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  1. MLB crews

    I love me the NailsWegs' crew. Three of my favorite young umpires.
  2. Douglas Custom Gear

    Looks to be. It's the exact same model Douglas sells on their page. But with the Smitty logo.
  3. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    Sorry... don't mean to hijack. Would I be correct in believing this is in contridiction to both NCAA and OBR? Don't both of those rule sets determine the fielder by where he is normally positioned? Thus... F5 would still be F5 even if positioned out in short right like in the OP?
  4. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    Can't wait to see it.
  5. Douglas Custom Gear

    If I remember correctly, the Force3 V1 masks on the Douglas page are priced right in line with the normal retail price for the Force3 masks.
  6. Maybe talk to Jim Kirk for any ideas. Also @MidAmUmp. Didn't he used to have a review section on his page?
  7. Equipment Suggestions?

    If you can swing it... order the Champion as well. Then return the one you don't like. The yoke system on the Schutt land be odd and not fit as well. Hence the reason for the MadMax mod. However, what ever one you choose. Purchase a flex style harness. In particular, the one that @Razzer sells. Personalization is included in the price.
  8. New Balance Plate Shoes

    That's exactly what I did with my old Reeboks. Normally wear 11.5 wide. Went to a 12 and worked for me. YMMV
  9. Equipment Suggestions?

    @LoneBlueStar, highly recommend ordering from a site like Ump-Attire.com. Especially since, with the amount you are spending, you would qualify for free shipping. But a bunch of stuff. Free returns for anything you don't like or want.
  10. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    This is why I would love to get @JimKirk and the guys at Ump-Attire involved since they are a direct retailer for Schutt.
  11. I agree. What do you think @Umpire in Chief?
  12. Someone buy these things damn it. We need Keith to turn this around into getting the (maybe) new Adams/Schutt CP.
  13. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    Another issue, at least with the link Keith provided, is that it looks to be from at least 2016. Or at least the unanswered questions submitted on there are. So, there is the possibiity the photo is only a mock up. Especially since the description says it was formally known as the Schutt XV. And we all know the main issue there. But would love to be able to know for sure. Maybe someone like @Scott K or @UADirOps would be able to look into us. Since they have direct contact with Schutt.
  14. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    Feel like this should be our resident expert on the XV, Max.