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  1. Mask frames

    How does the weight of the Steel compare to the Nike TI or Wilson TI?
  2. Numbers

    I was going to say, we could defer this question to guys that work the conferences that UA provides uniforms. Guys like Scott and @Fittske24. Or our MiLB brethren like @Mbaldwin43 And the others who get their uniforms supplied by Ump-Attire.
  3. Numbers

    Sounds this might be a @Scott K or @JimKirk kind if question.
  4. Mask frames

    I would be curious about photos if you want to shoot some my way.
  5. Diamond Masks

    Interesting... how much are you looking for it.
  6. I pulled a Suzuki

    Good call about contacting him... we all know he has stock in them. lol
  7. So do they have an assistant to the ASSistant Hitting Coach?
  8. Diamond Masks

    See... I went the other direction. I went back to my Diamond after giving a Nike a try. Now I kind of wish I had it back to give it another go. Also want to give a steel a try and see what I think there.
  9. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Man... those bars look much thicker than I thought they were. Also, even though we all know the reason why, it's interesting how much smaller the too pad is. I wonder if there is an option for a thicker pad there? Funny... I just told The Boss the same thing. The smart woman that she is. First question out of her mouth was "how much is it?"
  10. Momentary adjustments

    But he would have to deliver the ball before he replanted his feet to push off. We can't have Carter Capps situation.
  11. Benidtenei out of baseline

    I'm going to venture to guess that was more like 4 feet out of the baseline. He runs up the chalk line. And to avoid Olson' tag, he ends up with one foot on the grass cut out.
  12. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Spencer, can get photos?
  13. Balk to 2B?

    From what I have heard, Tim is back working with the group in Portland again. He had fallen on hard times after hanging up the gear. But sounds like he is back on his feet and in charge of training.
  14. Jeff Nelson

    What's funny is that not 2 minutes before you posted this thread, a friend of mine from Spokane asked me the same question. Lol
  15. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    @MadMax, this has your name all over it.