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  1. BT_Blue

    Ebay finds

    Look... there is no reason to be sensible here. Lol
  2. BT_Blue

    Test Question

    That escalated really quickly!
  3. BT_Blue

    Ebay finds

    And... there goes that! It was never worn.
  4. BT_Blue

    Ebay finds

    Guess the question is, who's was it and what era? It could be a collector's item.
  5. BT_Blue

    Shoe comparisons

    Of the 3, the MU950v2s look the least "impressive" to me. An only assignor of mine (ok... this was last year, so how "old" can it be) had them. They looked really cool. But did say they ran narrow. I did the half size with the old Reebok Magistrates and that worked really well with them. I saw a really slick looking pair of Nikes at Dicks a while back that I really liked. Will have to go in and try them on next month when they get all their stuff in finally.
  6. BT_Blue

    BOO Power Point

    That's always the best part of BOO presentations! The collective look of "what the hell just happened there!?" on everyone's face!
  7. BT_Blue

    High School Pitching Rules

    I thought Florida doesnt follow NFHS rules? I know the three states bordering the Pacific Ocean dont follow NFHS umpire mechanics.
  8. BT_Blue

    Ebay finds

    I about choked on what I was eating when I read the price!
  9. BT_Blue

    Shoe comparisons

    Unfortunately, I need shoes this year. Straight tennis shoes wont cut it and my pair of 995s were some of the worst pairs of shoes I have EVER worn! So I am stuck getting new shoes this season as the last bit of gear i get to spend money on.
  10. BT_Blue

    Pitch count question

    Well that now makes sense why there are so many "out of the blue" pitching changes.
  11. BT_Blue

    Pitch count question

    Not 100% sure mind you. But I believe that Washington allows a pitcher to end an at bat even though the number has been reached.
  12. BT_Blue

    Pitch count question

    I do not know. Even though I work games in Washington (Evergreen what up!) What part of the state are you in? This is one of those where we have been instructed to continue calling the game. Make note of it at the time of the possible infraction. And send a report to our assignor.
  13. BT_Blue

    Ohio High School letter to parents

    As has Oregon and Washington.
  14. BT_Blue

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

    That's awesome @ChrisUrbz! Congrats man!
  15. BT_Blue

    Car storage

    I need a "head exploding" emoji! That thing is awesome!
  16. BT_Blue

    Mask Porn?

    Agreed. And the coloring is most likely due to the lighting or material it is laying on.
  17. BT_Blue


    In other words, why make 2 or 3 throws when 1 will probably do?
  18. BT_Blue

    WTB Reebok zig plt low all black 10.5 new

    Someone on Facebook was selling some. I'll have to try and find it.
  19. BT_Blue

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    I'll have to pay more attention this season to what pants guys are wearing. For the longest time, this was a Honigs area due to them having a store close by in Salem. But since they closed, it has become more Ump-attire and Davis. Actually a lot of Davis since he is the shirt supplier for the state. So it is just easier to get stuff from him when you order the shirt.
  20. BT_Blue

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I didnt care. Even when I lived in California I wanted one.
  21. BT_Blue

    UL- OW partnership

    In case some didnt see it on Facebook. Congrats to @Razzer and Ump-Life on his partnership with Out West Officials to sell his stuff here in the US. Would love to get the Upton brothers (Dax and Randy) on here.
  22. BT_Blue

    New CP

    Hey... look at the new CP Gerry Davis just put out. It must be his cause he has his name on it... right? https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B17PR1263750018/Davis-UMP-PRO-Chest-Protector.html?cid=17
  23. BT_Blue

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    Probably a good idea!
  24. BT_Blue

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    Plus, with Nike coming in, dollars-to-donuts we get stuff from them trickling out for us.
  25. BT_Blue


    I hate that we are finding ourselves answering this, guessing what the OP was trying to get at. Sadly, I dont think we will ever get clarification on what his real question was.