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  1. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    I missed it. Something about taking care of a 3 day old that SWMBO required me to do. Lol So... did he take the mask and throw it on the ground ala a F2?
  2. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

  3. BT_Blue

    Hello from WA

    Where in Washington you located?
  4. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    Well, that sucks! I'm on the west coast and it should be based on that time for me. (Is that millenial enough for you even though I'm not a millenial lol) Are they expecting adverse weather today? I know they usually have at least one day every year where the weather sucks.
  5. BT_Blue

    Another Force play slide INT video

    The OT and PT will keep him physically busy. It is up to the OCBUA to keep him mentally busy. Lol
  6. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    That was my original guess. But wasnt completely sold on it. Did the tg come with the guy that worked the Mex/Aus game? Cause that would be pretty cool. He did a fabulous job as well. Also can't wait for the post series breakdown.
  7. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    I'm assuming those times are eastern?
  8. BT_Blue


    Congrats guys... you silly, insane, poor bastards! Lol
  9. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    There were a few of them as the game went on. I think the one you are referring to was, according to the broadcast, PR coach wanted his F1 to use the rosin bag. Seemed like SK coaches didnt like that.
  10. BT_Blue

    East Region

    This kid looks better than some of the grownups I have worked with lol
  11. BT_Blue

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I really liked my Spyder on my Diamond. Though with the straight down throat extention, it didnt work as well. But once I had that cut off, I really liked it. Would have liked it more if I had kept the top extention to balance the weight of the metal tg.
  12. BT_Blue

    LLWS 2018

    1) dig the Mizuno TI with the Spyder tg. 2) dig the super chill hammer mechanic 3)rocking job on those two calls at the plate in the top 8! Nailed both of them! 4) how much of that Little League game check are you using to buy your crew dinner for making them go 9? Lol
  13. BT_Blue

    Future Plate Shoes

    How long ago did you hear from them? Because last I heard, Nike had "stolen" the contract. This was maybe two or three months ago.
  14. BT_Blue

    Future Plate Shoes

    You may want to check your source. Nike took the contract over when UA couldn't deliver. Nike will be taking over in 2020.