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  1. MikeSafari

    MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    Hey @MadMax, can you help me out with a list of what you bought to do these mods? I'd like to move the epaulettes on mine up higher and grabbed some Chicago screws but I see you've also got a nice little bit of plastic to help distribute the force more evenly and protect the fabric that I think I need as well.
  2. MikeSafari

    Lock Laces for Plate Shoes

    The shortest TED Talk ever will save you.
  3. MikeSafari

    Can we talk HSMs?

    Got to try it out yesterday in some absolutely freezing conditions here. The start of our season was already delayed by a week due to cold and rain but I guess The Powers That Be decided they couldn't delay much further, so I got a plate in both the cold and the rain! About 2C at game time and windy as hell to boot. I wasn't terribly happy with the fit at first as I'd only sized it briefly before all my equipment was on, so I spent the first couple of half-inning breaks getting it dialed in and I think I've found where I like it. It's still quite large so holding it while checking the lineup cards and other stuff was a bit of a pain but I figure I'll get used to that. Eventually I took to holding it through the loop in the forehead extension of the cage. Didn't take any shots so I can't comment on how useful it is there--yet--but it did have one major advantage in that it kept my ears pretty toasty compared to my traditional masks. We'll see if I stick with it through the dog days of July and August, but it's certainly my go-to for those chilly games right now.
  4. Apparently hurt his back. His crew's first game in the New York series was three-man because he couldn't do it.
  5. MikeSafari

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    Is this actually protocol? That's surprising to me. What exactly are they hoping to achieve by essentially EOL-ing masks that just hit the dirt?
  6. Pictures? Might be interested.
  7. MikeSafari

    New Balance MU950 rubbing

    Could it be they're just worn out? Eventually all that padding on the heel tends to disappear for mine. If not, you could try something like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DKLW2JY
  8. MikeSafari

    Lock Laces for Plate Shoes

    Sounds to me like you could use some insoles (for the overall fit and tightness inside the shoe) and longer laces in order to tie a heel lock, rather than mucking about with things that grab onto your laces.
  9. MikeSafari

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    That pretty much seems to be the only way to get anything from him, which is a giant pain in the rear, to be honest. I waited over a month for an update and only got a response to my repeated emails when I mentioned that if I didn't hear back I'd have to start a chargeback.
  10. https://streamable.com/lbzor Just... why. Don't touch the ball. You're batting! Leave it alone! Took them a while, but they found their way in the end and got him for interference.
  11. I disagree with ejecting Anderson. If anyone should be tossed, it should be Keller and/or Maldonado and/or Yost. Yeah, sure, Anderson pimped his home run. But there's no rule against that. The game is changing. People are out there having fun. They're, ultimately, entertainers. It's entertaining when people pimp a home run. You don't like it? Shoulda pitched better. Sorry. Don't like this one.
  12. MikeSafari

    3 man mechanics missed “slide” rotation

    This is kind of a catch-22, as well. They would get reps in 3-man which they don't usually work, but also get reps for guys less-experienced in the 4-man system.
  13. MikeSafari

    Tight Umpire Jacket

    Jacket != coat.