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  1. BT_Blue

    Assignments are rolling in!!!

    Assignments here are supposed to go out later this week. We only assign two weeks at a time, especially in the beginning of the season, because of the rain.
  2. BT_Blue

    2012 test

    NCAA says its INT... not sure what I would go with.
  3. BT_Blue

    Moving with the Catcher

    Move back and up. Works better than moving over the TOP of F2.
  4. BT_Blue

    And the circus begins

    What makes it even more interesting is that I work at a sporting goods store. I have heard this from a couple customers but havent yet confirmed it. Hopefully I can before we sell one. I know we just transferred a white 32 inch to another store but I want to make sure we dont sell any 33s if they they are illegal.
  5. BT_Blue

    Short Sleeve Mock Neck Undershirts

    I recommend either UA or Nike. Both of which DO come in a short sleeve mock.
  6. BT_Blue

    Finnerty Supply Bucket

    Hence the name DeSoto Pharmacy :smachhead:
  7. BT_Blue

    Looking for some pictures

    Not sure I want to search for that though. the photo is horrible!
  8. BT_Blue

    And the circus begins

    As far as I know it is only the WHITE Cat-5 33 inch that is now illegal.
  9. BT_Blue

    Moving with the Catcher

    I use the Gerry Davis stance. To move would be to much of a pain in the butt.
  10. BT_Blue

    Showing a three ball count

    I do the same. If the scoreboard works I wont even give the count unless I notice that it is wrong several times. With that said, Its pinky-ring-middle for the three...
  11. BT_Blue

    New Mechanic for 2012

    by jab stepping towards the 45 you get a better angle on the play at first. Its quicker and helps especially with lefties and righties with a good move.
  12. BT_Blue

    Jacket vs. Long Sleeve?

    I have one to wear on the plate if my partner only has navy and its cold outside. I prefer black though.
  13. BT_Blue

    Looking for some pictures

    Darn, that was the first mask I had ever bought as an umpire. I might have a photo somewhere.
  14. BT_Blue

    Finnerty Supply Bucket

    That looks familiar. Is that in the Torrance area?
  15. BT_Blue

    Compression pants

    I recommend Shock Doctor, Under Armour, or Nike Pro Combat leggings. I wear a generic version of running leggings with a shock doctor cup and jock. I have found that I dont like the way cups fit in the the shorts/leggings.
  16. I keep staring at the new 460s. We have a pair at work (in my size of course). Talk about hard to handle.
  17. BT_Blue

    Nike pro combat sale

    exactly. I get all my stuff from the Nike Employee store. Like Christmas! Sadly my connection to THE Nike Employee Store here in Portland is no longer available. Know anyone that can get me in up here?
  18. BT_Blue

    illegal sub debate

    Its preventive umpiring. Why take the brown end of the stick? Let the HC know he cant make the sub.
  19. BT_Blue

    3rd to 1st pick off / errant throw

    If he's made any movement for the pick-off, I'm not calling a balk. If it drops out and then he starts movement, I'm calling the balk (assuming it doesn't cross a foul line). Im with Yawetag here. Im not balking this. R1 will take second and the DHC will yell out at F1 to not do that again and we will all laugh. No issues here.
  20. BT_Blue

    Does the term "Blue" offend you?

    There is a guy that used to work in my association and then decided to go across the river whos last name was actually Blue.
  21. BT_Blue

    Nike pro combat sale

    Remind me. I need to contact my sister who gets invited to the Friends & Family sales at Nike in Portland twice a year.
  22. try wearing a mock turtle neck on the dish. The cloth might help with the rubbing.
  23. BT_Blue

    High School Game today!

    only MS sports here in WA are football and basketball. Beyond that I dont know. High Schools cant start practicing until the 27th and first games arent until the 12th or so of March. Thankfully I got 9 1/2 innings at a junior college preseason intersquad last sunday. It was nice.
  24. BT_Blue

    College Opening Day

    The one year I went to CDP the championship game, the plate guy wore red, bases blue, OF lines black. It looked awful!
  25. BT_Blue

    Finnerty Supply Bucket

    Maybe I should start a forum for for our wives and/or girlfriends to go about commenting on the stupid (in their eyes) things we do as umpires. Perfect example, tonight my new shins arrived so I'm walking around in my boxers and shins adjusting the straps to constant scorn from wifey. You deserve it. My wife hates it when I get mail from Ump-Attire, Honigs, et al. Also hates it when I look online at Ump-Attire, Honigs, U-E, et al. She calls it "umpire porn". Evidently my eyes glaze over. :rolleyes: