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  1. BT_Blue

    Interference or not?

    For the most part I agree that the fake mounds I have seen are round and slopped like a normal mound. However, this year I worked a Pony league that used softball fields for Mustang, Pinto and Bronco. So they had to nail in a false mound every game... this one was slopped like a normal mound upfront but had a dramatic falloff to the back and side.
  2. BT_Blue

    Bent cage - Shock FX

    Yes, you:BD:
  3. BT_Blue

    How many sets are there?

    So need to read this.
  4. BT_Blue

    Bent cage - Shock FX

    Havent we been through the topic of you and lingering effects before? In all seriousness... good to know you are ok...
  5. yeh but coming out of Verlander's hand and off of Big Daddy Vlady's bat that had to speed up a bit more. Im trying to remember the last one that really rocked me and can only truly remember one that caught me right between the eyes and put me on a knee.
  6. BT_Blue

    Unassisted Triple Play

    I saw my first ever triple play this 4th of July. Ball lined up the middle right to F4, R2 gets hung up off of 2nd and F4 throws to first to double up R1. Was very exciting to see.
  7. BT_Blue

    Moving to Portland

    Im so in! Hopefully Ill hear back from Steve some time today... or heck I might just give him a ring.
  8. BT_Blue

    Moving to Portland

    So, when I move to Portland, OR on September 1st. Do I need to put a "hi from Portland, OR" message on the introductions section? :angel4:
  9. BT_Blue

    Hello from so cal

    You are lucky. I just worked my first playoff game for the HS unit in Long Beach last year but thats due to the guidelines for playoff being in the by-laws that you must have at least four years of HS experience with the last two being with the unit.
  10. BT_Blue

    Get a load of this one.

    Personally I like the NCAA guidelines (especially since its the only one that spells it out) but it says that it is a swing if the bat head passes the batter's front leg or if the batter is deep in the box, if the bat head passes the front of the plate it is a swing.
  11. BT_Blue

    West Vest Platinum

    I have worn +POS and the GD shirts and for the last decade I have worn Honigs shirts. I got a navy shirt from Jim to try out and he shirts will be the ONLY shirts I wear going forward. I highly recommend these shirts!
  12. BT_Blue

    Umpire Cap

    wow, thats a full $10 less than I have seen it any where else.
  13. BT_Blue

    Minor league baseball shirts

    Im a little curious what they have planned. Ive been saying for a long time they need to have the plastic plate on the out side of the CP. I think they would sell a whole heck of a lot more if they do that.
  14. BT_Blue

    Moving to Portland

    Who do I have to talk to? I can always use the extra money. Is it one or two man? HOw much?
  15. BT_Blue

    Hello from so cal

    welcome back MW from someone that is soon to be a former SoCal'ian. I too took an extended break a couple years back and realized that I missed being around the game, so I came back. How you enjoy yourself and remember.... in Temecula, only work night games... LOL
  16. BT_Blue

    Plate Meeting

    If the team wants to bring a player rep to the plate, I got no issue with it. However they do not NEED to be there in most cases. The only thing that I ask of them is that they let the coach talk for their team... I dont need input from the kids.
  17. BT_Blue

    Get a load of this one.

    If I remember correctly, NCAA said that you must (or maybe should) go for help. Once again, if I EVER work with anyone on this page, and I get asked to check a swing with my partner (as long as it doesnt come so late as to disadvantage the batter, ex. check swing on strike three past ball and the catcher asks about the swing after he goes and gets the ball). And when I ask you sure as heck better give me what you got... I dont have an issue if you change the call. Like I said, what could happen? I get another strike? Nolan, I implore you to give this some thought. Dont sell yourself short and allow yourself to get as many strikes as you can. What happens if there is a check swing and your partner is in C... the pitch is up and in and the catcher (this being LL and all) comes up and gets in your way. Now lets say that this swing take the bat all the way in front of the batter's body but when the catcher clears your vision the bat is back infront of his chest... or worse pointed at the plate as part of his backswing. Now the DHC wants you to check the swing, since you called the pitch a ball and got blocked out on what was a swing. You now refuse to grant the appeal to your partner. You have now lost a strike (possibly one that could lead to a big inning for the offense), your partner is wondering why you didnt come and ask cause he knows you got blocked out, and the DHC is now pissed at you cause you just "stole" a strike from them. Think about it and I think you might just see our side of this and maybe decide to give it a try.
  18. BT_Blue

    Keeping a journal about spectators

    Its just as easy to leave out the "fee paid" part. But the rest is all a great learning tool.
  19. BT_Blue

    West Vest Platinum

    Did you call Jim yet? What did he say?
  20. BT_Blue

    Custom Chest Protectors

    As I said, same here. Cant wait to see the proto-type and if its a good protector, I can always used a replacement for my Gold.
  21. Thanks... and hopefully before midnight the govern-ator calls...
  22. Sign me up... I want lobster and prime rib for my first post game meal.
  23. BT_Blue

    Plate Meeting

    The dealing with only the manager only really deals with having to talk to him only during an argument. It helps to not have multiple coaches on you at the same time. As for the bench jockeying... if its in the rules (such as NCAA) then EVERYONE knows about it already. Its just a matter of getting it and getting it early.
  24. BT_Blue

    Get a load of this one.

    But once again Nolan. Whats the worst that can happen? At worst your partner agrees with you and the pitch stays a ball. At best, HEY, you get an extra strike! I say whats the problem. Now if you have to come to your partner on EVERY checked swing, thats another story... or if the appeal comes so late as to disadvantage the batter.
  25. BT_Blue

    study reference

    Like I said, I hadnt watched it in a while. As far as I know, there are minuet(sic?) differences between the two man MLB system and the two man CCA system.