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  1. FleasOf1000Camels

    Coach Buckets

    I'm glad I don't work in your city.
  2. FleasOf1000Camels

    YOU make the call.

    12u, FED rules. Fast, skinned infield with artificial mound. Bases loaded, 1 out. Batter hits high pop fly right near the mound. Ump declares "infield fly, if fair" F1 is calling for ball, and F5 is nearby, but keeps clear. As ball is coming down, F1 takes a step back and trips on the edge of the hard-shell mound, falls right on his butt. Ball lands (untouched) right on the lip of that mound, and ricochets toward 3rd base...hitting F5 in the shin then bouncing in to the 3rd base dugout.
  3. FleasOf1000Camels

    Coach Buckets

    Why not just do your job and keep the coaches and their freaking furniture where they belong in the first place?
  4. FleasOf1000Camels

    Coach Buckets

    Real easy solution here. Keep the buckets and camp chairs off the field.
  5. FleasOf1000Camels

    second ball on field...what's the call ?

    Multi-ball RULES!
  6. FleasOf1000Camels

    Warning before ejection?

    George Carlin covered this about 1971.
  7. FleasOf1000Camels

    Pitching question

    Correct, but please be aware that league and/or tournament rules may further restrict pitcher eligibility. For example, the tournament I just worked this weekend has a specific rule that a pitcher removed during his team's defensive half-inning can NOT return to pitch again in the same game.
  8. FleasOf1000Camels

    Quiz for today March 28

    Actually, that was NOT his reason for disagreeing. He kept wanting to make it 2 separate plays.
  9. FleasOf1000Camels

    Quiz for today March 28

    FED rules (tho I believe OBR would be same) 2 out, 2-2 count, runners at 1st and 3rd. Batter swings and misses at strike three in the dirt, and pitch goes all the way to backstop. R3 scores easily, and BR reaches 1st before F2's throw. Everything seems pretty simple, right? Not quite so easy...dipstick R1 never ran. He's just standing there, about 5-6 steps from 1st. After F3 catches throw from F2, he walks over and tags R1. Does R3's run count? I ruled NO, and had no trouble selling it. But after the game my partner tells me he thinks I was wrong.
  10. FleasOf1000Camels


  11. FleasOf1000Camels

    Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

    No, no, 1000 times no. Check the base running awards on p50 in NFHS book, rule 8-2 "First throw by infielder and ball goes out of play..." TWO BASES from time of pitch.
  12. FleasOf1000Camels

    Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

  13. FleasOf1000Camels

    Check Swing Question

    What happens in Jersey, stays in Jersey.
  14. FleasOf1000Camels

    Passed Ball

    Let's get it all together in one place. Assuming batter has 2 strikes, and first base is unoccupied with less than 2 out; If batter attempts to bunt (or otherwise offers or swings) and misses entirely, catcher must catch the ball cleanly or tag/throw the batter/runner out at first. If batter hits the ball foul while attempting to bunt with 2 strikes, he's out regardless of what the catcher does or fails to do.
  15. FleasOf1000Camels

    Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    I don't see any justification for getting 2 outs on this play. As the batted ball hit the BR in fair territory, the ball would be immediately dead, and the IFF would be enforced. BR is out, but cant be out twice.