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  1. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Your rain stops in April? Lucky bastard! Our rain continues through the end of May here in Portland.
  2. NB base shoes

    @Majordave, New Balance started putting the lace cage on their shoes starting with the 460v2 and v3. I would never had known about them either until a guy I was working with told me about them.
  3. NAIA Hats

    Are you guys going to try bidding on this for next season?
  4. Passing of Doug Harvey

    Someone on one of the Facebook groups commented "God bless Doug Harvey." To which I responded... "would it be rhetorical for GOD to bless God?"
  5. Good Call Blue Intro

    This is also probably my favorite clip ever. Not only because it was my introduction to the Wedge (and the umpire community as a whole I believe). But it was made by one of my favorite umpires. Also doesnt hurt that it helped lead to title #2 of three in 5 seasons for my favorite team.
  6. 2018 POE

    We require a yes of some sort as well. I've only had one coach do the "no" or "I'm not sure" and did exactly as above.
  7. Reebok Field Magistrate plate shoes?

    Awe man! I would love to pick up a pair of 11.5 4E of these. I just can't right now.
  8. Douglas Custom Gear

    I'm sure it's the lighting. But those plates look almost... black!
  9. SWMBO.........you guessed it.....again

    Where did she find this? @Umpire in Chief, found something else to sell in the virtual store.
  10. LLWS 2018

    Darn it... now I have another person to keep an eye our for. This is now three years in a row! Think they will put is UE handle up on ESPN so we all know who he is?
  11. Retirement? Sale

    I pretty much ignore anything he says or does on there. Also... sorry about that. Total misfire on my part.
  12. Looking to buy Honigs Polywools...

    Thought the SEC and ACC were going to the Smittys?
  13. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    @Rulekeep let me know if you need or want contact info for working baseball here in Portland.
  14. Also the "new" Honigs Polywool (assuming the revamped Honigs will still be selling the non US-made Polywool) are made in Mexico and not nearly the pants the Hardwick made pants were. So, fading would not surprise me in the least with the new pants.
  15. Under Armour Clothing

    Instead of doing their own? Yes... 2020
  16. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    I like Degree. Good choice and works well.
  17. Celebrating 10 Years

    I am pretty sure I am on that list of 30+2. If not... then it wasn' long after. So... going to my profile, it says January 2009. So not far off. On a personal side note... January 10th also happens to be the birthday of my wife. Tall about happy coincidences/random personal notes.
  18. You can also look into the Spokane umpire group as well as Inland Empire. You can go to the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) as well as the Washington Officials Association (WOA) websites.
  19. Douglas Custom Gear

    Hey, no worries Dave. I used to have the clips on my first couple chest protectors. Then when to ones with the t-hooks. Now I have one of each and I have the pick of the litter. As for my shin guards... nothing beats the plastic clips in my mind. I found myself wishing my last two shin guards had them (West Vest Pro and Bauer1000). So glad the Force3s do.
  20. Douglas Custom Gear

    Interesting... you would be the first person I can remember that would go the opposite of what most posters on here would do regarding T-hooks v. Plastic Buckles.
  21. Ebay finds

    It should. There is a drop down tab under the post that says "options". You can delete from there.
  22. LL Catcher's Headgear

    Basically, if I remember correctly, the head gear requirements are the same as High School with the added requirement of a dangling throat guard.
  23. MLB Majestic jackets

    Our man @Scott K. Lol
  24. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Also add in the Schutt (despite the almost unusable yoke harness) as a CP that a taller umpire can use. I don' recall the exact measurements. Nor am I able to look at mine as it is currently in storage for the long winter. It also comes with a Velcro on extension for added length.