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  1. BT_Blue

    Going for help pt. 2

    I need your guys help. At the through out the day at the NCAA clinic in San Diego guys kept bringing up the seven times we can as for help. I either didnt get the chance or was just to scared to ask but what are they? Can you guys help me with figuring out what these three seven times are?
  2. BT_Blue

    UMPS CARE Sports Auction

    No joke. As for the blimp ride, heck hey that would have been cool. I wish I could have gotten but good job for the guy that bought it for the buy it now price.:clap:
  3. BT_Blue

    Going for help pt. 2

    So in NCAA do we have to ask for help on a check swing or can we say "we got it" when we know the kid didnt offer? I have heard before that we are REQUIRED to ask.
  4. BT_Blue

    When does your season start?

    actually, yes. I haven't seen snow in a while and I think the last time I was actually in snow was at least 15 years ago if not more. Sent me some... I can use it. have fun with your snow...:clap:
  5. BT_Blue

    Its always interesting

    I think its interesting to see how many people I know from other sites. Makes things fun and a little easier.:GL:
  6. BT_Blue

    My "Problem"?

    From what it sounds like, I think you might just be burnt out for the most part. How about taking a year away from being on the field. Sit back and just do the coordinator job for this year. Another thing is that you may be running into a problem of conflict of interest when you are on the field which is why you shy away from handling complaints when you are out there. You might not mean to but you may, in your mind, not want to cause to much of a problem cause you will have to deal with it both on the field (as the umpire) and off (as the umpire in chief). You may have to step away from one or the other for a year or so just to get your head screwed on straight again. Also, from an umpire point of view. If these people are bitching at you while you are working on the field your umpires will see that you do not take action and thusly will not, most likely, take action themselves when they are bitched at. As the UIC you must take charge both on the field and off in order to set an example for the boys and girls that work under you to follow. Hope that helps.
  7. BT_Blue

    When does your season start?

    Man, I think I have everyone beat! Like I said, have my first game the last day of this month B) and game number two the first day of next month. How awesome is that?!?:P
  8. BT_Blue

    What would you have done?

    Man I live in those Southern California areas you are talking about. However please dont group me in with them. Im a Giants fan thank you very much! All I can say is, have you ever driven in that traffic leaving Dodger Stadium. Interstate 5 is nuts and Highway 110 from downtown north to Pasadena was one of the FIRST highways EVER built in the US so to say its out dated would be the understatement of the century. Let me just say that I have had to hold back my gag reflex and attend a game at the hated Chavez Ravine I have showed up early or in time for the first pitch and didnt leave until the end of the game (with some very few exceptions). My thoughts are, like hell if Im going to pay $20 to sit in the bleachers or $15 for the nosebleeds and leave early before I get my fix.
  9. BT_Blue

    Baseball under name

    So for us some what newbies we are all in the same group as John Kruk? :HD:
  10. BT_Blue

    When does your season start?

    January 3rd when I went to the NCAA meeting in San Diego. OR, in literal terms... just over 12 hrs from the time of this post in my first plate game. Then next saturday I get to attend a scrimmage where a bunch of assignors and evaluators from the area will be and then officially start my regular season on the 31st. Hip hip... hurray!
  11. BT_Blue

    How many of you were catchers when you played?

    :banghead:Just like a true catcher this is all I did. LOL I jumped around from position to position for a while but the last 5 years I played I was a catcher. I became one because I couldnt bring myself to pay attention to what was going on when I was a kid if I wasnt a catcher. Great move, taught me a bunch about the game and seeing the ball come in. Nice to know Im still doing pretty much the same thing... but different:smachhead:
  12. BT_Blue

    Wilson West Vest Gold Chest Protector

    I switched from a K1 after about half a year when I kept taking hits that I shouldnt feel with a "pro style" protector. I sold it to some softball guy in Mizzou and to him I say "Good Luck" I then turned around and bought an older WV Gold from Gerry Davis for about $100 because the model was going out of style (my protector still has the WV on the breast plate). I swear I will NEVER go back!!! In the last 3 or 4 years I have taken countless hits from pitchers between JV high school and D1 with barely a scratch to show for it. To paraphrase a post under the platinum posts "its great to see the ball bounce half way back to the mound and the catcher turn around to see if you are ok. Then you respond 'did something just hit me? Wow, didnt feel a thing!'" LOL talk about great stuff!
  13. BT_Blue

    UMPS CARE Sports Auction

    Awww man Jim. How come you had to put something up that isnt far from me at all? Now to see if I can scrounge up $250 that Im pretty sure I dont have! :HS
  14. BT_Blue

    NCAA Clinics in Atlanta and Chicago: Who's Going?

    I wish he could have made the trip to San Diego. Would have been nice to meet him personally and buy my mask directly from him.
  15. BT_Blue

    I Will Get More Ejections!

    and it only took you the first play. Nice!
  16. BT_Blue

    Grounds for EJ?

    This is why I stopped using the "one more word" command. Cause what should have happen is the minute "Can you..." came out of your mouth I would have be REQUIRED to eject. I hate to be cornered and thats exactly what I would have done if I threatened with the "one more word" command.
  17. BT_Blue

    O.U.T.S. Teaching Two AND Three Umpire System

    What do you do with guys that are like myself who usually work two man but want to learn three man as well in order to move up?
  18. BT_Blue

    Oceanside Umpire Training School

    If there is one thing I am good at its patience. I know a cross country trip wont happen any time soon but something down my way some where in southern CA is a definite possibility.
  19. BT_Blue

    I Will Get More Ejections!

    Yeh, this is the one and only EJ that I wish I had gotten and didnt. Its actually my fault for not trying to kill the ball when it happened. It was all my fault. I wasnt used to arguing balls and strikes without my mask on and since I was up the 1b line I obviously didnt. I actually ended up taking off both my hat and my sunglasses so I think i didnt continue with the EJ mostly cause I was redfaced because of me more or less undressing myself. I promise I wont make the same mistake again.
  20. BT_Blue

    Oceanside Umpire Training School

    I saw Oceanside and was like HECK YEH! A school close to me. Then I saw they abbrivation FL and got really sad:hopmad: Oh well. This is california. Something has to come this way at some point. Right?:shrug:
  21. BT_Blue

    New MLB Channel

    god I hope I get it here. I hate looking at the NBA channel at work. What a waste of space. The NFL network at least is informative but the NBA one is useless. MLB, please save us! By the way, does it look like its going to be on DISH?
  22. BT_Blue

    I Will Get More Ejections!

    The problem I have seen is that people just dont want to deal with the problems of an EJ. Whether it is they dont want the responsibility of the EJ. Or having to write the report. Some people just dont do it. Ive had at least one EJ every year for the last 14 years (except last year due to my schedule being drastically cut due to my work schedule). The only EJs that bug me are the ones that I didnt do. What are your guys thoughts on missing the ejection when you are supposed to do it. Then a play happens. Can do EJ after the play? I was on the bases and the OAC started complaining about a check swing strike I called. I told him to knock it off (he responded "no") and my partner didnt notice that I was having words with the dugout allowed the next pitch to happen. the BR grounded out to F4. Could I then come back and inform the HC that his assistant needed to hit the showers or have I missed the chance. After the he said "no" and the pitcher made the pitch I didnt hear anything else from the coach so I didnt get a second chance.
  23. BT_Blue


    Ordered my Diamond Silver Mask from Jim and got it three days easy. Cant wait to give it the first try on January 17th. *** So I just posted a complaint about my situation with my order from Honigs on the review page for them on this site. Now as much of a problem as I have with Honigs I have the complete opposite with Jim and Ump-Attire.com! Jim has been nothing but helpful with all my questions and inquiries. I placed an order over the phone with him today (had the pleasure of talking directly to the famed Mr. Kirk). He was nothing if not one of the nicest guys I have ever spoken to on the phone. Very professional and gracious that I was placing an order with him over any of the other companies. Made me feel that my business and my money was going to a company that appreciated me. I ordered the black ultimate shirt, a navy ultimate ball bag and a pair of the Reebok Quag II referee shoes (since Reebok does not make the Field Magistrate shoe in a mid-top). He expressed his worry about me ordering them Reeboks, as I have not worn that company's shoes in quite a few years and that I wear a wide width show. He wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. He also reminded me that if they were not the right fit that he would be more than willing to take them back and I could get the New Balance 995s. I also ordered the Polo Blue ultimate shirt which will be shipped when ever he gets it. Which is fine by me, because I know it will be the right size and the right shirt (unlike other companies). Now with my problem with my Honigs order, I can see another phone call to Jim to add on two Smitty long sleeve shirts to my order. There is such a thing as caring enough for the customer and making sure everything is right. Jim does that. Thank you