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  1. TheRockawayKid

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    Clearly you have not been commuting in New York City any time in the past two years or so.
  2. TheRockawayKid

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    I wish that the speculators on TV and internet realize that these kids are 11-12 and that a) the LL strike zone is different from the MLB strike zone (a lot bigger) and b) should be expanded a bit in/out so that pitchers aren't being squeezed.
  3. Go to robo umpires, and I can't wait until a strike is called by a catcher who picks one out of the dirt.
  4. TheRockawayKid

    Mask Porn?

    For those of us who are fashion-impaired: I like the look of black mask with tan pads and silver mask with black pads. But which combo do you choose for what outfit you're wearing?
  5. TheRockawayKid

    Navy blue plate coat

    So do you glue the magnet to the inside of the coat?
  6. TheRockawayKid

    Navy blue plate coat

    I am intrigued. Go on. How do you do this? I've heard of velcro, but this seems a million times better.
  7. TheRockawayKid

    Navy blue plate coat

    But you'd need to sew the magnets to the inside of the coat, no?
  8. TheRockawayKid

    Navy blue plate coat

    This is amazing news. I love that plate coats aren't completely dead.
  9. TheRockawayKid

    Odd appeal play

    What's wrong with NOT making the call? If I have F5 telling me "he left early!" I can say that the appeal was unmistakable (retroactively) and apply the out.
  10. TheRockawayKid

    Keeping shoes white

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of the new New Balance field shoes with the white bottom. I've only worn them on turf fields, but I'm still noticing they're getting a bit black at the point where they meet the bottom of the shoe. Anyone have any recommendations for getting them back to pearly white?
  11. Before the first robot ump game, everyone will be excited. The excitement will last exactly two innings, until a catcher picks a curve off the ground and it's called a strike because it caught the knee.
  12. TheRockawayKid

    Rawling's NC HC

    OK. Thank you.
  13. TheRockawayKid

    Rawling's NC HC

    Wouldn't that just mean that the new pitcher (the reliever) is out of the game for good? Now you have 9 players and 9 spots in the order. Or is there a provision that it can't happen?
  14. TheRockawayKid

    Rawling's NC HC

    This one shouldn't be too hard though. Just list the P/DH twice. In the batting order, list the player as a DH. Then at the bottom, list him as P. Switch as needed.
  15. TheRockawayKid

    Ump gets shown up by batter, batter doesn't like ump's response

    Then again, I can show you a lot of videos of pitches at the belt to Lucas Duda or Ike Davis -- two tall Mets -- that are called balls.