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  1. 13 hours ago, johnnyg08 said:

    Exactly. This play has been a topic in message boards for as long as I've been involved...which for me is approaching 15 years. I am still curious as to why Bruns picked this moment to issue an interpretation on a play like this. 

    The other popular one is the CI/Catcher Balk for the play at the plate with R3 stealing. I've has that play MAYBE twice in some 25 years on the field.

    But the way it is brought up on the forums. You would think it is an every day occurrence. 

  2. I had a first today!

    Pitch rides way in to a righty batter. The ball makes a very distinctive "ping" sound and rolls back to F1 who easily throws out a stunned batter at first.

    What makes this a first for me you ask? It is that I can not recall in over 25 seasons of baseball, ever having a pitch ride in and catch ALL knob of the bat! Not a single piece of hand, batting glove, NOTHING!

  3. 2 hours ago, Richvee said:

    Herein lies FED’s problem. Like the dead ball balk rule, changing the HBP rule to mirror  the NCAA rule is probably not a good idea. I’ve read enough posts elsewhere from people who claim to understand the NCAA HBP rule. It’s scary. 

    I had three or four HBPs in my HS plate game today. Two of them I remember were legit! One to the helmet and one square in the numbers. A third was one that was a heat seeking missile right for a batters calf. The fourth... that was the one I wanted the NCAA rule for!

    Pitch just inside the white line of the box and a batter (in my mind) turning his shoulder with the intent to increase his profile to the pitch and get hit. I really wanted to go get this one. But in FED I didnt think I had enough "evidence" to keep the kid at the plate.

    I feel if I had the NCAA rule this would have been an easy penalty strike call for me. In FED, I just give him the base.

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  4. 5 hours ago, udbrky said:

    That do what?

    Refer to this league as the minor leagues.

    I think that is what is really getting umpires on the FB pages all hot and bothered. That they think it is the minor leagues so OF COURSE it is coming to MLB in a month. And then refuse to listen to you when you tell them "guys it is an independent league.... they do this all the time."

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Forest Ump said:

    This is why I like the new college rule. It adds some teeth to the problem. Kid gets intentionally hit, not only does he stay in the box but he gets a strike. Plus coaches can not argue the call. A definite improvement in my opinion. I hope HS adopts the same rule.

    I do also like that the coach and umpire have the option of replay on this where it is available.

    As I said earlier... i would love to see this in HS. But i shudder at the interpretations we will get from different states and umpires! Let us not forget the new lodged ball interpretation. Yeh, that one. Where some states are ONLY allowing it on plays to first... that start with a ground ball to F1... that bounces no more than 2 times... but no less than 2 times.

    It's a joke.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Senor Azul said:

    The following interpretation can be found in the 2016 BRD (section 362, p. 242):

    FED Official Interpretation:  Hopkins:  If BR misses first but beats the throw, he is “considered safe” and the umpire should so signal. If the defense appeals, the umpire will reverse his call.

    2015 NFHS Baseball Rules Interpretations SITUATION 20: The batter hits the ball to the shortstop who bobbles the ball and throws late to first base. The batter-runner beats the throw but does not touch first base. RULING: The runner beats the ball on the play and is considered to be safe. The defense must appeal the missed base or tag the batter-runner before he returns to first in order to have the out declared for the missed base. (8-2-1 Penalty)

    So, regardless of if F3 is on the bag or not, in FED, we still would signal safe since he beat the ball.

  7. I've only done two 3 inning scrimmages this season because of work. But I saw it a ton last season. And I expect to see it just as much this season. 

    These same coaches that taught this stuff in the college game are running baseball schools and camps that are teaching it there to HS kids.

  8. 5 minutes ago, JaxRolo said:

    Yes but I need to find the rule in the book but can’t find it...


    I called this today and need to prove I was right...

    Come on Gunny. You should just look then deadpan in the eyes and ask them... "don't you know who I am?" Lol

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Richvee said:

    You’re underestimating the “skills” these D1 kids have developed to make if look like they’re not trying to get hit. It’s an epidemic in college ball. Players are bragging at one another about how good they are at getting hit and not getting caught. It’s the coaches that wanted something done about it. It’s a good rule. Players will adjust and learn to stop the practice. 

    And its filtering down into High School now. The kids arent as good at it... yet. But they can get there if allowed too. Only issue I can see is that you will have umpires that dont know how to enforce this rule F-ing it all up.

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