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  1. https://streamable.com/lbzor Just... why. Don't touch the ball. You're batting! Leave it alone! Took them a while, but they found their way in the end and got him for interference.
  2. I disagree with ejecting Anderson. If anyone should be tossed, it should be Keller and/or Maldonado and/or Yost. Yeah, sure, Anderson pimped his home run. But there's no rule against that. The game is changing. People are out there having fun. They're, ultimately, entertainers. It's entertaining when people pimp a home run. You don't like it? Shoulda pitched better. Sorry. Don't like this one.
  3. MikeSafari

    3 man mechanics missed “slide” rotation

    This is kind of a catch-22, as well. They would get reps in 3-man which they don't usually work, but also get reps for guys less-experienced in the 4-man system.
  4. MikeSafari

    Tight Umpire Jacket

    Jacket != coat.
  5. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I'm thinking of getting one but pricing and opinions are hugely variable. I'm more than happy with my current F3v2 mask as my daily driver, so to speak, but I'm still concerned about broken bats and other flying objects that could hit me in the side of the head, so I've been contemplating biting the bullet and grabbing a HSM to use in higher-level wood bat leagues. So far the ones in contention are (in order of preference) the F3v2 Defender HSM, the All-Star MVP4000, and the Wilson MLB Pro Stock. From my perspective, the F3v2 still has the upper hand because of the springs and the extra bit of steel that extends over the forehead area, à la Gary Cederstrom's custom Wilson cage, not to mention it's over $100 cheaper than the All-Star. I'm not terribly concerned about more weight from the HSM as I didn't find the extra weight much of an issue when I switched from my +POS Zero-G to the F3v2 so I suspect I'll be fine going to the heavier HSM-style anyway. Anyone have experience with any of these masks? Things I should know that I might have missed or might not have thought about?
  6. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I got the V2. Yeah, I knew there was a word for it but it absolutely wasn't coming to me at the time. (In my defense, I'm recovering from 40-some hours without sleep so my brain isn't quite there yet.) Looking forward to giving it a workout in game action this year.
  7. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    So I finally got to pick up the Force3 HSM I bought and I'm quite impressed with it so far. The padding is crazy soft where it actually touches your head, but there's a much more substantial layer beneath that one where it sticks to the outer shell. I've got it adjusted where I like it and I'm overall very happy with it. The only downside I'm seeing so far is that some of the padding over the side of my head covers my ears almost completely, which makes it more difficult to hear what's going on around me, though that could be a good thing sometimes We'll see how it does in game action when the season starts in early May up here in the Frozen White North.
  8. MikeSafari


    I don't often actually look at mine, but I use one anyway in case there's a lengthy delay between pitches (say, an injury) so that there's no chance of losing the count.
  9. MikeSafari

    F3 throat guard?

    Well... that's... that's a thing that's happening. I've never liked shovel-style throat guards and this doesn't change that opinion.
  10. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    It probably was since there aren't that many floating around out there. Hopefully it's as good as it looked in pictures when it arrives.
  11. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I bought a F3 Defender v2 HSM from a gent on Facebook for $150USD that was worn once. It's got the extended forehead cage so I know it's the v2 and it's black-on-black, which I like. Unfortunately it's going to be sitting in a warehouse in Niagara Falls, NY til the end of the month and then sitting on top of my gear bag until early May, but this is the life I chose by staying in Canadia
  12. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    Where? I'm not seeing a whole lot of the MVP4000 and what I am seeing is going for $250 + ~$40 shipping, so I might as well get it from UA for $10 more at that point.
  13. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    Don't suppose there's any way you could compare the F3 and the All-Star? I don't know if I can justify what amounts to over $400 Canadian for the All-Star, but the ~$250 of the F3 is much more palatable.
  14. MikeSafari

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Never know til you try. If it wasn't $60, I'd be down to try one. I know some MLB catchers use similar things inside their helmets (Russell Martin comes to mind), so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me to at least test. Maybe once I get some game fees in my pocket I'll try one. I'm down to try anything that'll stop me from getting concussed because that is not a fun experience.
  15. MikeSafari

    Schutt XV Mad Max

    If you wouldn't mind posting the pictures here, I'd appreciate it. Can never find all the MadMax mods in one place and I'm looking to do the same thing to mine before this coming season.
  16. MikeSafari

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    In what ways is it better than the stock harness? I have an F3v2 and find the stock harness totally acceptable.
  17. Anyone found one they like? I grabbed this 4" Wilson from UA but the straps it came with aren't very long so it's got very little mobility. It'd be nice if F3 made/offered their own, but alas, I am stuck with third-party options it appears.
  18. MikeSafari

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Did anything ever become of those F3-compatible throat guard, @JimKirk?
  19. Asking $100CAD plus shipping (so about $70USD + shipping). Comes with the original harness, which hasn't been used in ab out three years, but does have some games on it. PM me here for quickest response
  20. I... words fail. What in the world is he thinking?
  21. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/an-umpire-had-a-moth-pulled-out-of-his-ear/c-289537544 Gross.
  22. MikeSafari

    Mask Porn?

    My former primary mask, but now backup to my Force3 Defender v2, +POS Zero-G, powder-coated matte black, with Wilson memory foam pads, Wilson 4" throat guard, Champro visor, and stock harness. The factory powder coating wasn't very good and started to chip almost immediately, so I spent the $100 CAD to get it resprayed and this seems a much sturdier finish, as it's already taken a few shots but just shows some scuffs and no major damage. Still quite like the mask, and I might use it for lower-level ball, but I don't do anything below about 17U (Midget in Baseball Ontario parlance) these days, so it probably won't see much use anymore.
  23. MikeSafari

    Mask Porn?

    I haven't had that problem at all. Do you wear your hat fairly tightly or loosely?
  24. MikeSafari

    Mask Porn?

    Removed the throat guard cuz I didn't like it, but the visor stayed. Still trying to get used to having to wear this mask so tightly, and I've been lucky enough not to take a shot in it yet, but I'm only two games in, so there's time.
  25. MikeSafari

    Mask Porn?

    My new F3v2 with tan pads, black frame, and sun visor. I ended up dropping the throat guard as it didn't fit very well, but I will probably still grab one at some point, when I can find one that works with the shape of this mask. Might get round to uploading a couple pics of my (now-backup) +POS Zero-G in all black.