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  1. Super Regional Crews

  2. Chest Protector For Smaller Guys

    Yeh... that is the one he was talking about. Thinking of pulling the trigger on this for next year as well. There is also this guy. Any thoughts? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/CP335_Champro-Pro-Plus-Plate-Armor-Umpire-Chest-Protector
  3. So you want to improve your game management?

    To say it is "making the rounds" would be an understatement!!! It is all over social media forums.
  4. Mike Estabrook helmet/traditional mask

    So I too went looking for it. I thought it was it's own thread. But I think it actually is in this thread I started at the beginning of the season. No worries. It happens to all of us.
  5. Champro Magnesium

    The frame by it self looks really awesome @kylejt! The look of the rig in the photos on UA definitely doesn't do it justice.
  6. Cussing

    @stevis beat me to it. You 100% don't stop the game clock. As well as pulling players off the field. It's part of the "penalty" for this idiot acting the way he is. As stated before... do it and the only one that should be protecting the coach for his antics from the angry parents is his wife. And even then... she might not do that cause she agrees with them. LOL
  7. Ump-Cast Podcast

    Podcast Go has all but 2 or 3 episodes.
  8. It's funny how pronounced the top guard is in advertising photos, but not here. I don't have the means or need to buy. But can we get a side view of the mask Keith?
  9. ISO Japanese (Spider) throat guard

    There are a ton on eBay.
  10. WTB black plate coat

    Could you still not do this? Even though it is made in Mexico?
  11. Ball Under or Lodged in Offensive Players Uniform

    I believe it is "play on" until the fielder removes the glove from his hand... ie to toss it to first to make the put out.
  12. Batter interference

    Contact is not needed for Batter Interference. However, the batter must do something to actually interfere. I.e. stepping back into F2's throwing lane, rising up to get in the way of the throw, etc. (The one we usually see is a batter stepping across the plate while F2 is trying to throw to second.) This batted doesn't seem to do anything wrong.
  13. Ball Under or Lodged in Offensive Players Uniform

    Before you grab that out... you better be sure his actions are willful and deliberate. If he is just laying there and then gets up, you have nothing.
  14. ISO TW CP

    Regular. I was just giving Stu a hard time.
  15. Batter's Box

    You have to use your knowledge of how the box looks and it's normal dimensions. Often these are youth games that you run into this problem with. So you have some leeway with instructing the batter to move forward. Then actually drawing the box to the best of your ability with either your foot or the batter bat.
  16. Well If That Don’t Beat Al(l)...

    It's like it was MADE for the belt clip!
  17. NFL - let's not get into catch no catch like Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, or Jesse James to name a few.
  18. Getting older vs. getting old

    I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable here. Lol
  19. Out of baseline

    Heck... you should do the same at shaving age.
  20. ISO TW CP

    Hey... I've got one of those too!
  21. Getting older vs. getting old

    One thing that has helped me be able to keep up with these kids (cause they are all "kids" at this point it feels like) is scrapping the pivot while coming into the middle from A.
  22. Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    Hell, I had a whole season that felt like this a few years back. You just have to fight through it.
  23. Noticed that too. Also the beyond lackadaisical movements by all three umpires when benches began to clear.