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  1. Well there's something you don't see every day. https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2018/05/09/2024119083/1525884530102/asset_2500K.mp4
  2. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    It's not terrible, but again, #JustCanadianThings. It's a 30% markup right off the bat due to the currency, then duties and taxes at the border This is why I was so annoyed when UA and Hibbetts sold out, because I was gonna get it shipped to a warehouse across the border in Buffalo but without that, it became kind of moot. Sidenote: I cannot see this eBay listing at all. No matter what I search, I get zero results.
  3. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    And I don't even feel well-protected or comfortable! I spent the whole night shimmying it around my torso trying in vain to find a position where I got both comfort and protection. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez talk about capitalism. I'm not about to buy it for $165USD when it's ~$80 brand new. I'll wait.
  4. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    Where? I can't find anything. Much appreciated. I wore my old WVG on the diamond for the first time this year and was rudely reminded why I dislike it so much.
  5. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    This thing is more difficult to find than snow in the Sahara.
  6. Strange things happening in ARI @ LAD

    Nope. I mean, it's super weird and obviously the call was wrong, but jeez I've never seen that happen before.
  7. https://streamable.com/62f0n Post-game interview with Dyson: https://streamable.com/82l7v
  8. New Student-Ump

    Jesus, am I from rural Quebec? Nobody like's Labatt's Gimme some solid cider. Or bourbon. wait what were we talking about again
  9. New CP suggestions

    Correct. @wolfe_man, from their email to me: And that's from April 5th.
  10. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Ain't that the truth. I feel like I start buying when the US season is in full swing. Mine doesn't begin for another month yet, so by the time I'm looking, everyone else has bought the gear I want
  11. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Just wish retailers had it in-stock so I could buy one! Seems to be backordered for months everywhere.
  12. New masks for old MLB umpires

    I could see him maybe going to a Force3 bucket. But there have been a lot of really vicious shots over the last couple of seasons and with pitchers throwing harder than ever, we're only going to see more and more injuries and retirements à la Dale Scott.
  13. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Looks like Greg Gibson has changed from the old MVP4000 bucket to the new All Star magnesium TM.
  14. I hate you so much right now Looks like they don't let me use my Canadian billing address with my US mailing address, though, so not a huge deal. Now my order for my new Force3 mask has also been canceled. What is with stores saying things are in stock til you actually buy them?