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  1. i am looking for a team for week 1 june 2 2018 please email me at mikemang7@hotmail.com or text 631 880 0990 thanks mike

  2. mikemang7

    Baseball Economics 101

    hi are u still looking for a umpire for week 1 my name is mike my email mikemang7@hotmail.com cell 631 880 0990
  3. mikemang7

    Not Getting emails.

    not geting emails from umpire empire or umpire for higher
  4. mikemang7

    Batter Tries to Peek & Steal Signs

    if the batter looks in to the catcherto try to look at the signs after the umpire tells him to stop whats the umpire call
  5. mikemang7

    Cooperstown Baseball World

    i bing going to cooperstown dream park for 10 years and have a great time . what week r u going to dream park