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  1. Infield fly not declared

    It is with 2 or more runners forced with less than 2 outs and an infielder using ordinary effort could make the catch on a fair fly ball. That is correct whether or not the IFR was invoked during a live ball.. Only if judged by an umpire that it was an infield fly, the purpose of which is to protect the offense by preventing the defense from getting any undeserved multiple outs.
  2. Obs, interference or no call

    From the HS side: NFHS 8-4-1 . . . The batter-runner is out when: g. he runs outside the three-foot running lane (last half of the distance from home plate to first base), while the ball is being fielded or thrown to first base; or 1. This infraction is ignored if it is to avoid a fielder who is attempting to field the batted ball or if the act does not interfere with a fielder or a throw. NFHS CB *8.4.2 SITUATION L: RULING: …Acts such as attempts of a runner to profit by running…outside the three-foot lane while advancing to first…may not be appealed. The umpire calls the runner out without waiting for the defensive player to call attention to the act.
  3. OHSAA Garb

    I'm done with OHSAA and will be wrapping up my avocation with baseball after some early summer games.
  4. OHSAA Garb

    I have for sale: Cap w/logo, Ump Attire, 5/17, 7 3/4, used the most, $5; Cap w/logo, mesh, Ump Attire, 5/17, used the least, $10; Both caps, $12. Windbreaker w/logo, Purchase Officials Supplies, 4/14, 2XL, $35; and, Shirt w/logo, Honig's, 3/11, 2XL, $10. If interested, PM me and I'll send photos. Much, much more regular stuff will be available in early July.
  5. Ouch!!! Line drive up middle

    I had an 80mph arm on the hill and a 70mph bean bag behind the plate when I took an untouched pitch to the inner right thigh while in the slot on a LHB. By the time I got home, the impact area looked liked a shark had attacked me. SWMBO brooked no excuse.
  6. NFHS Jewelry

    You were. Work on your people skills. That's a big part of why some of us keep doing this.
  7. Foul or Fair Ball?

    NFHS 2-16-1. . . A foul is a batted ball: e. that touches the ground after inadvertently being declared foul by an umpire.
  8. My turn now?

    A big hat will look natural in Texas. There never was a real atheist in a foxhole. Don't quit. You inspire the rest of us.
  9. illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    Perhaps you're thinking of CB 8-4-2A.
  10. illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    I do because the rule book tells me to. The defender is obstructing. That occurred before the runner hurdles the defender. The logic is exactly the same.
  11. illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    Nope, obstruction occurred before the illegal slide.
  12. illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    NFHS: rule on them in the order they occurred.
  13. NFHS 7-3-2 . . Hit the ball while either foot or knee is touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter’s box or touching home plate.
  14. DJ Reyburn with the timing!!

    "...that's extraordinary!" (1:16)