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  1. Site Upgrade

    Looks great! Thank you!!!!
  2. Site Upgrade

    I see this post as (correctly) left-justified. The reply box doesn't have any justification selected, so It appears the default is center-justified. Once I submit a post or reply as left-justified, the whole page is formatted left, until I move to a new page. New pages are mixed (either left- or center- or random-justified). Could there be a global setting to select left-justified as default? (as opposed to none or center)
  3. This came up in a recent discussion within our HS umpire group. NFHS rules. R3, one out. B5 hits fly to F9. R3 leaves early, before the ball is caught by F9. He crosses (touches) the plate and then realizes he didn't tag up properly. R3 goes directly back to 3rd base and touches it before the defense can execute a live-ball appeal. Questions: a) Can a runner correct a baserunning error after scoring (now considered a retired runner, by rule)? b) Would an appeal be upheld at 3rd? c) Would an appeal be upheld at home? d) If the appeal is denied, does R3 need to stay at 3rd? or has he scored and corrected the tag-up? I was very surprised at the correct interpretation of this play I'll post it later.
  4. Site Upgrade

    I cleared my Chrome cache and temporary files. Still seeing center justified, but not always. SHFT+F5 sometimes restores it to left justified, but changing pages will again show center. IE is also showing center justified. Looks like others are seeing same issue, but not bothered by it. To me, much easier to read long posts as Left justified.
  5. Site Upgrade

    Shift+F5 fixed the issue for the page which I am on. After navigating to a new page, it is center justified again.
  6. Site Upgrade

  7. Site Upgrade

    I haven't been on the site for a couple of weeks due to the holidays. Today, I see everything center justified. Was this change made deliberately? IMO, makes reading long paragraphs more difficult. -Robert
  8. rzanew

  9. Catcher not in control of mask

    Would anyone invoke 8.01 (b) here? If the flying mask/helmet interferes with your ability to work the game, then you could be justified in removing the catcher from the game.
  10. Coach pitch umpire positioning

    We teach umpires to be positioned to the side of the plate away from the batter (near to the fence). This position allows for the judgement of swing/no-swing. Also, they are in front of the players and coach/pitcher for managing the game and communicating the count. When the ball is put into play, they move into the infield, near the "mound" to view the plays and make calls. "Time" is called every time action stops.
  11. Dropped third confusion

    Pony is 14U, played on 55/80 field. At this age, they should know when U3K applies.
  12. Make the obvious call?

    It was a close game, with each team struggling to get runs in. We ended up tied after 6 innings, and played 9 until the home team won with a walk off. Brief discussion with HTHC over the call. They accepted it and moved on. Had I called the out, we would have been done an hour earlier, with home team winning.
  13. Make the obvious call?

    Are there any times where you would make the "obvious" call, rather that what you actually see? In C. Childress' book "151 ways to ruin a baseball game", item #83 Make an unusual call on a routine play, Carl makes the argument that perception is reality and that "if he's gonna be out, he's gonna be out" and make the call accordingly. My dilemma came recently in a 14U playoff game. R2, 1 out. B1 hits a fly ball to right-center. R2 is tagging and goes as soon as the catch is made. Good throw by F8, and F5 has the ball (way before R2 arrives) and puts the glove down right in front of the base. It is expected that the runner slides into third, hitting the glove for the out. Here, R2 slides (feet first) to the OF side of 3B, and, in my judgement, misses the glove, which never moved from in front of the bag. The ball had beat the runner "by a mile", and I called him SAFE! Quite the unusual call on a routine play. Should I have made the routine call of out? Again from Carl: "If everyone sees an 'out', the umpire is generally better off calling the 'out'. Only in the most unusual cases should the umpire insist on anything other than the routine call." I'm not sure this play qualifies as one of the unusual variety. (Could be I've been watching too many MLB replays where the tag barely misses the runner. Everyone thinks he should be out, but review shows the correct call to be safe!) I'm trying as best I can to be right on every call. Should I change the way I judge routine plays? This one is bothering me a bit.
  14. Little League Catcher to Pitcher rules

    This is one of the loopholes in the restriction. It is legal according to the Little League rules (actually in the Regulations).
  15. U3K Positioning

    Thank you for the advice. I'll try to read the player's movements and then get to a position to read the play. Right now I automatically move left, so I'll have to pause and read, before reacting.