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  1. I do wish they were a little loser. But I still like them a lot better than my old Honigs ones.
  2. BT_Blue

    Brain Fart Test Question

    You are having far to much fun on this particular thread!
  3. We've gotten extremely lucky in this northern corner of the country. The Pacific Northwest has been surprisingly dry this season. Got rained on just before the start of today's double header. The rest of the time was all partly cloudy and in the upper 50s to low 60s and a light breeze.
  4. BT_Blue

    Douglas 15 in, All Star MVP 2500 and More!

    Not at all! I'm with Stuart here! I think it's kind of cool. I had worked with @Thunderheads to purchase an old Douglas West Vest last or the year before. I had planned to send it Douglas to get refurbished with black or orange padding and the opposite for the piping. Sadly, and through no fault of either of ours (the seller was a bit of a pain). The CP was to small for me. Thankfully, I was able to turn it to someone on here that was able to put it back to good use. The red is nifty. And if I had the need or the money, I would totally be all over it!
  5. BT_Blue

    Douglas 15 in, All Star MVP 2500 and More!

    I like how you buried the lead regarding the color of the Douglas pads!
  6. BT_Blue

    Mask Porn?

    Agreed. What is the reason for the Bob Davidson setup?
  7. BT_Blue

    Con-Cushion Mask Enhancer from Gerry Davis

    @umpstu is the only other person that I know has one.
  8. BT_Blue

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    The other popular one is the CI/Catcher Balk for the play at the plate with R3 stealing. I've has that play MAYBE twice in some 25 years on the field. But the way it is brought up on the forums. You would think it is an every day occurrence.
  9. BT_Blue

    NFHS - Hit by Pitch or ???

    I had a first today! Pitch rides way in to a righty batter. The ball makes a very distinctive "ping" sound and rolls back to F1 who easily throws out a stunned batter at first. What makes this a first for me you ask? It is that I can not recall in over 25 seasons of baseball, ever having a pitch ride in and catch ALL knob of the bat! Not a single piece of hand, batting glove, NOTHING!
  10. BT_Blue

    Ball 4 Balk

    @Jimurray with the silver lining! Lol
  11. BT_Blue

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    What's funny... I was talking about this to a bunch of guys in my HS unit yesterday and today. And NONE OF THEM had ever heard or seemed to have come across this play. At least not in many, MANY moons.
  12. BT_Blue

    HBP Strike 3 again

    I had three or four HBPs in my HS plate game today. Two of them I remember were legit! One to the helmet and one square in the numbers. A third was one that was a heat seeking missile right for a batters calf. The fourth... that was the one I wanted the NCAA rule for! Pitch just inside the white line of the box and a batter (in my mind) turning his shoulder with the intent to increase his profile to the pitch and get hit. I really wanted to go get this one. But in FED I didnt think I had enough "evidence" to keep the kid at the plate. I feel if I had the NCAA rule this would have been an easy penalty strike call for me. In FED, I just give him the base.
  13. BT_Blue

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    +2 (did I do that right?) I pimp these shins to every umpire I talk to. Heck, I might have another convert coming when he finally gets rid of his Guardian shins.
  14. BT_Blue

    Some Sort of Record..

    That is SO FAR AWAY! LOL
  15. BT_Blue

    Minor Leagues to use Computer Strike Zone

    Refer to this league as the minor leagues. I think that is what is really getting umpires on the FB pages all hot and bothered. That they think it is the minor leagues so OF COURSE it is coming to MLB in a month. And then refuse to listen to you when you tell them "guys it is an independent league.... they do this all the time."
  16. BT_Blue

    Some Sort of Record..

    This might be a question best left unasked!
  17. BT_Blue

    HBP Strike 3 again

    I do also like that the coach and umpire have the option of replay on this where it is available. As I said earlier... i would love to see this in HS. But i shudder at the interpretations we will get from different states and umpires! Let us not forget the new lodged ball interpretation. Yeh, that one. Where some states are ONLY allowing it on plays to first... that start with a ground ball to F1... that bounces no more than 2 times... but no less than 2 times. It's a joke.
  18. BT_Blue

    Appeal Mechanic

    So, regardless of if F3 is on the bag or not, in FED, we still would signal safe since he beat the ball.
  19. BT_Blue

    To see or not to see

    I actually will do the same thing. I prefer to try and get under the batters hands to see the pitch vs going higher.
  20. BT_Blue


    Could we not get abandonment on R1 for failing to run the bases properly in NCAA and FED?
  21. BT_Blue

    Minor Leagues to use Computer Strike Zone

    Your head would explode with the number of UMPIRES that do this!
  22. BT_Blue

    Appeal Mechanic

    Now to continue the conversation since we have the answer to the OP. Does NCAA and FED have an opinion on this? Or is it another case of "since they don't have anything you default to the OBR interpretation"?
  23. BT_Blue

    Ball 4 Balk

    I would guess the batter isnt as big a fan as you are. Lol
  24. BT_Blue

    Some Sort of Record..

    I'll be 43 in.... 4 years
  25. BT_Blue

    HBP Strike 3 again

    I've only done two 3 inning scrimmages this season because of work. But I saw it a ton last season. And I expect to see it just as much this season. These same coaches that taught this stuff in the college game are running baseball schools and camps that are teaching it there to HS kids.