-children-just-play/article_2feb1c29-26c9-5d7b-ae2c-2318a24a8d4f.html
  4. The other day I was working solo with an R2, BR hit a grounder to F6, I called the pitch from behind the plate, ran to C in case R2 went, then ran to A to make the call at first and since F1 may have pulled his foot, I ran to about half way down the first base line to make the call on the pulled foot. It's easy to do if you've coached before.
  5. Sut'n Blue

    The Devil

    As is their wont, the Devil and St.Peter were having an argument. The Devil finally says “Enough of this, we’ll settle this on the ball field.” St. Peter looks at him and says “What ball field?” Satan says “The baseball field. My guys against yours.” Peter looks at him incredulously and asks “Are you kidding? I’ve got Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Williams who do you have? The Devil responds: “All the umpires.”
  6. Sut'n Blue

    Detached equipment

    506 (b)(3)(E) Each runner, without liability to be put out, may advance one base when: A fielder deliberately touches a pitched ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. The ball is in play, and the award is made from the position of the runner at the time the ball was touched. In both videos the plate ump calls time. Should they have?
  7. Sut'n Blue

    Umpiring while sick?

    Ditto on working with the stomach bug. Came down with it a couple hours before a JV game I was working solo. Slugged down about half a bottle of Pepto on the way to the field. Every time I busted out I thought I was going to crap myself. Fortunately it didn't happen. Not one of my better outings and I got some flack but we got the game in.
  8. Sut'n Blue

    Walk off hit???

    In my second scenario I meant to include that the batter was tagged out on his way back to first but mistakenly left it out (thanks beerguy55 for seeing where I was going). For the sake of sticking to my guns, can anyone point me to where it is said in a rule/interpretation (any code) that the force is eliminated if the batter is put out after touching first? MLB definitions include an example of a force being eliminated but it doesn't mention this scenario. I understand that R1 could return to first (after legally touching second) if BR were put out after touching first but that is not the same thing as eliminating the force. The rule says a force occurs when a batter becomes a runner. If the batter made it to first he successfully reached base as a runner and R1 legally lost his right to occupy first.
  9. Sut'n Blue

    IFF with Shift

    Searched but didn’t find. R1, R2 no outs, LHB, the shift is on, F6 in short right, pop up to near third, if F5 were in usual location it would be an easy catch with reasonable effort but F5 is hanging closer to second so would not be able to make catch with reasonable effort and does not make catch. Infield fly?
  10. Sut'n Blue

    Walk off hit???

    I'm confused and would appreciate some input. The consensus is that the force is removed when the BR passes R1. Why? Let's say R1 is touching the back of the bag, BR steps on the front of the bag and then passes R1. BR is out but BR made it safely to first before passing R1. Why does the force get eliminated? In comparison: R1, BR hits the pitch into the outfield and goes for two, R1 falls down before tagging second so BR retreats to first. The force would still be on and the defense can get the out at second by touching the bag. What/Where is the difference?
  11. Sut'n Blue

    Walk Off Appeal

    OBR, bottom 9th, score tied. Batter hits one out of the park. Defense wants to appeal BR missed a base. How does the umpire handle this?
  12. Sut'n Blue

    Rain, Cold, and Questionable Field Conditions

    Up here snow flurries and snow banks being used as out of play lines are common through April. Working some of these games can give one a different perspective on what the phrase "balls in" means.
  13. Sut'n Blue

    End of game situation

    Jump to near the end oft he clip:
  14. Sut'n Blue

    Pass Interference?

    Not much going on in the baseball world right now so.... I know there are a number of people on here who also do football (I'm not one of them). Who among you think the pass interference call on Bouye during the Pats - Jags game was the right call or the wrong call and why?
  15. Sut'n Blue

    LLWS 2018

    The first clinic I ever attended was in Portland, Maine for a weekend. It was an LL clinic and not only did I not live in Maine I didn't do LL (Ripken around here) but I sent an email asking if I could attend anyway and they were very welcoming. The clinic was great. Rock On @maineump!